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Thrombosed vein pictures


You worry too much. Enlarged veins are normal with PE. The only reason you won’t have an 8-incher is because you won’t do the work. Veins are very elastic and pliable. Regular PE exercises such as jelqing and stretching are easily accommodated by veins, enlarged or not. You’re overreacting to a normal response by the penis to PE exercises.

I’m currently 2 weeks off(masturbation of any penile activity) just to see if the vein is naturally bulged or due to an injury. Ys mentioned something about a creme called Dexpanthenol - has someone heared about it ? Will it do the job to hide an unnaturally pupped vein?

Judging by the dramatic reduction in EQ and sex drive, coupled with how long the problem has been prevalent I don’t think he is overreacting at all. The problem is, with situations like this one urlologists often can’t pinpoint the problem themselves.


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