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My cum tastes really sweet!

Just got confirmation from my better half. It is the Rainbow Light Multi Vitamin. Started taking it a few weeks ago and she has noticed it tasting sweet since that time. Definitely good news. Diet hasn’t changed for me either, lot of red meat and a decent amount of dairy products. Looks like we may have a winner.

- Chris


I’m about due for some more multivitamins so I found that there are dozens of places online selling the Rainbow Light 150 count bottles for $24 ea. We’ll find out if the Women’s version has any special benefits too since my wife is also due for a new supply.

I put my wife on the women’s version, and although I haven’t noticed anything special I can say they upset her stomach much less than many others and they seem to digest better for her — e.g. not as much mutant yellow piss afterwards.

- Chris

Meats, nuts, and dairy will make your cum taste “worse”. So, if you guys are taking this vitamin, your cum is sweet, and you still eat lots of meats, nuts, or dairy, it must be an awesome supplement :)

BTW, this supplement looks pretty good. It was formulated with some good ingredients. Plus, there is no iron, which is good, because guys usually get enough iron in their diet. Also, there is very little calcium, which is good. Zinc is very important to us for natural testosterone levels and too much calcium with inhibit zinc uptake.

Thanks for showing us this product, TheDark :)

My roommate says pineapple makes his cum taste like candy

I’ve heard about the pineapple myself. I think it helps because i’ve tried it once or twice.
I’m glad i found a good supplement to take.


The last time my GF tasted it was about a year and a half ago and she said it was sweet. I was 17 then. Maybe a healthy prostrate is the key? Who has gotten reports of bitter tasting?

I was on no multivitamin at the time.

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Lifestyle has a lot to do with your taste. As you grow up your lifestyle changes, like eating and drinking habits, so your taste starts to go to hell if you know what I mean.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important.

Has anyone else tried these vitamins to verify if, in fact, they actually do make the semen sweet?



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Vitacost is selling the same thing, 90 pills/bottle for $13.77:

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Originally Posted by TheDark

… but my cum tastes really sweet (according to my gf). That’s a plus ;)

Did she ask you if her pretty girlfriends could have a taste too? :)

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