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Colloidal silver?


Colloidal silver?

I’ve always lumped this in the category of probably BS, but might have some merit. Has anyone here tried it?

I have some sort of infection that isn’t going away, no health insurance, not enough money to see a doc, and ordering antibiotics from Mexico will take too long. So, I’m going to try some silver water.

I found .9999 silver wire cheap locally and already had 3 fresh 9v batteries. I got the rest of the parts for this setup for a few bucks at Radio Shack. I started my first batch 25 minutes ago. So far it’s not doing anything. My distilled water might be extremely pure, or maybe the water is too cold or electrodes too far apart. If it doesn’t show at least the tiniest bit of amperage soon I’ll make some adjustments.

Anyway, I just wondered if anyone has any experience using this stuff, good or bad.

Be careful, collodial silver has a very bad side effect: permanent blue skin. Blue like your ribbon avatar. Not good. You should be okay if you use it in moderation. But hey, you never know!


For silver wire, this place sells .9999 12 gauge wire for $5.95 per foot and 14 gauge for $3.95 per foot. That’s the lowest price I’ve seen online for relatively small quantities, but they have a $20 minimum order unless you want to pay a $5 small order fee. :(

This shop sells a foot of .9999 wire for $10. They also have wires with ends soldered on to plug directly into batteries.

My setup uses 3 batteries, BTW.

I got impatient and poured out the first batch. I moved the electrodes a little closer together and heated my water (about 9-10 oz.) for a minute in the microwave. Shining a flashlight on it, I didn’t notice any wisps beginning to form until about the 52 minute mark. But I had stirred a few times, which probably prolonged the process. I let it run until 56 min. total. So far, the water is clear, with no visible particles or crud. I don’t have a laser to shine through it as some sites recommend.

>Be careful, collodial silver has a very bad side effect: permanent blue skin.

Yeah, it’s called argyria. Seems to mostly be caused by high doses of various silver salts or compounds.

EDIT: The EPA’s max daily allowable consumption of silver is 350 mcg. I don’t plan to guzzle huge amounts of the stuff. Plus, I’m taking extra selenium and vitamin E.

Argyria results from poorly made colloidal silver, i.e. using silver SALTS rather than pure silver electrodes or having certain contminants in the water.

These guys make serious generators and sell fine product:


If the above is authentic then its pretty convincing.

I use the stuff on every deep cut and and never get infections. Prior to that I used it to quickly heal a few festering ones. I say try it. There’s no danger in a topical application. I did some work for a company that was coming out with a spray-applied pure silver bandage for dressing burns (they had a patented process for spraying pure silver particles onto one side of the cloth). They had some pretty conclusive research that showed that their product worked even better than the silver compound creams currently prescribed. Halved healing time. Silver somehow interrupts the cellular respiration function of many types of little nasties, including some viruses, but especially staph.

I figure even if it doesn’t do anything for my current problem it should be good for topical applications as you said. I have doubts it will do much internally, but we’ll see.

I have some sort of infection in my upper left lung and a swollen painful gland in my neck that has been getting worse. I’m running a low fever. I’ll swallow some of this stuff but I have no plans to inhale it like some do.

I’d much prefer some real antibiotics, but I’m out. All I have left is some very old tetracycline that needs to be flushed. Outdated tetracycline is toxic to the kidneys.

Re: Colloidl Silver

Don’t know if you can still buy it at the health food store.

Before the home generators became popular I manufactured CS for distribution by several companies.

You may have better sucess if you increase the temp of the water to just under boiling. Also adding a pinch of gelatin should speed up the production of your generator.

Most of what was commercially available was 5-6 ppm (parts per million), I have been using 500 ppm daily. Inhaling, swallowing and topical as needed. It is really effective topically on burns, the blister will heal without bursting and the pain from a burn subsides within a few minutes.

As stated previously argyria is not caused by colloidal silver, no matter how much a person injests, but is the result of using compounds of silver, that can be harmful to the extreme (death).



Hey hobby, I once had some sort of virus/infection that lasted 6 months then went away. How long have you had it?

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Hobby, if you are drinking this stuff, you may need to start taking acidophiles bacteria afterwards, as the colloidal silver will pretty much destroy most of the bacteria in the digestive track as it passes through. My wife uses the colloidal silver on occasion when her Candida (bad bacteria) flares up, then follows it up with the acidophiles to restore the bacteria that is needed as part of the digestive process.

You might talk to a nutritionist (one that deals with the homeopathic side) about the aspects of the colloidal silver.

Best of luck

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>I have been using 500 ppm daily.

Wow. I figure my first batch is probably about 3 ppm (?). It’s still perfectly clear today, not even the slightlest hint of yellow. I’ll burn the next batch a little more. I saw an idea for a cheap and easy constant stirrer on the same site I linked above. Stirring prevents higher concentrations of electrolyte from building in the space between the electrodes. Even mixing results in a lower current for a given total concentration in the jar. Lower current produces smaller particles.

If I understand this correctly, a simple CS generator like mine without any current regulation is only good for relatively low concentrations, maybe up to something like 10 or 15 ppm. Much beyond that the current goes high enough (even with stirring to evenly mix the electrolyte) to form particles that are larger than desired.

>How long have you had it?

2 weeks so far.

>Hobby, if you are drinking this stuff, you may need to start taking acidophiles bacteria afterwards, as the colloidal silver will pretty much destroy most of the bacteria in the digestive track as it passes through.<

So far, I’m taking it a teaspoon at a time and holding it in my mouth for a minute or so before swallowing. One theory is the silver absorbed into the bloodstream from the mouth has the most effect in the body. I’ll eat some yogurt with live bacteria or take some acidophilus if my gut gets cranky. :)

If anybody has some antibiotics lying around or lives somewhere you can buy them cheap and easy you should PM hobby and see if you can send some because as much as his experiment is cool I don’t want to see him get sicker.

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Thanks Dino, but I don’t want anyone to send me any. I’m not sure what I have is even bacterial. Might be a virus or fungus, in which case the only thing an antibiotic would do is prevent bacteria from taking advantage of the situation.

OK bro but if you get worse get some antibiotics they can’t turn you down at most emergency rooms even if you don’t have insurance

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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