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Thrombosed Vein Pictures and Experience

Thrombosed Vein Pictures and Experience

It’s a shame these have to be my first pictures here on Thunders, but since reading the Vein Oil thread, it became apparent that some images of thrombosis were needed, so I will add mine.

It looks like I received it doing dry jelqs; most likely by either applying too much pressure, pulling up too far near the glans (am cut, but have done some foreskin restoration), or by being a little too erect while doing them (probably a bit of all three).

I did get early warning signs that I had done something wrong; I felt a very small, localized soreness on the top of the shaft about two weeks ago (sort of a raw feeling), but not where the thrombosis eventually ended up. Due to the fact that I could not see anything, and it felt like irritated skin, I rubbed some vitamin E oil into the sore area, and continued to PE for a few more days.

By the end of the week, the soreness grew and I stopped PEing. After investigating my unit more closely, I found the thrombosed vein pictured below, hidden between the folds, just under the corona. It is hard and somewhat painful to the touch; classic symptoms.

Although the thrombosis does not interfere with erections (and is not painful then), it can be darn painful when flaccid; feeling a little like a toothache at times, especially when it gets rubbed to often.

Medical information on the net says to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with the pain and wait 4-6 weeks. I hit every drug store in my area looking for products containing Heparinoid (an over the counter fibrinolytic agent that breaks up clots - a smaller molecular weight equivalent of heparin that can be applied topically) such as Hirudoid, Lasonil, and Bruisese, which would supposedly clear the clot, but it’s not sold in North American drugstores I was told. As such, I will mix up some of Eroset’s Vein Oil tonight and see if this helps.

As you can see from the images, this looks like it blocks two veins where they fork, producing a real “T” vein :)

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Sorry to hear about that rockwood.

I think your contribution to thunder’s by posting these pictures are massive.

Hopefully, your photos could help others.

Take it slow on the way back to PE man!

Best of wishes, Swensk.

Gone cementing - Started (2005): 7.25 NBPEL 5.7 EGMS. 5 years later (2010): 8.25 NBPEL 6.3 EGMS. 8 years later, 3 years with no PE (2013): 8.1 NBPEL 5.9 EGMS

I don’t see it, but congrats on a real clean looking unit, I know alot of people aim for the veiny look but I personally wish mine looked more like yours, less veiny.


I don’t see a thrombosis. There’s no indication of inflammation. What I think you have is a near-surface vein (not artery) which you may have irritated while jelking.

A thrombosis would be very warm to the touch, sensitive, painful, and inflammed.

I am not denying the discomfort you experience, only your conclusion that this is a thrombosis.



I thought it would look more thromboned…

Originally Posted by Mega-Lo
I thought it would look more thromboned


Thanks for the input so far everybody. Yeah, I hope it’s just a lymph or irritated blood vessel; I really don’t have the experience to tell for sure. I suppose I jumped the gun on the self-diagnosis and subsequent posting, but I hope I’ll help someone out with the summarized information here, and it would be nice if other members would post pictures of their T-veins in this thread as well, given how common an injury it seems to be.

Another form of treatment that I forgot to mention was applying a cloth soaked in hot water to the area; it did help relieve the pain for several hours afterwards.

So far the Eroset Vein Oil seems to be keeping the pain in check. It does seem to increase circulation; my member becomes warm shortly after applying it. I will update on my progress in a week or so…

Rockwood are you sure thats a thrombosed vien….it looks to me like it is possibly a bloked lymph vesel. The blockage can be cleared by massaging the vessel backwards (towards your body). Do you get a build-up of lymphatic fluid in this area if you jelq?

Is it a T-Vein?

I got similar injury last year.

I’m not sure if it was a T-Vein.

It was hard wired and felt tolerable pain when flacid and intermittent shooting pain when errected.

I layed off my PE for 3 weeks and took aspirin in the first week.

Pain subsided in about 2 weeks and resumed my PE with less intensity after 3 weeks.

My dick is doing great now!


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trombo what?

Dude, are you looking at your dick with a microscope to discover possible problems?

It looks FINE! :)

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

Consensus so far indicates that thrombosis is doubtful; so I’m not so sure anymore. The images are not the best quality (using a 4 in 1 VGA cam), but hopefully one can see that the lesion is paler in colouration than the surrounding skin, and it definitely feels harder as well. Manipulating the lesion causes a deep, low grade aching, which can persist all day, so I’d be hesitant to try massage in case I make it worse. As far as I can tell, I never get fluid build-up from jelqing, but I’ve had a few doughnuts from pumping in the past ( my old routine).

Good image; if I could get the light reflection as well as in your photo, it might be easier for me to demonstrate. Like your lesion, mine runs across the shaft, rather than up/down, is much smaller, but quite sore for its size (and I’ve got a pretty high pain tolerance). Thanks for the details on time frames; hopefully I can get back to PE sooner than I think.

Yeah, the lesion is pretty small; incidentally, I used a 5X lens to get the close ups. :D
I just wish it would stop hurting so I can ignore it and get on with my PE. :leftie:
I guess I should feel lucky, but when I read stories like jtmorgan10’s, I can’t help thinking that any injury or pain should be given rest and time, and monitored carefully.

Time for an update:

As expected, most of the pain subsided in the third week, but there still was a little irritability, so I took another week off, as much as I wanted to start PE again. During that time, I overdid it with the EVO, and switched to hot water immersion for one week.

After a month off, my gains had pretty much vanished, but within a week of starting PE again (very low intensity stuff), most of the gains came back. I’m now pain-free and still using a low intensity program, yet have gained another 1/8” in length. Time is the great healer.

Glad to hear your back on track.

I don’t see it either, but you could also try large dose 2000mg twice a day of natural vitamin e. It thins the blood really well almost as good as the medical drug heparin.

So can anyone show a pic of what a thrombosed vein actually looks like?


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