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Sensitivity Increasers?

Sensitivity Increasers?

Did a few searches and came up with nothing on anything that would increase sensitivity. Just wondering if anyone has had a combination or a single supplement, or maybe a cream, that has given you more sensitivity. Also anything that promotes nerve growth or maybe thats the same thing? Thanks.

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Anything that would help increase sensitivity?

Less alcohol gives more sensitivity.

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Slowness, and tenderness, too.

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A pump increases sensitivity.

Any creams or something like that?

I’d like to decrease sensitivity. Any advice on herbs, supplements, etc.

For increased sensitivity what has worked for me is.

-Horny goat weed

With Swedish flower pollen ( I like the brand Ogoplex) as an orgasm intensifier.

Yohimbe, possibly.

I’d also recommend taking fish oil that is particularly high in DHA. Carlson’s Super DHA 500 is one such. Take with food twice a day.

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Also let me ask another thing - I am uncut , and my penis is too sensitive . I read some posts here talking about not wearing underwear . OK but in my case if I do not wear underwear and pull the skin back letting the head exposed it won’t work, because the skin will certly come back to it’s normal place. So what should I do ??

Is it a good idea to pull the skin back and wear underwear ?? Just for see if it work ??

Sorry any english mistake :)

I think you should get circumcised.

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