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Thrombosed vein pictures


Thrombosed vein pictures

Here are some pictures of my vein that I consider thrombosed.As you can see

if the vein is pressed it becomes hell of obvious , and If I’m standing on my feet

it is very obvious too.

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Does it hurt like hell? If not, it’s probably not a thrombosed vein.

Aside from how bad pictures are to tell something like this: The only picture I can interpret some bit of a thrombosed vein in is the “crossing” in DSC00471.
If it really is thrombosed and thus hurting, leave your dick the fuck alone ;) , use warmth and VERY gentle (!) massage around/on the vein IF it doesn’t hurt to do so. Some people suggested using a medical creme helping for healing up eg. thrombosed veins, I usually use some Dexpanthenol together with heat (basically melting the creme into the skin and vein with an IR lamp) and it turns out very good most of the time for me.

Not that I have a thrombosed vein other than very rarely nowadays. Only happens due to rough blowjobs ;)

Good fortune with your healing,

This vein has been there for 1-2 years and I didn’t even notice .. always thought it is a normal thing .. recently though about it and came to the conclusion that it is not:) .The picture 471 is when I draw the skin backwards so the true vein can be seen.And it doesn’t hurt .. it is just very irritating feeling when a girls does blow job or hand job.

Looks like a normal PE enlarged vein to me.

westla, indeed.
I developed such a vein as well during my first PE endevours (and a very healthy and goodfeeling one it is, too!).
In retrospect, this happens a lot when eg. Jelqing with too much pressure for the erection level.. or getting really erect while clamping (erect as in _erection_, not “looks big”.. You know the difference ;) ).

A thrombosed vein hurts like a motherfucker and if it’s really injured it will hurt even when you don’t even touch it or have an erection.
Usually leaving it alone will do the trick of healing.. Gentle massage with a healing / de-inflammating creme and stopping all PE does help a lot, too.

And no, as stated above, this big vein isn’t thrombosed, just big. Thrombosed veins are hard on touch (and painful, too), even when not erect.

Don’t make too much of this, but be cautious as well.
Remember: It’s your only dick and part of your only body, so treat it not just with respect, but love (as gay as this may sound to some, it’s true).


In my experienced medical opinion ys and westla90069 are right, chrono your vein is not thrombosed. Vein size accommodates to the amount of blood flow. PE increases penis blood flow over a shriveled, under used, acorn hung penis, even when your not erect. Since the dorsal vein is the largest vein draining your now blood flow rich penis, you can expect it to be prominent. Mine is just as prominent. Be happy this vein is a sign of a well perfused penis.

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NO guys , this is not the dorsal vein .. it is just a vein from the left , the dorsal one is invisible.

And if I’m doing a hand job with a tight grip from the bottom(as the girls do) I feel very,very

irritating feeling from the vein .. dunno , no I’m without any masturbation for 15 days .. The vein

shrinked itself a bit ..

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chrono - It a misnomer that the dorsal vein runs smack down the middle of the top of the penis. Mine runs to the right of mid-line and has large feeder vessels coming from the left and the right of the penis, just like yours. Your superficial dorsal vein is not invisible. That large vessel to the left of mid-line is your dorsal vein. There are small nerve endings that end in the walls of veins. They cause the vein to contract and they are also sensory (they detect feeling). When you overly distend the vein your body may detect it as a noxious stimulation and cause burning or ache. You say you have not masturbated for 15 days. Does this include no PE as well? That it has decreased in size since not masturbating suggests that aggressive and tight masturbation irritates it and makes it dilate. It is possible that decreased penis “activity” decreases the total penis blood flow, so blood leaving the penis will be less and your dorsal vein will be less distended.

Here is how you can prove to yourself that your dorsal vein is not thrombosed. Put the thumb of one hand over this vessel just below the point where that large feeder vessel comes in from the left (more towards the base). Now put a finger on the vessel below your thumb and strip the vessel towards the base of your penis. This will remove the blood from this vessel (it may take a couple of strippings). Once it is empty, let your thumb go and watch the vessel refill. If you can strip the vein of all its blood and it refills quickly, you do not have a thrombosed vein. Its lumen (the doughnut hole of the vein where the blood flows) is open and clear and not clotted.

Let us know if your vein drains and refills.

I mean nothing , no masturbation and no PE. :) I wonder how is it possible for the dorsal vein to be so obvious without having something wrong. From all the porn I’ve watched I’ve never seen a guy with so big vein on the top as mine. And mine brings me irritating feeling all the time(if touched). Here is my theory. If you injure a vein somehow , I mean even lightly injured(some vessels near it , the vein wall itself) , it bulge out to fix itself.It doesn’t mean it is thrombosed - the blood could still circulate in , but it is out there trying to fix itself to it’s previous state.And if you do masturbation and PE , it just can’t do what it is supposed to do naturally(the nature doesn’t have the idea that one could masturbate). So I’m giving it time off to see if that theory of mine is true , and so far it seems a lot smaller that 15 days ago. I do have erections though , then it seems smaller also(maybe because it isn’t irritated) or because it is going back to its normal state.Only time will show.

Thanks for the post and the idea pudendum!

Yeah, nature doesn’t have a clue that one could masturbate.. It’s not like every fricking mammal out there who can do it did it, right? Oh wait, they do.. Nevermind.

Anyways, you won’t probably get your opinion reinstated here.. If you did you would probably try a less obvious approach than asking and then telling off everybody answering to your question.
Go read up on “too much erection + PE = weakening the weakest parts, i.e. veins”. It won’t become any smaller than it is as well. If it doesn’t hurt right now, it’s healed as per the newly acquired status quo. Go have fun with it. It’s here to stay (unless you are into body magic that is.. or otherwise releasing the picture and feel you got from your body).

Good night, removing from interesting threads list, so if anything, use PM

Unfortunately guys , the vein is still there(and is driving me crazy , one girl made me a hand job recently that I didn’t enjoy at all,the whole penis became irritated and numb when she had a grip over the vein).I read that varicose veins in the scrotum can cause bulged veins in the penis , and since I’m having varicocele this may be the reason.In 10 days I’m having a varicoceletomy and with some luck the varicocele will be gone for good.Then I will post what happened and are they actually related.

No. The circulation of the penis is completely separate from the circulation of the testicles. The scrotal sac does share some circulation, but not the veins of the testes. Your varicocele is not causing the vein on your penis to be enlarged. Since you’re obviously going to talk to a physician of some kind when you have your surgery perhaps you should consider asking him or her about your other problem. Nothing we can say here seems to put you at ease so you should seek advice about it from your own doctor.

Hi all , as promised I’m now posting the results.I made varicoceletomy.It’s 10 days now and the vein shrunk itself very obviously .. however when I masturbate for long it becomes it’s previous self again but you can feel the difference.Varicocele and enlarged penile veins might be connected though -…uestion_id=2638 . I will wait for some 4-6 weeks to see if the vein will disappear and post a new reply.

Originally Posted by chrono_
Hi all , as promised I’m now posting the results.I made varicoceletomy.It’s 10 days now and the vein shrunk itself very obviously .. however when I masturbate for long it becomes it’s previous self again but you can feel the difference.Varicocele and enlarged penile veins might be connected though -…uestion_id=2638 . I will wait for some 4-6 weeks to see if the vein will disappear and post a new reply.

Good to hear back from you about your dorsal vein.

A varicocele represent bulging varicose veins that drain the testicles. If you have one, it is located in the spermatic cord that connects testicles to the body. This cord carries blood vessels, nerves and the ducts that carry sperm towards the penis. The veins that drain the testicles do not drain the blood from the scrotum or the penis. The effect of a varicocele and its repair on penis blood vessels does not make anatomical sense.

Your link says this:

“Some experts believe that there may be an association between varicose veins in the scrotum and prominent veins on the penis but the issue is not beyond debate.”

I tend to disagree with the experts that the writer mentions (without references). And I agree that the issue is definitely “not beyond debate.”

I believe that the decrease in size of the dorsal vein is the result of your time off, not the varicocele repair. That it increased again after masturbation means you’re going to have to live with this enlarged vein.

Well this vein is all that stops me from PE-ing and completing my dream of 8 incher. I wonder is it wrong to PE with bulged vein ? I PE-ed 2 months and from the vein came other small bulged veins so it worsened ..

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