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My cum tastes really sweet!

My cum tastes really sweet!

Well i started taking specific supplemets 4 days ago.
A multivitamin called “Rainbow Light Just Once Naturals - Men’s One Energy multivitamin”
L-Arginine & L-Ornithine from TwinLab (500 mg & 250 mg)
Ginkgo Biloba from Natrol.

I don’t know which one of them does the job (I know it’s not L-Arginine) but my cum tastes really sweet (according to my gf). That’s a plus ;)

What is your normal diet like?

A lot of meat actually but it has nothing to do with my diet. I have the same diet for years now and my cum always tested almost the same. When i sterted taking these supllements it got sweeter.



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Anyone else take any of these suppliments and notice changes? I’d do almost anything to get my cum to taste sweet. I tried 4 cans of pinapple juice and that didn’t even work.

I will just have to experiement to find the one that gives me the sweet taste.

I’m guessing its the Rainbow Light Multi because it seems to be geared for Men’s health. So as an added side effect to a healthier prostate it turns your cum sweet is my guess.

Are you sure it’s your girlfriend tasting it or have you been curious ?

I got curious when she mentioned it, so i tasted it myself. It’s really sweet. :)

A lot of Garlic.100% guaranteed results but definitely only for those who would do anything

Originally Posted by Lovebug

A lot of Garlic.100% guaranteed results but definitely only for those who would do anything

Congratulations on your first post Lovebug. I think? ;)

LONG TIME since ive been on, but im back. Well i was told that oranges and apples make your cum taste better. I dunno to believe it or not but do you guys know more about this?

I just ordered some of the multi online. I’ll post my results after they get here and I take it for a few days.

My girlfriend says my cum always tastes sweet. I like white zin and drink a couple glasses in the eve. Maybe that’s it I don’t know. Oh, and I eat dark chocolate quite a bit.

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