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Originally posted by twatteaser
I have gotten a ton of help with my water and now stomach problems.

Just a minute! Stomach problems? (I haven’t been following this thread closely.) If that started after you upped your water intake, there may be a relation, as I have noticed that when I drink a lot, lot of water I get very acid - like burning reflux, to the point of taking Tagamet to calm it down, FWIW.

Speaking of water, I heard a blurb about some expert saying we don’t really need as much as was previously thought. JEEZ!



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I have had Colitis for almost 5 years now! I have it mostly under control now. But have some troubling days every so often.

I had a problem constantly having to pee a few months back. I thought my prostate took a shit on me at 26. I was like great! Thunder and a ton of people told me drink water and see what happens. Well it worked very effectivley.

It was in the paper and the news abou the 8 glasses a day story. I saw it on on the news part also around a week ago. Perhaps it is still up there.

So my stomach problems precede this pee problem by about 4 and a half years. Thanks for the observation though.

My Voice and Diction teacher has an acid reflux problem and she has to sleep with her head raised like in a hospital and cut out coffee if not all caffeine or such. Perhaps this may help with your situation.


TT and Tex3,

long post,

No question we need a lot of water. This depends on your physical size, your diet, if ill, what the climate is like where you reside, your daily activity level, etc. However, at least 8 glasses per day is only a rule of thumb and is sometimes not possible in colder climates. Water can be hard to drink so natural juices also can be counted towards your liquid intake but not any diuretics like coffe/tea/alcohol oranything containing sugar.

The synovial fluid in joints is made up of mostly water and some protein molecules. Lack of sufficient water allows inflammation to rage out of control! Anyone suspecting that they have an arthritic condition is well advised to drink plenty of water. Of course, very important considerations to keep in mind are: what type of water, when to drink it and in what quantities.

Distilled water is absent of all minerals. Therefore it lacks alkalinity. Drinking this acid water will leech minerals out of your bones and other tissues. Perfect water PH is between 7.2 - 8.0. Distilled water is 0 since it has no alkalinity.

Two 8oz. Glasses of water should be consumed upon rising first thing every morning. Respiration and perspiration cause you to dehydrate during sleep so think of this as filling up your empty tank. Furthermore, morning hours are the period of elimination. Thus, lubrication of organs that are responsible for elimination of wastes is necessary and helpful during this time.

Also, never drink water or other fluids with meals. This is the most common bad eating habit, along with not chewing food nearly enough, that I observe. One hour before, and more importantly, one hour after are good rules to live by. When you fill your stomach with water the Betaine Hydrochloric Acid is diluted. This leaves you unable to digest your protein properly. In addition, digestive enzymes are also diluted and other foods suffer the same fate. Rather, your health suffers as your body is slowly being cheated of nutrients over time. Among other things, bowel problems and a bloated belly develop. Clear signs of gastric distress! Since the digestion of a 40 year old is only half that of a 20 year old you would think that people would clue into this. Except for drinking beer like there is no tomorrow and over eating sugar and carbs this is the biggest reason for the big North American belly.

It is conceivable that acid reflux is assisted by the the practices immediately above and below. (Someone more knowledgable please chime in on this point.) Antacids have never been used by myself or members of my immediate family. I understand that they do more harm than good as they only attempt to mask the problem and do nothing for pinpointing and eliminating it.

As noted with the beer, your body can only properly process one 8oz. glass of water per hour before urging you to eliminate it. You don’t want to pee unnecessarily and chase away minerals and water soluble vitamins. I have found that sipping 6 more glasses throughout the day, sometimes less sometimes more, allows my body to absorb it optimally. If you ate thirsty then you are already VERY dehydrated and you cannot make up for your need of body water through drinking right away. You will be full long before you consume what your body requires. A trick you can use is to drink from a plastic water bottle, simultaneously pinch your nose and suck back the water taking in only liquid and no air. This will guarantee that you don’t distend your belly with air and keeps the 6 pack from bulging out and appearing like bloated steroid belly!! LOL

BTW, alcohol, coffee/tea, sugar consumption along with smoking and too much processed salt result in mineral depletion syndromes like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.


Mexican food consisting of beans, corn and chili peppers are impossible to handle for some individuals. Corn cannot be digested by any race other than indigenous peoples of America. So do yourself a favour and never eat it. Take a look when you visit the toilet after you have eaten corn. Comes out the way it went in. Not a dent or a scratch! Garbage in my opinion and very irritating on the system when consumed as corn syrup, corn oil, etc.

A Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine is an alternative doctor that should be recognized in the U.S. just as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine is. There are schools of Naturopathic medicine in the U.S. Check it out.

Also, I am concerned that you have taken a lot of medication, in my opinion, for your physical ailments. These medications are sure to affect your digestive capabilities. Everyone has Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria Bifidum in intestines. If you don’t you are in serious trouble. You simply won’t be able to benefit from the foods you eat.

Read on:…cidophilus.html

FYI, I was a Film major for a time but studied mainly Psychology and Commerce. I’m 35, caucasian and more compact, like a Pit Bull or Wolverine, if you know what I mean, when compared to a Sasquatch! LOL (Tears were rolling down my face over that line!!!!)

Hey guys, I know this is the Health Forum but if you get sick of these long posts just say so as feedback is always appreciated,


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Hey Torso,

You need to check a pH chart. Distilled water is neutral to slightly acidic and is no where near zero. If 7 is neutral, distilled water probably doesn’t go much below 6. A reading of zero would be stronger than some battery acids.

Now I’ll go back and read the rest of your post. :D

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Hey Torso,

Long posts are fine and if anybody has a problem with them, they can just choose not to read them. I enjoy your postings and prefer when someone takes the time to go into more detail than a two sentence post (like I usually write).

So keep ‘em coming.

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You are quite correct. I was in a crazy rush to get the post done and made an honest error it was meant to be a reading of 5.0 not 0.

I am aware that distilled water is supposed to be neutral at 7.0 but as I understand it carbon dioxide in the air dissolves in the water and makes it much more acidic than it should be. It has been explained to me that it may even reach 5.0 as I indicated above. When water PH is measured a reading of 5.0 is understood to be ten times as acidic as 6.0 and 6.0 is ten times as acidic as 7.0.

My point is simply that if your body has an acidic PH of 5.0 and inflammation is present you won’t benefit nearly as much if you drank water with, for instance, a PH of 5.7 as you would if you consumed water with a PH of 7.7. You would maintain an acidic environment that promotes inflammation as opposed to altering your own PH and thus hastening the reduction of the inflammation and, in turn, allowing the chronically affected site to begin recovery. Of course drinking more alkaline water is only a start as I indicated in my previous posts.

BTW, I sometimes wonder if there is any correlation with gains and PH level with regards to maintaining optimum inflammation of the organ following intense workouts for an extended period of time.

Thanks for the input. I want this stuff to benefit everyone but more than that I want people that are better read than myself to contribute. Even if they only point out my errors. That would be valuable feedback.

Keep well,


Hey Torso,

No way in hell am I better read than you, the zero just set off a warning.

It would be interesting to sample commercial distilled water to see what the average pH really is. I would guess that it will be a lot closer to 7.0 than to 5.0 because it is probably distilled in a closed system with limited air available. If I wasn’t so dam lazy I would do it myself. Any volunteers?? One of you guys taking chemistry in school perhaps??

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The body is designed pretty elegantly.
It has several buffer systems to prevent a change in pH.
In fact in health it stays at 7.40+/- 0.05 regardless of the pH of foods or fluids injested (and in disease states I haven’t seen any patients with pH’s under 7.00 or over 7.600 survive that illness). I’ll just mention 2 major buffer systems and leave the rest alone:

The lungs: By increasing respiratory rate the body drives off CO2 and makes the body more alkaline when needed.

The kidneys:
The kindneys have specialized tubular cells that excrete hydrogen ions (acid) or bicarbonate to raise or lower the pH of urine and consequently raises or lowers the pH of the blood in the opposite direction (if it makes your piss pH lower it makes your blood pH higher).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Been there done that with the constant diaharria. It is no fun for sure. But I have a question for you? Do you still have your gallbladder?

Mine came out years ago, but the purpose of the gallbladder is to make bile which in turns adheres itself to fat making it easier for the body to get rid of it in solid form. Any how, after 10 years of running to the bathroom and getting to the point where I couldn’t go to work or leave the house I got fed up and went to the doctor. Tried the metamucel, didn’t work. Finally a Gastroentrologist prescribed a powder called Cholestyramine and it works like a charm. I stopped having diaharria within 24 hours of the first dosage, that has been over a year ago. I take this stuff faithfully, cause I know what will happen if I don’t.

Check with the doc about it. Mine argued, but eventually wrote the script for it. With having your particular condition, it is possible that the gallbladder isn’t working correctly if you still have it.

Good luck and you do have my sympathies.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Thanks Sunny.

I do appreciate your help here. I am curious as to this powder called Cholestyramine. I was prescribed a drug that sounds like it wghich is a cholesterol lowering drug with a Guarennted side effect of constipation. Is this the same stuff? I took it and it didn’t really work for me and I think I have some still leftover from like 3 years back or more. Though It seemed to worsen my condition for a week before I stooped it, but this was when I was at my absolute worst.

I don’t have many flare ups, in fact I am doing very well as long as I take my tablets. i am just afraid that they will eventually start harming me. Every day for 4 years an Amodium or more. Plus 2 years of Fish oil Caplets.

I may give it a retry and see how it goes. I have had much excellent help on this thread as well as emails and Private messages from people with similair problems. I greatly appreciate your time, patience, and effort on my health.

PS still got everything except my wisdom teeth and foreskin.


Yup, same stuff. Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. It has done wonders for me. Constipation is a good thing when you consider the alternative.

You can try again, but DO NOT use what you have left over. Shelf life and all that good rot. Talk to the doc about it. Taking Imodium and stuff will help if it isn’t the same problem as I have, which is called bile salt diaharria. All I know is I don’t want to go back to the other. Yick, Yuck, no thank you.

Glad to hear you still have most of your orginal equipment, me I am missing a few parts, but for the better. Good luck.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I don’t have much to add at the moment to this interesting thread, just wanted to say I enjoyed it and especially your posts Torso, who cares that they are long if they are so much interesting…

BTW, reading about the mineral water PH, I checked at home I have 2 types - an Israeli spring water with PH=7.5 and a Bulgarian one with PH=7.7 the later being somewhat sweeter.

And a note about water drinking: A good indication for the water consumption is the color of your piss. If it’s too dark, you need to drink a lot more, if it’s very light, you are consuming too much or too fast.

Keep on the information flowing…

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Printed on the bottle label.

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As for distilled water pH testing, lakmus universal indicator papers can give a general idea by color change.
A pH test kit found in stores that sell aquarium supplies will give a more accurate result.

I read that distilled water can be neutrallized by boilling for 5-10 minutes and thus forcing most of dissolved CO2 , which causes the water to be slightly acidic, out of the water (water must be placed in a tightly stoppered container to prevent carbon dioxide gas from dissolving back into the water).

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