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What kind of Injury?

What kind of Injury?

Hello, I have been resting from PE for the last 6 weeks due to an injury. It started when I was hanging about 1kg for 20min x 3 with my AFB Hanger. I felt sort of a sting in the area on the right side of the head. I stopped Immediately and felt nothing more that day. The next day I was sore on that spot ( feels like inside the penis). I have stopped PE to rest and see if it gets better and it has gotten somewhat better but every time I get an erection I feel a sting in that area for 1-2 seconds. When the penis is totally erect I dont feel it anymore so its just in the beginning of an erection when the blood starts to flow in. It is only after I masturbate that I get this feeling inside the penis. I took a couple of days of that to but when I masturbated again I felt it just as intense as last time. Do you think that I should stop masturbating totally for a couple of weeks to see if it gets better or is masturbation harmless. Need advice please, have anyone else been in a similar situation??

Were you hanging without squeezing excess blood from the head? This could be a small rupture under pressure, I’ve had one in the shaft near the glans and it take a long time to recover to the point where you don’t feel it.

Another option could be a slightly disrupted nerve which could easily cause a twinge especially at pressure. I’ve only ever experienced this in the body not in the penis, so I can’t comment on the liklihood.

Anyone else got any other/better ideas?

I had a bit of blood in the penis head but only to make the attachement easier. Perhaps it is like you said because when i squeeze or massage the head it stings inside the head. Like I said, I dont feel it if I go a couple of days without masturbation but when I start doing that it is like I,ve broken something inside it. How long did it take for you to recover? Did you do any PE or masturbation during your recovery time?

If your getting to the state where you are using the pressure of blood ahead of the hanger to keep it on that doesn’t sound like a good idea. Bib always talks about pinching the head to release any pressure, if you try this and the hanger falls off I guess its not tight enough :)

I took a week off from jelqing and when I returned it still hurt a little but I just took it easy (and I gained during my time off :) ). Now (I think about 2 months on) I still feel it occasionaly. Guess I should have taken more time off. No I didn’t masturbate but I did hot wrap and lightly massage the area, as per the info in this post.

If its a pressure based injury, sounds like the best thing you can do is take some time off and then if you are hanging only try to attach causing minimum pressure buildup in the head.

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