Histamine hypothesis is very far from the main stream of what a normal generic doctor would know about or even care to know about. Finding a doctor that would even not just reject the whole thing out front is a major chore. Some more fringe sites claim to be able to give specific blood tests for more alternative medical areas. of course these are almost always out of pocket costs since an insurance carrier doesn’t acknowledge them.

Borrow, buy, or steal one or two easier Orthomolecualr books that I have suggested as of late. Read up to get a basic understanding before you really start going crazy with all this histamine stuff. Personally if those books are 100 level courses, Histamine is a 400-level course, and I have found no layman books in between those steep steps. I don’t really super care for forums in the topic due to their very incomplete nature. I like a book I can hold in my hands and reference easy, but that is just me.

What does anti-histimines do for you? For me it knocks me down. I was prescribed Paxil by my one D.O. many moons ago for my colitis. I took it for three days and I couldn’t even cum from jerking off at all. Yet Zoloft didn’t do that to me, just give me crippling back pain every so often like I just herniated a dozen discs at once. How do you respond to benzos? I take Xanax for when I have my blood drawn. Since I was 12 I got very fearful of Needles after being subjected to 6 months of constant medical attention.

Look at the whole histamine picture, when you get up to the level or care to do so with all the symptoms really. If this Apple Cider Vinegar is the problem, why not attempt to find if cutting your dose in half does anything for a month or six weeks?

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