injury and scars: warning!

Well, here’s a story that’s pretty funny, but you should take it as a warning if nothing else.

A few months ago, I soaked up a bunch of rubbing alcohol with the sponge padding for my SG extender noose. I though tit had dried out, and after wiping the whole extender down put it on. It started to hurt, but anyone who has used a noose style extender knows there is a certain amount of discomfort that goes along with it. But after an hour, I had to take it off.

The pain didn’t stop then. I think (I’m sure) that there was some left over alcohol in the sponge. I ended up with a kind of chemical burn around the glans. It scabbed up and took about a month to heal. I used neosporin and covered it with a band aid most days and every night. The increased sensitivity would take me to my knees when it even brushed up against my boxers.

So, now there is no scab, but I have an odd scar, lighter than the surrounding skin, but flat at least. I’m just wondering if anyone knows of anything to do to lessen the scars notice-ability. I really don’t like it, it kind of looks like eczema or something. Most over the counter medications seem to be for raised or “keloid” or hypertrophic scars. Is there any help for this? Should I go do some fake and bake tanning? Should I avoid that at all costs? Any help, suggestions, home remedies would be much appreciated.

Sorry i didn’t take pictures of the original injury, it was horrendous looking, but it would have gotten some chuckles after you had caught your “post shock gasp” breath.