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Colloidal silver?


I second that. Dont fk around with this. Fix it and be done with it.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

As far as colloidial silver is concerned, I think it has been completely discredited as subjecting you to considerable risk with zero benefit.

You might want to read up on it at


I 3rd that!!! Get it looked at!

I experimented with CS about 8 yrs ago, made some super-concentrated batches, gold colored in the light, and a flashlight beam shown through the glass jar would show the beam passing through the water. Use your last batch as a starter batch. Boiling water helps, and for a cheap stirrer…use a cheap aquarium pump with a short length of air tube place below the electrodes to keep the water moving.

I started taking large doses of this concentrated CS because it seemed to help some patches of eczema, then I started to get a real sore throat…so I started taking larger doses. This process kept up for about 2-3 months to the point that the back of my throat was covered with a white coating and I lost about 20 lbs because I couldn’t eat very well. Finally I figured it out…like zinc, silver in small doses, boost the immunity and acts as a powerful anti bacterial, fungal and viral agent. Exceed a certain amount (what ever it is) and it will suppress your immune system. The eczema improved because I was suppressing my immune reaction, then as I took more, it really suppressed my immunity, and I suspect the white in the back of my throat was thrush (Candida fungal overgrowth). I finally quit taking the silver, and gradual returned to normal health. Moral of this story (other than don’t be stupid?) is stick with a moderate recommended ingested dose. Topical, you probably don’t have to worry.

Best wishes,


If this gets drastically worse or doesn’t clear up in a few weeks I’ll get some antibiotics one way or another. Right now it isn’t all that bad. Another TP member in my area got almost the same symptoms at the same time and is still alive. :) Might be a strange bug of some kind going around here in addition to West Nile, which I doubt this is.

Sparkyx, interesting. How much were you taking? Do you have a rough idea of how much was too much in your case?


Honestly, I figured it was perfectly safe… so God knows how much I was chuggin down! But trust me, it was a hell of a lot more than a few tablespoons a day!

Best wishes and get well,


I’ve been taking a few tablespoons daily. My swollen gland improved greatly on the second day. It’s not quite normal but isn’t nearly as sore. Could be coincidence.

Oops. I used what was left to start a second batch and then completely forgot about it. 3.5 hours later the water was pretty dark with a lot of crud on one electrode.

I dumped it and started over. :)


Infections can get out of hand real quick…get some antibiotics.

I have a buddy that goes to feed stores and buys penicillin that is intended for use in horses….but he has not died yet. Of course, he does not have a penicillin allergy.

Another buddy mixes colloidal silver with saline nose wash and swears by it for sinus infections.

The longer this goes on, the more I doubt it’s bacterial. My bet is a virus or some mold/fungus kind of thing.

Please don’t put all your faith in just Collodial Silver. Marketers have made such incredulous claims in the past that collodial cures everything from AIDS to dandruff to leukemia (seriously).

Before you take any more do some more research, then make your mind up.

Here are some articles to start you up:
“The FDA has issued a Final Rule declaring that all over- the-counter (OTC) drug products containing colloidal silver or silver salts are not recognized as safe and effective and are misbranded…”
“But for more than 40 years we have known that silver is a hard, proven carcinogen - a cancer-causing agent. Metallic silver is listed in the 1979 Registry of Toxic Effects as causing cancer in animals…”…s/silverad.html
“Long-term use of silver preparations can lead to argyria, a condition in which silver salts deposit in the skin, eyes, and internal organs, and the skin turns ashen-gray…”…alminerals.html


If its clearing…good sign! Keep us posted!


Hey Hobbs I know since you are still with us you must have got better so what was the deal did this stuff work?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

My swollen gland went down soon after starting the silver. Mark that one a “maybe.”

The silver didn’t help my lung. It got worse in the following weeks/months, with some horrible fits of coughing. I don’t know if the blood I occasionally coughed up came from my lung or a tiny burst vein in my throat.

My lung slowly got better after taking (fairly high dose) amoxicillin for a week. I can’t say for sure that the amoxicillin really did much either. Usually if an antibiotic is working you’ll notice improvement within a few days, not a gradual improvement in the weeks after discontinuing it.

A mild cough persisted for months after that. I finally saw a doctor. Lungs sounded ok and nothing showed on an x-ray, so it must have just been remaining irritation from whatever I had.

Another one of those gray zone areas that leave you scratching your head:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


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