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Circumcised in the UK?

Circumcised in the UK?

I’m a circumcised guy in the UK and I’m wondering if there are any other UK guys in here who are also circumcised? What was your experience of growing up as a “Roundhead” amongst all those “Cavaliers” and did your experiences get any better/worse for you as an adult? Are you happy to have been circumcised?

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I am. I had it done in my late teens though. Several of my friends, and my father, were circumcised shortly after they were born. It was largely irrelevant to all of us. I am perfectly happy circumcised and would not wish to change it.

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I was very close to taking that route a year or so again after a failed frenuloplasty when i was a child. I had the frenulum removed in the end which has improved my cock and sex life greatly!!

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Cut, and wish I hadn’t been. His body; his decision.


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