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Does L-Arginine work?

I take 1 capsule( 500mg ) L-Arginine with10mg Vitamin B6. The Vitamin Shoppe has 100 caps retail $12.95 40% off $7.77; 300 caps 20.37 this month. my erections were rock hard before yet with taking L-Arginine occurs more often and its like a brick . Thats petty good for a grandfather at 63.

Is there a proper dosage? Right now, I take 1/2 spoon for bodybuilding, but I don’t know the dosage for this use is

RB. How is the maca test going? I started it last week. Having a few side affects but not 100% sure it is from the maca.

Re: Cheap arginine

Originally posted by BigSwede18
Here can you find some cheap arginine and “PE” products:

I’d add: beware the mixing of ingredients, and look closely
at the quantity of L-Arginine per dose. That last one has
only 50mg. I find that doses of 1g to 6g are quite effective. sells Jarrow’s L-Arginine in bottles
of 1g caplets. It’s very cost-effective.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by RB
Here’s a good link that pops it’s head up everynow and them on arginine, in case you haven’t seen it-

Very good link, I also took the next step and emailed her to find out which
L-Arginine she suggests well it just so happens she sells one.. Its called
M2 and it is pricey in my opinion, below is quote from her

” No, you cannot take just plain L-arginine. You can find a properly formulated patented L-arginine product called M2 at


15 Serving Canister
375 grams

Price per can:
100 to 149 pounds, 1 1/3 servings
150 to 199 pounds, 1 3/4 servings
200+ pounds, 2 servings

Wow maybe I will try Jarrow or Now L-Arginine, What do you guys think..

How come if regular, “unformulated,” unpatented L-a works on so many of us hers is better, I’d like to know.



15 Serving Canister
375 grams

Price per can:
100 to 149 pounds, 1 1/3 servings
150 to 199 pounds, 1 3/4 servings
200+ pounds, 2 servings

So, being 300 pounds I would get about 8 days out of this 15 serving can. $44.95 + shipping per week. Uh, no thanks.

I just paid $29., which included shipping, for a pound of NOW arginine powder which has 302, 1 1/2 G. servings. Should last 50 days at 6 grams a day.

I am not willing at this juncture to pay the extra to believe this person.

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Originally posted by avocet8
How come if regular, “unformulated,” unpatented L-a works on so many of us hers is better, I'd like to know.

Well I sent her another email explaining that I thought her product was a little pricey and asked her what she thought of *Jarrow and Now* and this was the response I got back.
(My opinion ~ At least she is nice enough to get back to me, same day even)

Her response:

I hear ya. It is expensive, but the price just went from $65.00 to $45.00

It was $65.00 for 15 years.

Cheap L-arginine is just that. As I said, you cannot take L-arginine without its co-factors.

The Jarrow product is $12.99 for 120 tabs 1000 mg (1 gram) of L-arginine. The GH dose for L-arginine is 10,000 mg (10 grams) which is what one serving of M2 contains. You get what you pay for. The Jarrow formula will do nothing at that dose.

I am a research scientist and cannot control pricing, but I can tell you the truth. You can also look up L-arginine research and clinical studies on the Internet, which will tell you exactly what I just stated.

Dr. Allen

My conclusion take 10 tabs which would be 10grams, same dose as M2 and get 12 days instead of 8-15 days of M2 at 1/4 of the price..

~~~~~~ But hey what do I know ~~~~~~~~~ I’m still thinking though

Originally posted by ThunderSS

Is there a way to send you a pm or email..

Me?? Email link is at the bottom of every page.

If you mean Southpaw, I am pretty sure he has his Private Messages enabled. He isn’t a Thunder Junkie that hits the forum every day all day though. Give him a chance to answer.

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Originally posted by Good_Knight
Just had a look at that site. Seems that they are selling two arginine products for the same price - arginine base and arginine HCL. Does anybody know the difference between these two? Thanks.

I took this from the website: ” L-Arginine 1000 is from free base arginine, which is 17% more potent than arginine HCI (hydrochloride).”

I just bought my first bottle of L-Arginine. They are 500mg pills. It says one tablet per day. But I am having trouble with the amount everyone else is taking. Is 1000mg equal to one gram? I dont want to take too much or too little. Someone please give me advice on how many pills to take for it to be effective.


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