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Are histamines beneficial?

L-Histidine is an amino acid that the human body cannot manufacture, hence, it must be obtained from your diet, which is generally deficient, or from supplements which you can purchase
HISTIDINE (Non-Essential Amino Acid)

Are these two references in conflict? I’m not sure. I see that left and right handed moledcules could act quite differently, but I think we need to clarify before going further what the stated view is. This is a new area to me, so I’m learning as I read, and I just want to make sure I understand the position.

Allow me to go off-topic for a minute? When I first started Niacin flushing to get the histamine spike, I could flush on 200mg. Within 3 days, 200mg did nothing for me so I upped it to 300mg. Again, a few days later I had to bump it up to 400mg, then 500mg, then I stopped. Was this due to lowering Histidine levels in my bod, and if I had been supplimenting with L-Histidine would I have been able to continue to spike with just the 200mg of Niacin? Or is it a different mechanism that caused me to have to raise the Niacin intake to get the histamine release?

Eroset, what you are saying makes sense. This is my third day eating coconut and the histamine level just isn’t as intense as it was. I haven’t taken any L-Histidine yet to my experiment.

:-k ….wondering if anybody around here carries L-Histadine now. While I found benefit in the Niacin flush, when I saw that I had to up my intake every few days just to get the histamine spike, I threw that idea out the window. My scotch and beer takes enough toll on my liver, I wasn’t about to be pounding full grams of Niacin every fecking day. But if I could spike my histamines on low-level Niacin with L-Hist supps, that could be interesting.

Thanks Nine, you got my brain going in a few different directions now.

Interestingly, if you Google for “L-Histadine topical” you come up with a lot of sites for “Female Arousal Cream”. Looking over their list of ingredients (Rosemary Oil, hmmmm), the main goal of these creams is to increase bloodflow to the female organs. Obviously it’s easier to do this with a topical solution on female organs than male organs, but it gets you thinkin’.

I tried to order L-Histadine from BAC, but they no longer ship outside the US. Yeah, female organs have a lot of surface area to absorb from, so in our case it would probably either be oral (systemic unfortunately), or up your pee pipe! Hope it doesn’t sting.

I have read previously that L-Histadine can be used to treat people that want to shorten their time to orgasm.

Originally Posted by Shiver

Yeah, female organs have a lot of surface area to absorb from, so in our case it would probably either be oral (systemic unfortunately), or up your pee pipe! Hope it doesn’t sting.

True ‘nuff, but how far down would we actually have to get it? I mean do we have to go DMSO-deep into the CCs or is just into the lymphatic and blood systems in the area?

That I don’t know. Off the top of my head I would say the best place is wherever the blood enters the penis. It might be worth trying on the underside base as well as the main shaft.

I bet Westla would know.

Plus, underside base and main shaft application would be able to take advantange of the gaps in the fibrous covering, no? “ The corpora cavernosa penis are surrounded by a strong fibrous envelope …blah blah blah…. This is thick and complete behind, but is imperfect in front, where it consists of a series of vertical bands arranged like the teeth of a comb; it is therefore named the septum pectiniforme.

Westla? :D

Tell ya what, I wish I could move all my histamine receptors from my nose and airway to my groin….. oh well.

I tried the L-Histidine thing. Just started sneezing a bunch. When I was a teen, I could start sneezing from just thinking about sex. I was also allergic to a lot of stuff. After 10 years on anti-histamines, I finally had to stop because they were contributing to my ED. Now I eat a low carb diet and things are much, much better, but I don’t sneeze from sexy thoughts anymore. Oh well.


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I’ve just ordered L-Histadine, Niacin and L-Arginine. It’ll probably be a week or two before I have a publishable result, but I’ll at least be able to add one persons story.

I will be glued waiting on your report, Shiver.

Originally Posted by Mr. Nine
I will be glued waiting on your report, Shiver.

Me too.

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Had an email that they’ve shipped the niacin today, but the Arginine and Histdine shipments are still pending (!?!). I also ordered some of those microwaveable wax strips. I’m not planning to eat those.


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