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1 day on, two days off to avoid injury?

1 day on, two days off to avoid injury?

Hi. this is my first post here, though I’ve been jelqing for about 8 months now with gains of 1/2” in length as well as girth. I think I could gain alot faster, except for one thing- during the course of each 30 or so sessions, I keep developing a small to full-blown case of a hardened vein(thrombosis or Mondors) which lays me up anywhere from a few days to several weeks. It’s happenned to a different vein each time. I’m laid up now again (6+ weeks this time) and am about healed-that is, my vein has shrank and softened to almost normal again. Obviously, I’d REALLY like to avoid injury again.
My workouts are what I’d call normal —warm-up, stretch, jelq and squeezes, warm-down. All this takes about an hour each session. I do this two days on, one off. The thing is, I’m usually still kind of sore all the time, even right before the next p.e. session. I am wondering if I need more recovery time—If lack of recovery time is the CAUSE of the thrombosis.

It seems that most everybody does 5 or 6 days a week. That routine would keep me perpetually very sore for sure. I lift weights and never do a three day per week regimen. I always seem to need five days to fully recover and keep injury free. And I’ve always gained muscle fairly well this way.

NOW, my real question is this—is there anybody out there who seems to have a slower recovery metabolism and makes good size gains with, say one day jelq, then two off, or even less often?

I’d really appreciate suggestions as this has obviously been on my mind for quite awhile.

Well what I’ve noticed is that some guys do maybe 30mins- 1hr a day 2 days on 1 off and make gains. While others workout for 2hrs + 5 days a week to make gains. The bigtime hangers will do more than 2hrs a day. So I’m pretty sure that for some ppl the regular gym tactics do not transfer over to PE. You gotta customize your session to your own needs even if it takes a few months to get right, in the long run itll pay off.

My suggestion is not related to the number of days on or off in your routine but rather with the length of your routine.

I would suggest that you look at cutting down the time of sessions to 1/2 hr max excluding the wrap at the beginning and end and dropping the squeezes for a while. For example 15 minutes stretching, 15 mins jelqing. Try that with maybe a 3/1 5/2 or 1/1.

You are repeatedly causing injury with your present routine and cutting the time you spend on a session may well help.

If you’ve only managed 30 sessions in 8 months it seems reasonable to assume that your penis is not as conditioned as it could be to the squeezes. Dropping the squeezes until you have had a working session (ie one that doesn’t injure) for more than a month maybe even 2, would seem sensible.

hmm, is this the kind of reply you wanted. Probably not.

I think he’s done a lot more than 30 sessions, it’s just that the injury happens after about every 30 sessions then he has to take a break to heal and then goes for another 30 sessions and then a new injury happens.. The advice is good though

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Currently, for the month of October, I am doing a one on-two off. I will keep you posted as far as my measurements go. It seems that this would be a good routine for you to try. I would also cut my working time back to 30 min. Why do you need an hour?

If you do not want to cut back to 2 days off, why not try a one on-one off? I gained .25 of an inch this way.

You guys are very helpful, thank you very much. I like hearing everyone’s opinion even if someone disagrees or gives hard to follow advice. Sometimes that’s the kind I need to hear.

Sorry I wasn’t clearer about how many sessions I’ve had. That would be over 70, I estimate, in the 8 month period. Hang10 guessed right—I had two good long periods—the first was 27 sessions with a schedule of 3 days on one off. The second was longer— it went to about 36 sessions but during that period, I had backed off a little to 2days on, one off. In the course of both periods I developed a hardened, swollen vein(different vein each time) which ended my jelqing for several weeks each time. During these weeks I waited for my vein to shrink and soften again. Hence, I figured that this next time, even more off days between workouts might help keep me injury-free.
So, would a pretty good synopsis of what you’re all telling me so far would be to say, drop down to 1day on 1off, and more like 30 minute session instead of one hour, work up more slowly to the squeezes, don’t be afraid to experiment, and expect to spend some time getting my schedule right for me? This is all great advice that I expect will help a great deal with my problem. Thanks.

Any more advice from any of you? I’d like to hear anything you’d have to say, believe me. I’d especially like to hear from anyone who seems to have a slower healing/recovery time like I imagine that I do. How do you deal with it?

Situations like yours are more common than many realize. A lot of men overwork there penis to the point of injury or growth plateau. Experience has taught me how to tell when I am doing too much. If your penis is constantly shriveled all day after the initial jelq “pump,” you are no longer getting red spots, your penis feels a little cold all the time, or you are unable to maintain a hard erection, then you are probably overtraining. It is ridiculous to continue Peing when your penis would be unresponsive to more work.

In my particular case, I haven’t experienced any of those symptoms- that is coldness, lack of red spots, or e.d. However, what I do have, is soreness, not on the skin, but deep soreness—like a muscle soreness. I have this every day when I’m jelqing, even on days off.

Right before I work out it’s still somewhat sore, even though I’ve been considering my routine to be fairly modest. Now I see that perhaps I should lighten my load. On the other hand I am a little concerned that if I lose too much intensity, I won’t make the gains.

Doing more exercizes when my penis is still sore Isn’t making much sense to me anymore, even if my workout is more modest than what some or most guys get by with O.K. Maybe I need to wait for it to not be sore AT ALL before the next session from now on. It doesn’t seem right to break down what hasn’t even finished rebuilding yet?

I am really curious to see if walter’s new schedule will give him good gains. I really hope they do.

I don’t really look at gains per week or month that much, but amount of gain per number of sessions (i.e. I get a little over 1/2” per 60 or so sessions so far), so I wouldn’t have any trouble with the slower gains that 2-3 sessions per week would give. It’s just that I’ve never actually heard of anyone doing well or even really trying say, one day on, one or two off. Well, I did read a chart on one of the paysites once that showed some that did, but I feel that I need real people to back that up- instead of some probably bogus chart. Maybe we should just start a new thread just asking the question if anyone gains with a one day out of three schedule.

You can probably get the same gains from a shorter routine by ensuring good intensity throughout the workout. I’ve certainly found that if I do a routine that lasts longer than 1/2 hour I stop paying attention. 15mins jelqing where every stroke counts has got to be better than 1/2 hour jelqing where the last 15mins are simply not doing anything.

The soreness you are experiencing is probably down to the over long workouts. Its reasonable to feel a little bit sore but if it doesn’t clear up pretty quickly then you probably do need more time to heal. With a shortened routine you may find the continuing soreness simply doesn’t occur anymore.

Consistency in a routine until that routine fails to show results has to be a good thing. I’ve been incredibly inconsistent this month and I doubt I’m going to show any good gains apart from catching up on the 1/4” shrinkage from taking a week out.

“Maybe we should just start a new thread just asking the question if anyone gains with a one day out of three schedule.”

In November, I am going to start such a thread if I gain anything from a one on-two off this month. It is good to see that there is someone else out there trying new things.

This is kind of hard to explain, but during a session, I have noticed sort of a point of “exhaustion” when my penis seems to have been stretched and bloated out to its max, and anything after that seems a bit redundant. Maybe I should not go past this point.

I’ve noticed with weight lifting, that if I’ve worked a particular muscle to complete exhaustion, I’m not really helping anything by coming back to do another set. That’s why my lifting workouts are short and intense-it seems to work much better for me, that is, as long as I’ve worked each muscle to exhaustion. But without the exhaustion, I don’t gain either.

My p.e. sessions are also intense, but I think I’ll heed the good advice and resist the urge to keep jelqing past that “point” of exhaustion. Could it be that those 500 jelq sessions you hear about on some sites are possibly just 100 profitable jelqs plus 400 wastes of time and energy? Bummer. I’m going to cut down my number of jelqs.

Isn’t it very possible that on this very large site someone has already tried an every second or third day jelq routine and would like to comment on it? I’m going to go for it and ask. Here goes, Walter, look for the new thread.

Well, Walter, I tried anyway. Does this mean that we’re officially pioneers, cutting edge and all that? If we get as big as mules on a 1 on 2 off schedule, won’t that be something. But somehow, I have doubts about that.Ha Ha. I’m willing to try, though.

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