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Combining/Mixing Supplements

Combining/Mixing Supplements

I want to start researching supplements to increase my testosterone as well as dopamine in case my visit to the Endocrinologist in August doesn’t workout.

Regardless if I really have a deficiency in these areas I would like to increase them. Right now it’s just research, I don’t plan on taking anything until after my doctors visit. I have been poking around the forum and online and have come up with a list of supplements that supposed to increase T levels or have some other positive effect. Can anyone tell me if they have used these supplement (specific brands) with any success.

More importantly can anyone tell me which ones I can take together and which ones I can’t?
It seems quite possible that some things shouldn’t be taken together.

milk thistle
horny goat weed
Tongkat Ali
Saw Palmetto
Novedex XT
Muira puama

I plan on picking up some fish oil soon and probably some ZMA. I can’t see how these two supplement can make things any worse for me. I am really don’t know to much about the other ones and I am pretty sure you can’t get Androstenedione anymore. Amidren and Novedex XT look kind of sketchy to me. Muria puma is supposed to be better then Tongkat Ali but hey the Internet is full of shit.

It would also be fantastic if anyone could point me in the direction of any products containing several of these supplements. While browsing one day I did come across one that had a couple of these in it, but I cannot remember where. Also if anyone has info on a good place to buy supplements that would be great. There are so many sites and brands it is hard to choose.

Thanks, there are a lot of requests in this thread, I appreciate any responses. I get to find out if there is anything medically that can be done for me on August 28th, but that’s a long time away and I would like to research my options in the mean time.

-Start: NBPL 5.75" x 5.5" EG-

-Goal: NBPL 7" x 6"-

I have been using the following stack from 5 weeks with good results with the erectile response.

After breakfast:
1. tribulus - optimum tribulus 625, 1 cap
2. catuaba bark -, 1 cap
3. Ashwagandha - Himalya, 1 cap
4. Damiana - Nature Science, 1 cap
5. NOW ADAM multi vitamin, 1 tab

NOW ADAM, along with the good blend of vitamins, has nettle root extract and saw palmeto which are good for men.
Nettle root extract in particular is a good stuff that is supposed to increase free test.
If I’m taking some other mulivitamin, I would add a nettle root capsule to my stack.

After lunch:
1. Shilajit - Dabur, 1 cap
2. Damiana - Nature Science, 1 cap
3. 2 cod liver oil capsule

After dinner:
same as after breakfast

I find that catuaba and damiana do not work for me at all.

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