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Give me some feedback please.

Give me some feedback please.

I’ve been PEing for a while on and off. But the last 2 months I’ve been good about keeping a 2 day on 1 day off schedule, with a 2 day break every other week. Recently for about 3 weeks I’ve been doing a routine that consists of clamping and dry jelqing. The clamping I do consists of using 3 rubber bands that keep a very tight wrap around my base and create a genuine clamp compared to other methods. Also I do kegels with them on and when I do them it feels like I am getting a resistance workout. The only down fall about using them though, is that the skin where they were is kind of raw by the 2nd day. Also I like dry jelqing because I have more control with less of the feel of jerking it than is the case when I do with oils. Also, I should mention I try to maintain a full erection or so when I do jelq. I feel it is the truest way to stretch the inner workings of a mans dong to a point where it is beyond what you would want to be using on your girl. In simpler words if you want it bigger than when it’s biggest then start from that point and pump it bigger. I have felt fuller when flaccid and when I get erections a little more girth. My measurements are a little less than 6” NBPEL X 5” GIRTH. As a newbie you may take this info as you want either to leave feed back or use some of it to use as your own. Here is a detail of my routine and I really mean detailed.

1. Begin by gaining a full erection (I use porn to help)
2. Wrap three thick rubber bands folding them if necessary in order to keep a tight wrap.
3. Warm wrap for 10 minutes while maintaining clamp. (I occasionally kegel once every 20 seconds or so)
4. After warm wrap completes. Remove rubber bands.
5. Massage member to circulate blood for a minute or 2.
6. Begin jelq session for whatever period of time you usually do. (I do 30 and dry, your may jelq wet as well)
7. After jelq. Begin a nother 10 minute warm wrap.
8. While warm wrapping. Do whichever amount of kegels you are used to doing.
- My personal routine
* 100 jelqs
* Replace rubber bands and re warm wrap.
* Do 10 kegels then a power-hold for 20 seconds then 10 then 20 seconds and so forth for about five rounds
* Then depending how it feels repeat after a re warm wrap.
* Always end with another fresh warm wrap and do 100 more kegels with no rubber bands.

This routine seems to be OK as far as pain is concerned. It always leaves a good stretched out sort of pain nothing alarming. I have positive signs of progress like a bigger flaccid and boners in the morning and out of nowhere during the day (Kinda like my sophomore year all over again)
I have also been trying to not jack off more than couple times a week with edging sometimes. This is not because of any scientific research done or any amazing info I’ve read. Just cause I think I should save it for the ladies and the edging satisfies some of the urge and feels good.

If you take the time to read this please leave feedback, especially if any of this sounds familiar to your routine. Any feedback on results whether positive or negative is use full. And any questions are welcomed you would like more details.

Thanks fellow PE’rs

Rubber bands on your dick seems drastic, why don’t you go down to Wal-Mart and buy a clamp, they have threads on clamping.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Well drastic isn’t really the word. They are a little bit unorthodox. I suppose for the clamping part I should get some clamps. What I do like about the rubber bands is that they make it so I am doing a resistance workout for kegels. I have definitely noticed that it is working too because I am able to maintain strong erections with ease. I appreciate the feedback though. I am going to get some clamps from Wal-Mart eventually. One things for sure though.Clamping really does work.

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