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PE for sensitivity

PE for sensitivity

HI All, I’m new here and quite honestly I’m here for possibly a different reason than most. I’m in my mid-forties, married and over the last few years I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the sensitivity of my penis. For all practical purposes I may as well be making love to my wife with a broom handle. Add to that some pretty severe lower back problems due to injuries (not on medications!) and I usually am not able to reach orgasm before my back gives out during intercourse, and due to a lack of sensitivity rarely if ever any other way. Erections are good and I am able to orgasm with some pretty intense working out so doctors are convinced there is nothing wrong. I am a victim of RIC (routine infant circumcision) and started doing stretching exercises to help with coverage thinking that might help. Most of that deals with the concept of de-kernalization of the glans that has been toughened due to exposure without a foreskin. I have been ‘covered’ now for about a year (sometimes with a retainer) but I have regained no sensitivity. Some of the forum posts here mention a possible gain in sensitivity. I am interested in hearing from anyone that has had an increase in sensitivity. I’m willing to give PE a try ( in fact I already have begun ) to see if that will help. I assume that possibly the increase in blood flow during jelqs etc might have some benefits. I also read a few posts that talked about using various things on the penis to lighten dis-coloration, effectively doing a chemical peel. That scares the crap out of me since what I am talking about is the glans but I was wondering if there were any thoughts on that. Thanks in advance for the time and any thought on the subject!

Thanks Joe. As I stated I have been doing FR for a while now and am mostly covered. What I was wondering was, are there any here that have experienced an increase in sensitivity due to their PE. There are many posts that talk about how great things are now during and after PE. I was wondering if that is a state of mind because of the PE, the fact of a ‘deeper/broader’ reach because of PE, or is there a physiological change in the sensitivity of the glans of the penis due to PE and possible increased blood flow etc. Thanks again!

I’m not interested in restoring my foreskin but I’m curious how one could do that?

As an 7 year vet I have gotten better erections and better blood flow. But no increase in sensitivity. If anything I would say less sensitivity because my penis is used to being touch quite frequently and used to discomfort. I wish there was a way for this. I do not like lasting as long as I do.

@TheGymnast: It’s pretty much applying tension to the skin in order to encourage cell division and growth. Many different techniques including manual tugging, tugging with a device, and tension applied through weights or attaching a strap to the lower leg. For more info check out You cannot truly replace what has been taken as all of the nerve tissue has obviously been removed, but by encouraging skin to grow you can become covered again which allows the glans to heal and in many cases regain sensitivity. There are some ‘restorers’ that have mentioned increase in penis length which they think is due to a loosening of tight skin. I know that when I was younger the skin on the shaft would tear and bleed when I would get erections because I was so tightly cut.

@ Joe and all: That was my concern as well, namely additional loss of sensitivity for various reasons like the pretty rough handling inherent in PE.


I have my own issues with delayed ejaculation, you are not alone, there are plenty of men here with the “problem”.

Florida weather, flaccid size and DE

If you search around here on DE or “delayed ejaculation” you will find some discussion on the topic. It seems to me that there is never a one thing cure all fix for men like you, I and lots of others on this board, and in the world. It is just not talked about as often, because kids (20 year olds LOL) think that lasting too long with your partner, could never be a problem. But it is, while never a painful one, it is an concern for some.

Again, use the search function, you may be bale to pick up some tips and advice, I was able to.

I have the same problem, I`ve lost lot of sensitivity on my glans, if I compare it to when I was in my 20s.. But I`not circumcised and all my foreskin is the same. I help myself with kegels when I want to reach orgasm during intercourse. My skin on glans is really dry and when I wank I use some oil.. I don`t think there s any solution.. Consider that when I was 12 I could hardly touch it without disconfort! With PE erections have go better but nothing else.

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