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Clomid Help

Clomid Help


I was hoping someone here might be able to give me a little Clomid advice before I start taking them.
I’m going to go for the following cycle:

200 mg a day for 1 week (4 pills)
100 mg a day for week 2 (2 pills)
50 mg a day for week 3

But what do I do after that? Do I have a week off and start again, or do I just take a few pills a week?
Also, should I be taking testosterone supps as well as the Clomid? If so, how much?

Many thanks for any help…

That depends. What outcome are you looking for in taking them?

Just bigger balls really. I’m quite happy with what they do, I’d just like em a little bigger!

I was just wondering why you were going to front load the dosage as it sounded like you were coming off a steroid cycle. If you’re not coming off cycle then personally I would just go for a linear dose such as 50mg ED with strategic breaks of say 1 week in 4. Nearly everything you can find written for Clomid in men is post cycle, so there’s not much to give us guidance your your particular goal. The above values are just what seems reasonable to me and not hardened fact.

Many rufty tufty bodybuilders say it makes them cry like a little girl for no reason at all (best not watch Bambi then :) ). So, maybe the best thing to do is go by how you feel, and adjust accordingly.

I don’t see any real dangers in using it (other than the above paragraph), but the only way I could see how it would work would be as an estrogen receptor blocker (which might stimulate Luteinizing hormone due to loss of estrogen feedback), in which case Nolvadex or even an aromatase inhibitor might be alternatives to research too. I just ordered some formestane, so I might be able to give you some more feedback on that in a couple of weeks.

As for testosterone, unless you have other reasons (again, like juicing for BB), then I wouldn’t add testosterone as it will likely compete with your clomid intentions and supress LH. If you mean “testosterone supps” as in non-testosterone supplements that encourage endogenous testosterone production, then they may be beneficial depending on the axis of activity for that particular supplement. Without specifics though I couldn’t comment. Probably best to try one thing at a time imho.

Took it for PCT. No sides for me (I was lucky).

Many thanks for that Shiver.

As for the testosterone supplements, I was thinking of taking 625mg of Tribulus Terrestris a day while taking the Clomid…but not if it makes me cry to Bambi!

I want bigger balls and I’m thinking that I try Clomid but what dosage I should use and how long? I’m not using testosterone supplements.

Does clomid make gyno effects and I’m heard that it may cause some vision problem, is that common? And is nolva better to get bigger balls, which one I shoud use or both?

Don’t use any of those supplements. It sounds to me like you don’t know a whole lot about them so the worse thing you can do is to take them. You’re running a great risk of messing up your HPTA. If you don’t know what your HPTA is you’re not knowledgable enough to dabble in those types of meds.

I agree. I don’t know much about clomid, I have only used it before to help restore my HPTA. Although the classic way to use it was that fronloading style, which in bodybuilding terms, is not used anymore. An effective way to use it, again, in bodybuilding, is at 50mg ED for 3-4 weeks. I never had any side effect other than cumming like a horse. However, I have seen studies linking clomid and nolvadex to certain types of cancer.

If you’re healthy, I would recommend natural ways to increase and optimize your testosterone levels.

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That stuff turned me into a woman during PMT! Lol

Was coming off a ‘heavy’ shutdown steroid cycle though!

Be careful though it can seriously mess up your mind as I’ve seen happy to mates, just constantly remind yourself that it’s the drug and have a positive outlook!

On another note, what about Tribulus? Safer and Natural

I used clomid from all day chemist didn’t really work .. I am wondering if their version is too weak to work. Cause mine was 50 mg but I swear it was less in the actual pill?

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