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Calcium Coral


Calcium Coral

Anyone ever use this stuff? Is it worth it? IS it cheap? How Long before it works?

What’s it for?


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams


What are you trying to accomplish by ingesting this substance?

The body’s acid /alkaline balance is important in maintaining good health and I understand many Naturopaths and Chiropractors across North America are promoting coral for the purpose of balancing the PH levels of their patients. To this end I have taken powdered coral for an extended period of time. I found that it helped my body overcome the inflammation response at injury sites by buffering the acidic byproducts of exercise and an overly acidic diet. I no longer take it as I now consume an abundance of leafy greens which do essentially the same thing.

It’s also expensive and takes a while to start working. Like all of this health stuff you should cycle it into your diet and then cycle off of it carefully. BTW, I understand most cancer patients have a PH level of under 4 (between 6 and 7 is optimal for good health). Anyone with more specific knowledge on this point please chime in.

In addition, those are some wildly ranging claims on the web sites you noted. Unsubstantiated claims if you ask me since coral has not been subjected to widespread use for long.

Calcium may benefit one’s health “IF” and only “IF” the individual can absorb it properly. In addition, taking Calcium at the wrong ratio to Magnesium, for instance, will not allow for proper absorbtion. Calcium is one of the most popular supplements and one that is most often just filtered through the system taking more natural stores with it. I know people that have severe osteoporosis and have seen the difficulties they encounter in this regard. There is also a testosterone link to male osteoporosis which I will try to research again if you wish.

Don’t mean to sound to preachy but Thunder’s Place, if I’m not mistaken, is intended to be a place where one guy looks out for another while expecting nothing in return. Truly an idealistic philosophy and one worth keeping alive. Don’t you think?

If you get back to me with what you are intending to accomplish by taking coral maybe I can be of service to you. Note, I am not a health care professional just an enthusiast that has over a decade of experience with the so called Health Industry.

Take it easy,


Well Torso, I do appreciate any and all feedback.

I would like to investigate a compound that could aid in a number of my maldies I suffer from.

Being very tall, I suffer from an easily strained back and other joints. My kness are bad and sometimes are flaming hot from inflamation. I had OZgoodsleighter’s Disease in both knees at 12. This wonderful German Doctor’s disease hits very tall and extremely heavy individuals. Has something to do with the intense weight and or height being supported above the knee. Kind of like a sky scraper effect.

I have suffered very badly from what is believed to be Ulcerative Colitis. So I have the shits constantly. I had it so bad for intestinal cramping I was prescribed phenobarbidol. I am doing very well with this condition and have it “controlled”. I take a dose of Omega 3 fish oil caplets as an anti ulcerative catalyst. This plus 1 to 2 Amodium Advanced tablests a day. This was all prescribed by variuos doctors.

During this time of my illness. I had a blood test and it showed I has a Uric Acid level off the charts. I ignored the problem and years later wound up dating nothing but barmaids, so you could say i really drank for free. Booze is bad for the Uric Acid to say the least. So I am looking for something that could help regulate the problems I have.

That’s all. Money is not really a factor when you spend weeks to months doubled over your toilet not able to go out or do anything outside the cofines of your home. I would love to hear more detailed information about your experience. I do appreciate any and all feedback you could give me. Thanks again! TT

Hey TT,

How are you doing on your water? You haven’t went back to those Bladder Busters have you?? Looking at your old post and seeing what liquids you were drinking, hell you might just as well have been drinking battery acid.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Thanks Thunder!

Yeah I am somewhat of a water nazi! Everytime I go out I get water. It is free afterall. :) I do drink maybe a gallon in a few hours if I am outside. Maybe half that much if I am indoors or at night.

Did you see where the doctor said 8 glasses of water gives no benefit. It was on in the news in the last 3 days or so!

I will try drinking more water as I switch to metamucil for my condition. You have to mix the powder with water. It is not as bad as I originally thought it would be.


Sorry, long post,

I am going to assume that you already been to web sites such as the following for Ulcerative Colitis:…tis/colitis.htm
Have you actually been diagnosed by more than one reliable physician for this condition?
Perhaps, if you have not done so, you should speak to a Naturopathic Doctor, for this condition?

When did the Colitis symptoms begin? Before or after the initial prescription of Phenobarbital?
Are you still taking Phenobarbital? Tablets or elixir? See web site below:
You will note from this site that the tablets may contain corn and lactose which are primary suspects in Colitis cases. Wheat is also very bad for you I suspect. The problem is that corn, wheat and lactose are unnecessarily included in hundreds of processed food items and are hard to avoid. BTW, corn and wheat are found in almost all beers and many types of liquor. Certain liquors give me the shits. So boink the barmaids but let them do the drinking. I know, I know… hard to do but believe me its possible to give up all things that you once considered staples of life. BTW, I used to believe that it was essential for an active, athletic adult to supplement with 20 plus vitamin/mineral pills a day but have found that I feel better taking no supplements but instead eat a much, much better diet! Some of the vitamin pills were worsening the inflammation. Remember, you don’t know what is being used for the manufacture of vitamins. For example, corn to make Vitamin C. Dietary management through knowledge of personal food allergies is the key to ridding yourself of this problem even though medical doctors insist otherwise.

Have you ever been tested for food allergies? If not do it right away at a reputable establishment and inform them of the Colitis condition. Perhaps a search on this site would prove useful. E-mail this doctor and, you never know, he may actually help: He seems very passionate about his work!

Do you indeed have an ulcer? If so raw Manuka honey or simply raw honey should help since it is maintained that it kills the bacteria that causes ulcers. “Baccart” posted about raw honey on Thunder’s.

Have you been diagnosed with Gout by a reliable physician? High Uric Acid level and pain in particular joints sounds like Gout. http…i/A0850195.html

You are already loosing huge amounts of minerals, especially potassium, and body water through diarrhea on a daily basis. This contributes to an acidic PH which in turn promotes inflammation. The coral may help by acting as a buffer for the acid that your body is producing thereby sparing the essential minerals, calcium, etc., thus, allowing them to nutrify your body and possibly help out your knees and intestines/bowel. As I pointed out in ,my previous post, leafy greens are essential to the acidic North American diet. Romaine lettuce, steamed kale, Swiss chard and bok choi are parts of my diet now and I eat this bland stuff happily knowing that they help in my digestion, provide essential nutrients and keep inflammation at bay. Search the web or go to a health food outlet and obtain a food chart that lists acidic versus alkaline foods.

Is the water filtered in your area? Some filtration systems “soften” the water by removing impurities but they do this at the cost of also taking essential minerals away with the junk. Soft water consumption, for example distilled water, is like drinking pure acid. This contributes to inflammation as well.

I have asked medical doctors why I am susceptible to inflammation and they all reply that they do not know!
While I took the coral I was able to shift my PH into a healthier range and thus allowed my body to begin healing as opposed to endlessly battling the acidity problem. Doctors still doubt that I have done this to this day even though there is a marked shift in my PH level from previous blood tests to present ones.

Sorry about the scatter brained approach here but you have raised so many issues that it will take a few more exchanges for me to gather my thoughts.

Hope some of this helps,



I must thank you for all your assiatance and research to try and help me out. I greatly appreciate it.

My colitis began with a bout of uncontrollable diaherria on Christmas Day 1997. I have had stress-induced colitis like my Junior year in High School, I had the trots about a half hour before I was forced to address the whole school. I also used to get it before a date or sex. Even if I went to a strip club. What a pain in the ass literally. LOL! I have loose bowels and eating anything super greasy or coffee will set me off. Even a whiff of cofee will do this to me after a few minutes.

Along with this constant “trots” for like a month. I was unable to leave the house except for work at UPS. I spent the rest of my time in my house close to the toilet. I started to develop intense pain in my stomach fearing maybe my appendix was starting to go. But I had spasms from the colitis. It felt like razors slowly being shit out your ass. So I was prescribed Phenobarbidol to stop the cramping by my Primary Care Physcian. It worked very well. I then began a battery of blood tests looking for parasitic infection and everything else. This is where they saw my super high Uric Acid levels.

I was referred to a Gastrointestinolgist who was highly recommended. I had both a Barium Enema and a Colonostemy. The results were a inflamation that was closing up or healing over. I was also prescribed Asacol which works well with my condition to “quiet” it down. I was put om Metamucil and super high Fiber Diets to hold my shit together literally. It worked but i had to constantly use the bathroom to take like 5 dueces a day. I was prescribed a drug that lowers blood pressure with a Desired Side Effect of Constipation. I could not handle this drug. So I was prescribed an Amodium Advanced a day or more for life. it works fairly well. I have manly one to three bathrrom stops when I first get up each morning. My other option was surgery to remove the intestines. I did not care for this at all. I was offered another opinion extremely similiar to the first specialists with similair conclusions. I was told not to bitch about it as I have a very mild to moderrate case. So I took the Amodium and left some foods out. It worked fine, with an occasionall flare up. I was told to watch out to make sure I don’t switch from colitis to full blown Chrone’s disease.

I lived with this wiothout to much of a hassle. I had a really bad relationship with an older girl and had a stressed induced flare up.(1999) I began drinking heavily and chain smoking and it went away. This utterly baffles the medical establishment. But I know what works for me. After this time of constant drinking, I was in really good shape with my gutty works. My new Primary Care doctor who is an osteopath ordered me on Omega 3 Fish Oil caplets which help some people with the inflamation problems. This reqally works for me and allows me to take really only one Amodium Advanced a day instead of 2 or 3. I have a few months supply of this and swear by it. I no longer have my sway over the barmaids and don’t drink as much now that I have to pay for my liquor! :( Oh well, $8,000 a year (2000) in free booze is good I guess! I drink really expensive shit. I guess I am a booze snob! Now I drink maybe a beer a week tops!

I had a flare up with some toe pain (gout) and was represcibed Cocortisteroids and all was well. It took the Ulceratve colitois as well as the gout and fixed it. I was prescribed Paxil to settle the seratonion or melatonian in the intestines. Unfortunately I could not climax and lost all interest in sex and was like a zombie sleeping most of my day away. So I got off that.

I am looking for any supplement either dietary or herbal that could help. I was looking for coral calcium cause of my joints mostly athritis I think and my gutty works. I will soon move out and live on my own and need a product that i can supplement myself with while eventually learning better food habits.

Any questions ask away! Thanks for bothering to read. TT


Coffee gives me the shits too. No wonder it is used so often in enemas! It is actually an irritant that people train themselves to tolerate. There is no positive benefit to its consumption.
Alcohol is basically “fat” and yet it helped with your problems while greasy fats did not. I have to think about this one and try to get back to you.
Interestingly, I too had problems with greasy foods in the past so for sources of fat, which is essential to maintaining natural strength and health, I consume large quantities of extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil in addition to fish oils. These help to combat all the greasy junk you my consume at one time or another. I avoid everything else, which I group into “junky” fats, except on my junk food days which take place a few times per month and I never consume some fats, for example peanut oil. I wonder if your liver is metabolizing fats as optimally as it should. Perhaps you should have it checked out to insure its proper function.

It is very important for you to not overlook your bodies digestion and sleep states. They are the two things that when working optimally will heal everything else in time.

Digestion includes the proper function of the liver, touched upon briefly above, the stomach which basically breaks down proteins and the intestines which are responsible for carbohydrates. If you can tolerate natural unadulterated yogurt and not gets diarrhea then add it to your diet. Otherwise, obtain Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidus and other Probiotics to replenish the flora of your digestive system. Start separating complex carbs from proteins so that you can simplify the work your system does and allow for the restoration of mucosal integrity to the stomach and intestines. You may be surprised by the results. Also, eat fruits away from all other foods and only in the morning which is the time your body is in its elimination stage. You may actually be unable to consume fruits at this stage as they are often the culprits in cases of loose bowel movements. Particularly if eaten with other foods that digest at much slower rates. I personally cannot tolerate fruits all year round.
BTW, Metamucil and other common fibre products are wheat based if I’m not mistaken. You may be caught in a vicious cycle of trying to solidify your stool and continually subjecting your body to something it can not tolerate. Have the food allergy testing done, and then get a second opinion, to pinpoint what may be plaguing you. This is important.

I speak to people often that claim they get enough of the right kind of sleep but I can easily perceive nervous affectations in them that tell me all is not well in this regard. I should point out that drug induced sleep does not allow your body to heal itself like a very, very deep naturally occurring sleep. Relaxation through prayer or meditation which leads to sleep is what I’m personally working towards. During times of less than optimal sleep, actually going through a period right now, puts my nervous system into a bad state. All my stubborn joint problems are accentuated immensely. Proper nerve function is essential to allow the body to heal. If nerve function is impaired growth cannot take place. Also, if an individual is constantly in a nervous state then the Ph tends towards acidicity. Nervousness also aggravates bowel function!

BTW, do all of your joints hurt or is it just the knees?
Is there any atrophy of muscles surrounding the painful joint(s)?
Have you conclusively been diagnosed, by more than one physician, with Arthritis or specifically Gout?
High Uric Acid readings alone cannot be taken as positive proof that you have Gout and the drugs prescribed for this condition may be causing some of your intestinal problems.
Anyway, here is another site on Gout:…sheet/gout.html
One of the better ones did not come through in my post yesterday and I can’t seem to find it now.

Glucosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin are supposed to be great for joint pain, the jury is still out on this one, but if you are not digesting properly or loosing nutrients through loose stools you are just contributing to some expensive shits.

I think that if you get the right kind of sleep, insure optimal digestion, avoid things you are allergic to and balance your PH that you will be free of symptoms altogether or at least notice a marked decrease in you discomfort. The coral has to be of high pharmaceutical grade otherwise do not take it. GNC products do not impress me. Go to a licenced Naturopath or Chiropractor to obtain it. Whether you would like to pay for their services is your call. I would try to simply obtain it and not have anything to do with them if I felt their services were not necessary. Also, in my experience I have found that medical doctors know dick all about PH and its relevance to health. Powdered coral will, in time, help balance your PH but I would start supplementing the diet with leafy greens as this is what you will end up having to do in the long run.

I apologize if some of this seems repetitive,very elementary or if I missed something because I only have limited time as to access for the net,



P.S. Do a search on the mercola site for insulin, interesting reading, and do a search for diet to help you get started. Don’t freak out though because he has an unbelievably strict diet. I did find though that cutting out potatoes and decreasing carb intake shifted my body over to using fat stores as fuel, as opposed to sugars, and helped reduce inflammation in chronically injured sites which then went on to heal.

I must say you really do your homework on all of this. I am most certainly impressed!

What is your background in this? If you don’t mind me asking of course. Did you studying anything in school or just spent hours upon hours researching.

Me I am 27 by about a week. Really tall. 6’11” 265 lbs. Caucasian. In college for Radio, TV, And Film,Psychology, and Business Administration. I have fidddled with reflexology and self-hypnosis. But never got pro help in these two fields.

I will try and respond to your questions in another post. I have only 10 minutes and had to notepad this first than cut and paste on my previous reply.

I am very appreciative of what you have done for me. Thanks! TT


I sometimes take Coffee to break any constipation my condition gives me. Particularly if I overdose on the Amodium Advanced tablets. Before I knew I had a problem with coffee, I drank a pot of Vanilla Nut flavored from a super large thermos and drove with a friend to NYC. Let me just say there was a Sasquatch sighting of one shitting on the side of the Staten Island Expressway (Rt. 287). I have had the shits so bad that I pull over and run into the woods and shit. Always wiping with the underwear and throw them away. It is so funny. Shit attacks! I love when I have a shit attack in a strip club. One toilet and it is in service and the damn stall is to small that my kness touch the door. Stress always gets me with this condition!

The Medical establishment are amazed that smoking and drinking liquor did not agrevate the condition at all. In fact it seemed to calm this almost completely! I even spoke to Luvdadus about this and he said smoking works stick with it till I find something better to regulate this.

I noticed, I have a hard time with any and all Taco Bell food, Most Fast food, Cheese Steaks, and any Mexican food. I can’t stand hot foods either. If I get wings they must be very mild. My friends call it Monastat flavored cause I am such a little girl. But anything Hot burns me coming out. No kidding on this!

“If you can tolerate natural unadulterated yogurt and not gets diarrhea then add it to your diet. Otherwise, obtain Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidus and other Probiotics to replenish the flora of your digestive system.” Is the Yogurt the same as like Dannon’s? Are these last item’s herbs available from a herb or health store? Are they expensive? Just curious.

I will look into the food alergy situation. You posted a link above a few posts back. I will look into this. I am fairly sure that i am not lactose intolerant. I took lactaid and found it helped nothing with the trots when i first developed this problem.

My kness were never super strong to begin with. I believe I wore out or down some joints via five years of hard labor done at UPS.

What exactly is a Naturopath? Are they still a recognized type of doctor here in the States?

I’ll check up more on that diet you mentioned too? I don’t know much of nutrition. I may have to take it is a college course soon to find some stuff out.

Once again, I appreciate your time and effort in this matter. Thanks! TT


..for breaking the 400 message mark. In the future try not to be so reticent. :)


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

Thanks Guys!

I do appreciate your compliments!

I do certainly love this place. I like it for the fact everyone looks out for each other. I have gotten a ton of help with my water and now stomach problems.

If I know an answer or think I could help somebody out or bring up an intersting perspective on something, I try and reply.

I figure I also help out the lurkers who just sit and read and never post or even register.

I try and give something back tp this place even if it is just effort and time too.

I have made many friendships here online and a few offline from this place.

I guess I am doing a half assed Mistered impersonation here at at the PE Forum. Anyone seen him around? HAS he been abducted by aliens again living in the boondocks?

Thanks! TT

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