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Anyone else having these problems with l-arginine

Anyone else having these problems with l-arginine

Hi, I’ve just bought a pound of powdered l-arginine, I had already read that it tasted horribly which it does but have found now after 10 days that I’m getting really bad diarrhoea from it, anyone else have this problem. That aside I’ve noticed that I am hanging a bit fuller, even after 2nd day but its getting less now, don’t know if I’m getting resistant to it already or if I have to wait for 2 weeks for proper results as it states on other threads, not noticed any gain in length or girth as yet but probably too early to tell anyway.



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Sorry, I have no useful input on Arginine. I’m sure someone will have an answer though.

Your not taking it on a full stomach, right?

It tastes really bad and will give you the squirts if you take a lot, and God forbid you hold the stuff under your tongue for fast absorption, but it works. It makes my veins bigger everywhere. I can see it in my hands and chest, and I hang much fuller, dick just feels heavy when I take it. But I’m sure it has a long-term downside other than tasting like shit and giving you the runs. It also seems to lower my blood pressure a bit.


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How Much Are You Taking

I am wondering just how much are you taking, and how often?

Try taking calcium tablets particularly calcium citrate which is cheap now to offset the shits. Play around with the calcium dosage for a while, then if they don’t work try Amodium AD Advanced. To offset the shits you can try and take Metamucil, which makes you go to the bathroom more. The idea behind that is “Priming the pump” as my doctor explained it to me. You’ll shit more, but it won’t be the trots at all. Also eat a lot of fiber to hold the crap together. I used to eat a half dozen Dunkin Donuts Blue Berry Bagels when I was really bad with colitis.

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Thanks for your replies. I am glad to know that it works for you, I’m going to keep taking it for at least another week or two but so far apart from making me hang a little fuller there hasn’t been any difference, it definitely hasn’t improved my length with the exercises. Btw, i only started taking this because someone told me on a different thread that this will help instead of buying Vig-rx, he said that all pills mainly boil down to L-arginine and that powder would do same job, also give bigger loads but that wasn’t reason i bought it. Anyway, thanks again for your replies and if anyone else has anything else to say about it please do, I’d like to know if anyone else has had good results with it.


I am a total newbie to L-arginine, I have ordered some powder but am waiting for it to arrive from the US. In the meantime I am using the 500mg Caps. I am taking a relatively low dosage of 1g to 1.5 grams a day which does help keep my erection a bit harder than they used to be, but does not give me the side effects you stated such as diarhea (and the bad taste since its in capsule form).

How much are you taking? I have read on several products that 5grams is the max that you should take in a day, but many have said that your body can use 7-9 grams without any problems such as liver or kidney damage. Also are you taking it all at once? And how soon before your routine/sex are you taking it? If you are taking it well before you do your routine it may not have the desired effect of harder, stronger erections, many have said in the region onf 1 1/2hrs to 40 minutes before the routine should do the trick.

I think you have to experiment with the dosage, it works better for some than others, at the moment 1.5 g’s works for me but I’m 5’10” and 11 Stone, larger guys might need more.

Hope this helps as I say I’m a newbie to L-arginine, melv :)


For body building vasodilation purposes, many people take 10 grams a day. I think you need that much to get the fullest effects. I have not experienced this myself yet, but I plan on trying some out.

thanks for replies

Thanks for your quick replies, i am taking 1.5-2gms 3 times a day, so about 5g in total, always between meals, and one of them about half hour before my routine. I must be one of those slow gainers because so far haven’t gained anything really, even after about 6 months but still trying.


How much did that cost, and from where was it ordered? In an article on diabetics it was mentioned some people are making an arg and water and applying it to feet and other spots of poor circulation.

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