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Are histamines beneficial?

Yesterday I tried one niacin capsule. It was 500mg. I took it on an empty stomach and didn’t notice anything for an hour or two. Then I ate some food and everything went crazy. I’m guessing the food got the digestive juices going and the niacin flush came out worse than I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s like a fair skinned person after going out in strong sunshine for 12 hours for a week. There was a distinct demarkation line on my neck, and everything above was bright red. My arms and legs were the same, but the trunk was unaffected. The effect wore off after a few hours, but I was concerned that someone would call at my house, and I wouldn’t go outdoors. I think the Niacin is relegated to the stores bin. I won’t be using it again unless it’s in a much much smaller dose and the experiment really requires it.

The L-Arginine arrived this morning. I’ve took 3x3000mg so far, and will repeat daily untill it runs out or I start to notice something (at which point I’ll back off the loading dose and see if any benefits continue).

The source website says that the L-Histidine has been dispatched, so that should be here tomorrow or the day after.

500mg was way too much to start with. I can’t even handle 100mg if I’ve been off it for a while.
Try 100mg and split that 4 ways, or smaller dose tablets, then gradually build up.


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Oh man Shiver, BFLR is right. If I’ve been off Niacin for a couple weeks, I can flush on 100mg, 500mg at that point would make me wanna die. When I got up to having to take 500mg just to get the flush, I gave up. My big curiosity is whether having a constant supply of L-Histadine in my system will allow me to continue to flush on only 1-200 mg. Any chance you’ve got a pill-splitter or can get your hands on 100mg supps? :)

I’ve got a capping machine so I guess I could split a few up and mix it with corn starch or something, but my electronic scale only has a resolution of 100mg so the dosage would only be approximate. Let me just clarify what you’re looking for:

1. Start with a low dose Niacin, and build up until a 200mg Niacin has no real effect.
2. Add in the L-Histadine and see if the Niacin flush returns while keeping the same Niacin dose.

What then? Reduce Niacin to 100mg and see if the results remain? Try topical version? (where does L-Histadine to Histamine occur - in the liver or local?).

I’ve had email confirmation that the L-Histadine has been dispatched so it’ll probably arrive in the morning. Personally I’m more interested in just seeing what L-Histadine does to erection/ejaculation, but I’ll do the niacin ramp up first if it helps clarify a few things (purely in the name of science). I’ll hold of taking it until you respond.

You’re way more equipped for this mentally then I am, but I say the first part of your experiment is exactly what’s needed. Consider my experience, 100 mg of Niacin flushes me for about 3 or 4 days before I have to bump up to 200 mg. The first day or two of 200 mg makes it an uncomforatable flush, it becomes tolerable for about another one or two days, then I have to go to 300 mg (I’ve got 100 mg supps with no pill splitter). The time before the 300mg flush starts to die off is much quicker compared to the move from 100mg to 200mg. This leads me to guess or maybe hope is the better word, that the constant flushing decreases the L-Histadine levels in the blood, and supplimenting the L-Hist will allow the histamine release consistently on low doses of Niacin.

If that turns out to be true… bingo! Then all we have to do is figure out if a topical application can localize the reaction. I’m guessing that an oral does of L-Histadine (to keep the building blocks of the histamine production well-stocked) combined with a topical Niacin application in a solution with dermal disruptors and/or penetration enhancers could cause the reaction we’re looking for and replace stinging your cock with wasps. (Where the hell is Waxx these days??!?!? God, I hope he’s not dead.)

Any of this make sense Shiver?

What results or effects are you trying to achieve?

Are you saying you have better erections during a niacin flush? (I neglected to try yesterday).

What I’ll do then is since your capsules are 100mg, I’ll make 100mg Niacin tabs, and take 1 per day starting today. Provided that I can get a flush with 100mg I’ll stick with this dose until effects are negligable. It sounds like this might take a couple of weeks (though with yesterdays 500mg folly I might have a head start). When effects are gone I’ll add in the L-Histidine (1x 500mg capsules) and see if the effects resume. At that point we should have a rough indication of the direction next required (pollen count and a million other variables excepted).

Orgasms are more intense, but it didn’t seem to affect erections for me.


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Great thread! Any updates or cliff notes?


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I have read through this thread, very interesting. Someone mentioned antihistamines certainly inhibited his ejaculation, just wondering by how much it was? as I’m sure we would all like to last a bit longer and that would be a very easy way

Bump. Anyone else experimented with Niacin/Histamine levels? I actually purchased some Niacin/Folic Acid today, I want to see if there is a noticeable difference in ease of ejaculation with this stuff.

Originally Posted by sperminator
I have read through this thread, very interesting. Someone mentioned antihistamines certainly inhibited his ejaculation, just wondering by how much it was? as I’m sure we would all like to last a bit longer and that would be a very easy way

Yea, I wonder if taking a claritin pill or zyrtec would make someone last longer.

As one of those guys who has a problem with taking too long to ejaculate,
I have experimented with ways to increase histamine levels.

I have taken niacin to the point of severe flush, but it didn’t make me cum faster or harder.

I have taken L-Histidine in megadoses on an empty stomach, but it didn’t make me cum faster or harder.

I know that they were in fact raising my bodily histamine, as I had every other symptom of a high histamine state (throbbing head, skin flushed red, thickening skin and mild tinnitus).

For me at least, raised histamine alone did not do the trick of making me cum any faster or harder, despite the equine studies cited by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.

The way it was explained to me, was that the niacin (non flush type) is to “indirectly” gauge/estimate what level of histamine you may have. Some people have low, there is a mid range, and of course high on the far end of the spectrum. That is attempting to find what your baseline is. Next, when attempting any orthomolecular solution, you really have to be anal and micromanage things. Co-factors such as Vitamin “C”, B6, etc… are just as important in the remedy as the actual L-Histadel. This is especially true of any orthomolecular remedy. Think of it as bartending or mixology, in which one must follow a strict drink recipe. Most people don’t and just chuck shit down their throat and wonder why it is ineffective. It really isn’t an aspirin and your “headache” disappears 35 minutes later. If you want that you are wasting your time.

The treatment program consists of the administration of zinc, manganese, vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B12, and folic acid. With this treatment the high blood copper is slowly reduced and symptoms are slowly relieved in several months’ time.

If you want to fuck around with this, at least bother to read up on it. I suggest a simple easy layman’s book on orthomolecular like beating and treating Depression & Anxiety with orthomolecular medicine. Get that basic background before attempting the advanced and “heretical” topics of histamine.

You do know that even normal “Joe Blow White Devil Medicine” says that a good number of people have an issue or worse with processing Folic Acid right? What 50% of people don’t process it correctly?

The question you should ask yourself, if you are still even interested in this topic, is what will happen when you take anti-histamines? Does it slow you down like being caught in molasses?

Here is a handy chart for histamine and orthomolecular medicine and psychiatry. The whole histamine symptom list is really focused off of a mental health or whole health issue instead of someone not being about to get an “O face”/….ical%20Subtypes

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Reading all of this has me concerned, mainly because I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar (2tpsp. 2x a day), and I read on the internet that Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural anti-histamine. I’ve been taking this for almost a year now and just in the last couple months I noticed my erections being very poor as well as my testicles have been really scrunched up and looks like I was taking steroids. I’m beginning to wonder if the Apple Cider Vinegar has something to do with my poor erections and the ballsack problem. I’m use to warm weather giving me saggy sweaty balls in the summertime, now I look like all the pornstars that seem as though they don’t have any!

I did, however, take a bloodtest the other day, and one of the things they tested for was my test levels. So I’m eager to find out what they are. In the meantime, I’m going to lay off the apple cider vinegar.

Twat, any suggestions?

EDIT: Within a minute of reading the link I seen that getting my histamine level tested is strongly recommended; I’ll ask my doctor about that.


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