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Tips for an EQ of 10.Tonight

Tips for an EQ of 10.Tonight

Just wondering if any of you guys had any tips for when you really want to be the stud for one night. I’ve been PEing for 5 months now. I’m about 6.8 x 5. Unfortunately over the weekend I drank way too much, got sick and have been stuck at EQ’s of around 6 the last 2 days. I will never drink like that again! Anyway, my girlfriend realizes that I screwed myself up temporarily but I’d like to get back on track for tonight when we get together. In addition, I start to get anxious when my EQ falls and then it makes it even worse. Then I get psychological ED. I was hoping to get back on track tonight and I could use green tea, ginkgo and even dip into emergency store of viagra, cialis or silagra. I have only used tiny amounts of cialis in the past which seemed to work well but this weekend knocked me off my feet! Any ideas so I can get the guaranteed EQ 10 for tonight and then be able to relax about this again?

Some temporary things that may help is a good cardio workout. Things like jogging and running will get your blood flowing good. As far as doing things for temporary help, I would suggest you focus more on long term overall EQ in the future so you won’t have to worry about cramming for a “final exam”! :)

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Yes I plan on doing a workout tonight. I tend to over think things and when I get nervous that my erection might not be great I get even more nervous. Clearly the alcohol messed me up and I will never do that again. One of my goals with PE is to always have great EQ and also to be large enough that if I happen to have a lower EQ it still is big so I can relax. I used to be extremely self conscious the first time my pants came off in a relationship so I would always make sure the lights were off. I’ve always been a grower so if the girl ever saw what I was starting with I would never move on to growing I would just turtle right then and there.

I good but light Jelqing session, with a very short but intense kegel workout may help.

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You ask the impossible. If you were wanting to have excellent EQ in 5 or 6 days time, the answer would be simple - do some intense kegels and mild jelqing and then take 5 days rest. I usually find that my EQ dips at first and then on day 5 or 6 it comes back with a vengeance.

But with 24 hours notice? Be healthy: Get a good night’s sleep. No alcohol, no coffee at all, no fizzy pops AT ALL, eat oily fish if you can.

Do you smoke?

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Pumpkin seeds and almonds.

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I don’t smoke and I’m usually healthy. This was the first and hopefully last time in life my life I got sick from drinking too much. When I initially started the thread I was looking at some type of viagra green tea cocktail to get me going. However, over the course of the day I can feel my libido starting to stir a bit. So hopefully I’ll be ok for later. I think you are right about the light jelqing. I ran out of lube in the shower a week and a half ago and I stopped doing the light jelqs. Looking back, my EQ was great when I was doing them and slumped when I stopped. I’ll do some light jelqing today too.

sparkyx, you wouldn’t be able to settle my curiosity about an old thread you posted in would you? My post is at the end. Thanks :) .

Kegel questions: (lifting weights, etc)

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