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Bigger balls , any suggestions.

Bigger balls , any suggestions.

on how to attain bigger balls size.

I seemed to get a little bigger when on a supplement called Damiana. I didn’t continue it since my balls are big enough without it, why spend the money where you don’t need it.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I have a testicle health routine that I have done everyday for the course of my program. It is posted in the routine section and is pretty quick. My balls have definetly increased in size since the beginning of my program.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

DLD what is this routine you speak of?

I’ve always liked a little gain on the testies side…

massage works!

After a lot of conversation on this, I think the general consensus is that nothing works for everyone, but you just have to try different things and see what works for you. Also, there’s nothing out there that’s going to double the size of your nuts overnight, short of surgery or some sort of injection, which I can’t even dream of considering.

For me, massage works. Every morning in the shower for the past 2 and a half months, I lightly massage each testicle for a minute or 2. It’s quick and easy. Slowly, my testicles (not just the sac) have gotten bigger. I haven’t done anything else different over that period, just the massage, so I know that that’s what’s making the difference. It’s not like some huge difference where now I’m walking around with elephant nuts. But they are definitely larger and fuller, both by look and feel. I’d say before they were small to average, now they are just on the high side of average. That’s good enough for me and I’m looking forward to see how long the growth will continue.

By the way, I’ve also been on a stretching routine for over a year which makes the balls *look* bigger, even though they are not growing.

I tried the Damiana thing. There was some slight growth—possibly. Hard to say. Others on this board have had much more dramatic results.

I’ve also tried pumping. It works and you can get huge results. I mean really HUGE. But the effect basically wears off after several hours. The jury is out on whether doing it repeatedly all the time eventually leads to permanent results. I didn’t want to stick around and find out because for me it was too complicated and time consuming.

Those are all the methods I know of. Any ancient aztec secrets anyone’s holding onto?


Clomid definitely will give you bigger balls and larger load. It’s a bit of a hassle to acquire. You have to order it from overseas, but it really works. It is real medicine, not some herbal concoction. I have not notice any negative side effects.

Now that my balls are the size that i like, i take very little of the stuff, just for maintenance. I don’t want them so big that my girl can’t get one in her mouth.

Apparently if you want bigger balls you need to start hanging out in social groups where there are a lot of horny men and slutty women:

An excerpt:
“In a nutshell, it goes like this: males of a species will have large testicles when they need to make lots of sperm in order to fertilize females. And they will need to make lots of sperm when other males are mating at the same time with the same females. Think of fertilization (and hence, siring offspring) as a lottery competition. Large testicles allow a male to enter more tickets (sperm cells) into the lottery and therefore give him a better crack at the prize.”

In sum, while it might take a couple of hundred generations of evolution, eventually your decendent’s balls will be bigger, and they’ll probably be getting laid a lot too.

Do a Google search for testicles +size +primates and you’ll see a lot more articles on this. I just cited the U.C. Davis piece because that happens to be a place where I spewed a lot of sperm around 20 years ago. The recipient species was usually homo sororitus chickus.

Under Evolutionary psych or socio-biology a person with bigger nuts is more prone to cheat. I only dabbled in that camp with some lectures from my professor who loved to go off on wild-ass tangents.

Also men have a thing called a sperm war in which all those extra sperm are made to find competing sperm from another male and wrap their tails around the opponent sperm so it doesn’t reach the egg.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.



I’m curious about the whole Clomid thing. Someone in the supplement forum posted a scathing diatribe against it. Actually, he just said to find out more about it before you try it. So I’ve been curious since then.

How long have you been using Clomid? What were your approximate before and after sizes? Were you doing this in conjunction with any kind of steroid/bodybuilding regimen? Or was this strictly about increasing ball size? Also, how much did you take?

Sorry for all the questions—just trying to educate myself.

Be well,

Why do you guys want big balls?

I did lots of reading about clomid before considering it. Below is a quote from a medical doctor on a non-commercial site, and a link to an article about the risks of clomid. It is primarily used for women who are trying to conceive. It’s main function is that it increases fertility, in women and men. If you will read in the body building forums, they take it to get their testosterone levels back up after all the crap that they take. These guys recommend cycling on and off, which i do.

Why does anyone want bigger balls? Good question. Mine were too small. I take Androgel to treat low testosterone. One side effect of this is that the testicles sense that there is plenty of “T” and they shut down to some degree. My nuts got smaller. By the way, Propecia does the same thing. If you will do some searching you will read that many men, starting in their mid-forties start to decline in testosterone. That’s ok if you don’t mind a waning sex drive, weak erections, and general body decline.

My girl loves to play with and suck my balls. I want them to be decent sized, but i don’t want those water balloon looking things that you see on the internet-just normal, nice sized nuts. None of us want to look like our sack is empty, but it’s not good to have monster nuts, in my opinion. Another nice side effect is that i am back to a youthful cum load, and my girl loves a big load.

“The risks of clomiphene are minor, and the incidence of these problems are rare”, Dr. Mark Perloe…_124529,00.html

Good question


That’s a good question. I can’t answer for everyone, but for me I love the visual look of a big set of low hanging balls in pants— tight, loose or otherwise. My boss (late 30s) has a set like this and it’s sexy. There are some guys who have a big bulge because of an 8-inch flaccid dick. Not me. Don’t have it, don’t want it. But I do like the look of a big pack down there due to big balls.

It’s not a sex thing for me, per se. In fact, I don’t date now and I’ve decided not to date seriously for a couple of years while I accomplish some other things in my life. It’s all about presentation. The thick bulge in the shorts that swings when I walk.

Speaking of my boss, I first noticed when I saw several female coworkers stealing glances at his crotch area. (I notice things like that.) I was totally jealous of him and wanted that myself. So now a year later, my balls are somewhat bigger and much lower, and I’ve definitely gotten similar looks. A couple of girls in customer service can’t take their eyes off it when I walk into the break room. One of the ladies in production leans out of her way to watch as I walk by. And there’s this gay guy also in production who whenever he sees me, he makes eye contact and then BAM his eyes go right to the sweet spot, every time. For a while there was also this married guy in research who used to talk to me while steadily sizing up my crotch (he’s stopped doing it lately). So I admit it, I get off on that. Maybe it’s some kind of exhibitionism. But whatever, to me it’s hot.


Why bigger?

I think the reason some want bigger balls goes back to the primate research and primitive instincts in man. Bigger balls and/or a bigger dick are visual clues that you (probably) are more capable of producing better offspring than the guy with smaller equipment. And this perception is not only by females. This basic instinct causes some men to want larger testicles and/or a penis so they can better “compete” for women with the guys who have those assets naturally. Even among gay men, the sight of big nuts or a big penis is a visual turn on and, for some, makes the guy with them more desirable than someone with something smaller.

Well Shit,

I wrote a long reply, hit the wrong button, and away to cyberspace it went. Here’s a short version. Blaze: dad2 four had great success with Damiana, but when his wife had to have surgery, he stopped taking it and his balls went back to their normal size. I took it and nothing happened. However, give it a try, it’s $10.00 for 90 capsules at GNC, so we’re not talking about big money here.

And influx39, I agree, lower hanging balls put on a good show in your pants. When I started PEing, I never even thot of my balls, I wanted a bigger penis. Then I heard about, and bought, ball stretching rings and started participating in the Cyberstud Low Hanging Balls thread that bigblackstick started and I got hooked. I wear them - up to 6 now - about 22 hours a day. It couldn’t be easier, you just put them on and off you go. I freeball as well, so when I’m walking, there’s quite a show in my pants, and becasue I have such a small cock, the stares I get really help my self confidence. In the summer, I wear Tommy Bahama silk pants - spectacular swing. So until my penis starts growing, I’m sold on a lower hanging nut sack. There’s also a photo on the Cyber thread which gives me a goal to shoot for. Right now, I hang about 4.5” when I get up in the a.m. and before I pee, After I pee, they DO retract a bit, but not as much as they used to.

This is really a great side benefit to PE.



clomid redux


Thanks for the link, though it is important to note that the quote you cite is a doctor talking to women, not to men. Our systems are different.

This is from

“The catch is that the drugs don’t perform nearly as well for men (success rates are about a third of those for women), and the FDA hasn’t yet approved them for use in men, though a specialist can prescribe them. Very few studies have been done on the effects of fertility drugs on men, and those few agree on just one thing: The drugs can help only men with specific hormonal imbalances. “

Of course, they are talking about fertility, not testicle size, a subject that they are predictably silent on.

All in all, from the research I’ve done, it does appear that Clomid is one of the less dangerous of all such drugs out there for men or women, but I plan on doing a whole lot more research and reading before even the first pill goes in my mouth, if ever.

And Glenn Delta, keep going! Don’t rush it, take it easy and before you know it, you’ll be swingin’ and swangin’ with nothing on!


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