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Grip feedback

Grip feedback

Can you more experienced members give me some feedback on this reverse V-stretch grip?

With the strain and pain holding the head while doing the V-stretch, I thought about just using one hand. But, until I ran across Memento’s thread on using a Coke can and the mention of
a “reverse V-stretch”, I never gave it too much thought.

Since I don’t have much in the way of length to use some of the other grips, the one hand grip seemed like an alternative. I just place my thumb on top and my index and/or middle finger on the bottom of my penis. Then press down with my thumb and lift up with my index finger. I also pull out at the same time while applying this grip. I don’t know if anyone has already used this grip so I wanted to know what you all think about it. Can it be beneficial or just a waste of time.

I would appreciate any feedback you can give.



Excuse me, was running out of time during original post.

I also meverse the grip by placing my thumb on the bottom and my finger(s) on top. Then lift my thumb and press down with my finger. I start at the base and move down the shaft in small increments, holding each press/lift for about 10 seconds.

That completes that stretch.

Thank you.


Well I don’t have the experience of a lot of guys here but I’ll do my best :)

Should never be painful, are you catching skin?

I grip with an overhand ok, pressure mostly on the sides but I wrap some padding around and below my glans (old t-shirt cut up). I think its good to use something smooth and something clothlike for the padding, I’ve tried with theraband and rubber gloves but I find this adds to pinching problems.

The point of the v-stretch is to put force in the middle of the penis. Its called a v-stretch because of the shape, an inverted v-stretch is simply the same thing but pushing from the bottom in the middle. Should produce roughly the same force.

If you don’t have much length use the edge of a chair to produce the upward force by pulling down over the edge.

If you’re only doing 10 second stretches maybe you should consider doing 2 second stretches instead :) The jai seems to be showing good results for people.

Whats this 10 minute problem. I know it say it in red on the side but I’m forever exceeding it (especially typing one handed) with no problems.


be careful to grip behind the Glans on the SIDES. Use a palms down grip with the pinkie pointing towards the Glans.

Do not grip the unit on the top behind the Glans because you may injure the Dorsal nerve.

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