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Too much Calcium.


Too much Calcium.

I lust spent 4 days in the Hoepital too run some test to see what the @#$% is wrong with me.

Over the past two months, I’ve been puking alot every other day with bouts of daily nausea. Icky, then two weeks ago I started pukeing eight times a day. After becoming severly dehydrated and two visits to the emergency room to be re-hydrated. The doctor discovered I had too much Calcium in my blood stream. Went home for a few more days when my doctor admitted me to the hospital for four days to run a twenty four hour urine test. This hypercalciumea, Caused my kidneys to lose 50% function. Hyperparathyroid disease was ruled out. But one can get hypercalciumea by over supplementing on calcium pills, over use of rolaids/tums. Too much milk, high calcium margerines, Disolving stones, or broken ribs can leach calcium in the blood stream causing severe nausea, muscle fatique, heradake and psychological problems.

I had alls these conditons I am an avid milk drinker I supplement calcium and I was taking rolaids for my busted ribs I thought would help repair them.. I had a stone developing under my chin about 1” to 2” long and about 0.5” wide, it disapeared adding more calcium to the blood stream.

Basically I eat a good well rouned diet, but I guess I’m one of those people who mal-absorb calcium. This is common with people with diabetes.

The only good thing to come out of this delima is that I lost ten pounds I now weigh 175.5 from 185.5. I can now see the muscles that I worked so hard for, including the illusive six-pack abs I have been working so hard on. When I return to normal strength I will return to the ab-roller/cardio program I was on before this illness set in. But I wonder if the ill effects of nuerontin had anything to do with it?

Wow King I’m glad your ok that’s pretty messed up that calcium could cause so many problems.

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I’m not out of the woods yet. I did not know I was consuming too much.

What a coincidence! You had every one of those factors providing the perfect circumstance to get hypercalciumea! You had the broken rib, calcium suppliments, Rolaids, drinking milk, and the stone! WOW.

Yeah, I guess I just all came together. I’m getting better now will return to the doctor on the 7th to do another cbc/chem panel, to see if the calcium gone down

hypercalcemia… also a prob with parathryroids….

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I hope everything turns out ok. High calcium can be caused by many things.

Originally Posted by hobby
I hope everything turns out ok. High calcium can be caused by many things.

I’m getting better. It seems that a a antibiotic a generic for Keflex that I was taking may have been the trigger, not eveyone has t reaction to Keflex but I did. The symtoms are as follows, urinary disruption, (Kidneys)
Severe nausea, muscle weakness, headaches. I discovered I was hypercalciumec since December following my last eye surgery. I think the Keflex made a nominal little problem bigger.

Wow, that must have been some REALLY hardcore PE to break your rib, be more careful next time. :idiot:

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Yeah, I’m going to be carefull.

Too much calcium:

They still hav’nt found the cause. Parathyroid has been ruled out, so has diabetes. Cancer has been ruled out, but I have nodules on the anterior portion of my spine betweeen t1 and t12, they also occur on my liver,kidneys, cecum. The doctor says my spleen is to big. I hav’nt vomited in over a month and my calcium is with in normal limits. Perhaps there is a doctor out there in Thunderworld that can lend some advice.

I had an MRI back in early September. It revealed that I have nodules many of them on the anterior portion of my spine. I also have an enlarged spleen with nodules on it, and nodules on my liver and kidneys. Great so I was shceduled for CAT scan last week. The Cat scan revealed nothing of the sorts, no nodules anywhere. And my Calcium is with in normal limits.

I’m greatly relieved because I thought the nodules could possibly mean cancer.

Kingpole, I hope you are better now! Just out of curiorisity: what do you think how high was your daily calcium intake in mg ? I am taking some calcium pills right now and they are 1000 mg bombs, but I haven’t had any problems so far…

I would’nt worry if I were you, a thousand mg is fine. I do believe men can take up to 1800mg perday. Don’t forget the magnesium and vitemin D.

My calcium goes up and down from to low to too high. Right now it is 12.1 which is high, They still don’t know the cause. I think it is due to a reaction I had back in March I was taking an anti-biotic for a incredible itch.It seems I suffered all the side effects described in the drug information discription The anti-biotic was ceflex a generic for keflex.

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