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Feedback on CLA

Feedback on CLA

Hi again; I’m taking CLA supplementation for about one month following one member’s recommendation, to reduce abdominal fat. Has anybody here a good feedback on it or is it just another “wonder” product which doesn’t work at all?

Originally Posted by Springer240
Tonalin CLA? I have been taking it and I notice a difference. I also started taking 7-Keto too with CLA and I have noticed a significant slowdown. I wonder why this is, maybe because they shouldn’t be taken together or they have done as much as they can and the rest is up to me.

Thanks for answering Springer. What dosage were you taking? I’m taking Solgar’s Tonalin 1 cap a day plus 250ml of milk which contains 0’6% of Tonalin in it, so the dosage is about 2’5g a day. You think is enough? I’m also training very hard so I hope it will take effect in a few months. Thanks!!!

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