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Question for drugmerlin--re: clomid and bigger balls

Question for drugmerlin--re: clomid and bigger balls


i hope i got that screen name right. anyway, if you don’t mind, i had a question for you about your experience with clomid. i’ve tried it now, but i’m trying to be very safe with it and not go overboard.

i was on it for about 6 weeks (100mg/day for the first 10 days, 50mg/day after that) and it’s hard to tell whether i saw any results or not. i didn’t come up with a good, consistent measurement method until after a few weeks, so i don’t have a good “before” measurement to compare against. if there have been results, they’ve been subtle, not “oh my god!” results.

my question: how long were you on clomid before you “maxed out”?

i have some left over and may start up again if i didn’t give it long enough.

thanks, man.


Influx39 my results were noticeable but not porn star quality. My balls got a bit larger and my cum load gained volume, but again nothing like we see in the porn stars.

I’ve read a lot about it some encouraging and some not. The body builders use to build their testosterone levels back up. The recommend cycling on and off the stuff. I only take it sporadically now. Like you, i don’t want to damage my health. The stuff definately works, but other than the body builders, and couples wanting to make babies, there’s not much info out there about men taking clomid.

by the way it’s drgmerlin. drg are my initials plus my girl’s nickname for me.

Oops, sorry to imply that you were a druggie. Didn’t mean anything by it. :bigwink:

Thanks for the info. I may give it another shot after a couple of weeks off, but I’m not holding out for too much.


where did you guys get this stuff at?? I’ve looked around a few places for it with no luck.

Search some of the body building forums. They will steer you in the right direction. If you don’t find anything let me know. I bought mine for Thailand with no problems.

exotic pills


I got mine from Greece. It’s gray-market stuff I found online at, but I believe you can get it more cheaply elsewhere. Do a Google search and see what you come up with. Also, I had no problems with Sustanon, but I did come across a list of supposed “Internet Scam Artists” and they were on the list. So proceed at your own risk.


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