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Supplements that clearly do something

Supplements that clearly do something

I want to start a thread that lists supplements that actually do something. It doesn’t have to be exactly what you want, but it does do something. I assume prescription drugs already do something so those do not need to be included. A good indicator, but not always, of a supplement doing something is if it can be standardized and has a measurable amount of a component, like yohimbe bark with 4% yohimbine alkaloids. Different supplements may work for different people so all opinions are welcome. Please list only supplements that have a clear, undeniable and repeatable effect and what that something is. Thanks

Supplements that do something within 24 hours

Yohimbe bark – 1 or 2 Makes me horny and gives me hard erections, along with raised body temperature, insomnia, flushing, anxiety, paranoia and heart palpitations.

Valerian Root – Take 2 or 3 and it reduces anxiety and helps me sleep. It also reduces libido. I only use standardized valerian root (it needs to stink to work)

Kava – 3 mellows me out and makes me stupid, reduces libido. I have only used it a couple of times and don’t recommend it.

Maca – I can’t feel an undeniable effect, but my wife gets much wetter in her vagina (as in wet panties) within 1 hour and this lasts for 4 hours. So I hope it is making her hornier. I give her 2.

Supplements that do something longer term

High dose fish oil – Improves mental clarity for me, and improves my wife’s libido.

I could list the supplements that haven’t worked for me or may have done something but I’m not sure if they were the reason, but that list would be very long. Please add your own to the list. Thanks

Thanks for the link mravg, but I’m not really looking for weight lifting/gaining supplements. There are hundreds of herbal supplements out there and I thought using the experiences of other members might be helpful.

Originally Posted by Damfino

As a start, you might want to look at this poll:

Supplements: Which ones work for you?


That’s it. I intended to link that thread, not the one I linked above.

Horny Bastard

Figaro! Valerian roots and Kava Kava are used as aphrodisiacs. Most internet sites say that valerian is an aphrodisiac along with being a relaxant i.e It relaxes muscle tissue and blood vessels thereby increasing bloodflow to the groin. Are you sure it reduces libido?

Walk slowly but never backwards.

I have found liquid fish oil at 10ml per day reduces my skin dryness & improved mental ability as well as helping with joint pain. It is best taken immediately before a meal & I do mean immediately, to prevent after taste & eating bread or similar to soak up the oil in the stomach also helps.

Tongat ali 100/1 extract and Bulgarian tribulus 750 it’s working for me .

Current 8 bpel /7.25 nbp 6.25 eg .

Goal , I be happy with 8 NBP so I can relocate her kidney.

Originally Posted by bignik
Tongat ali 100/1 extract and Bulgarian tribulus 750 it’s working for me .

Same here.

I use and cycle what I call the sexual seven:
Horny Goat weed

There are hundreds of herbs out there and they do not all effect everyone the same way. Herbalism is a deep subject for one thread.

If you are specifically looking for aphrodisiacs, I would suggest this book:


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