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Reposting: stretching problem help plz


Reposting: stretching problem help plz

I posted something 2 weeks ago, but it is now gone. I wantedt o give an update but let me briefly say what’s the TROUBLE.

I once stretched for one hour and did not notice that my penis went numb and cold. It must have gone numb for maximum 5-10 minutes as that’s how often I check. I was getting comfortable with strecthing, with good results, good EQ (amazing), and no problems. I am not sure what happened. (Btw I wrap and don’t use the noose, and I used “size genetics” device”)

So I came here a couple of weeks to report numbness in my penis, coldness at times. This is all in the glans, the upper side not lower. Since I have not done any PE. But I have noticed recently that my penis has, sometimes a “hard flaccid” that I don t remember having before. I still get erections at night and in the morning sometimes. But the numbness 2+ weeks later has decerased only slightly, but this “hard flaccid” thing seems to become more common.

What do you guys think of this ? I googled hard-flaccid and I have seen crazy stories of permanent impotence.. But again I can have erections.. Although I have not musturbated since then except for one, as when I did (few days after the accident) things got worse..

So my strategy has been a painful “wait and see” .. Your thoughts and advice are much appreciated


I have had a noose cause my penis to go dead. It was from wearing it and driving; the lack of motion must have cut off blood flow. It was like pudding. I freaked out a bit.

I did some light jelqing in the truck with some hand creme, all the way home. I think the PI was obvious. I am off the noose now, although I am not saying it is bad, since that was only one occurence.

I really don’t know about the “hard flaccid”, sorry. If I were you, I might consider doing very light jelqing after showering, and just pay attention to how that feels. And check out Firegoats threads.

Hope you heal!


I seem to remember some threads regarding the ‘hard flaccid’ here before. Have you tried searching those terms at Thunders? Sounds pretty scary man. Good luck to you in finding a remedy.

There's principalities in the whole thing.

Anyone please ? I searched and I did not find much useful information.

Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory
[ 1 2 3 4 5 … Last

Don’t know if this will link, but it’s in the main member forum.

It might be applicable.


Dead search removed

I don’t know if any of those will help. Hope that your unit is feeling better.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Just giving an update here .. My injury happened in August, and I still have numbness, although it has decreased. The first few days I would get a cold tip of the penis If I get erect, this doesn’t happen now unless I Stay erect for a long time.. But it is definitely numb and feeling like a piece of plastic on the top.

Just letting you know.. The stretching thing is a dangerous game, especially given that this was the result of one session where apparently I overdid it and blood supply was substantially reduced making my penis almost dead when I took it out..

I heard at another forum of a similar story, the guy healed 99% after 8 months and never went back to PE.. Hopefully I will heal .

Giving an update again. We are in March. 7 months after my injury I feel much better. The numbness has all but disappeared. I have done PE for 5 months almost before this and I am “anxious” to go back. Do you think there is a chance that I can easily make up the losses I made during this period of inactivity? I assume the sooner I get back the more likely this might happen.

This time I have to make sure not to injure myself again with the stretcher. I am not even sure that once I I put it on again that the numbness won’t go back in a day or so. So if I do, I plan to be extremely careful.
I am meeting an ex in one month, but I guess not much could be done in that interval.

Forget the device and use your hands. Start with the linear routine and progress from that.

Give yet another update.
I am dumbfounded, can’t believe what’s happening to me..
After that injury I stopped doing any PE period for 8 months+. Per my previous update felt much better, but have not recovered fully. ONE DAY, just one, I did some VERY light manual stretch after usual hot water wrap, very light, and since I have ED, pain again and embarrassing PE. I can’t believe that with that much caution I caused so much problems, I also have been, for the last 2 months, having the most serius episode of hard flaccid.. To make things more complicated, it seems that my strategy of abstaining for long is not good for HF. When I release the hf disappears for a couple of days but the other problems are still around..

I am just hoping I ll be able to recover soon somehow, and forget about PE..
Any advice very much welcome.

Giving another update

To recap: minor injury back in 2012, healed gradually and I was near 90% back 8 months after in 2013. I came here and told you guys that I am thinking of getting back in the game but was scared to do it.
Instead I manually stretched, and only lightly. That was the last update and that was JULY 2013.

Fast forward, 2014, February, 7 months after, and NO signs of progress. This time I am going crazy and become increasingly depressed. HF has declines over time, but the numbness is still here just like day 1.
I have been:
- Stopped Sex, PE or anything that used to aggravate the problem
- Lightly ejaculating once a fortnight or LESS (I did abstain for a full month once)
- Using a heat pad at least 3 times a day
- I am eating very healthy, vegetables and fruit, and some meat. I am taking B12 regularly, I also tried lightly massaging it.

Here is how it feels:

I just took a tweezer, cleaned it with alcohol, and then gently tweeze the skin on the top of the penis or on the top of glans, sensation NEAR ZERO. I can easily tweeze hard enough to leave a mark without feeling anything. (Note: I am not doing that, not doing anything to aggravate, just a 2 sec tweeze). A gentle touch on the underside of the penis is felt easily. A tweeze on part of the scrotum is not felt at all.

Penis been feeling numb/light/lifeless for 8+ months and it is unbelievable that a manual stretch could have done that. I am going insane.. I took it easy in the beginning, did not panic, but as the days pass by and I still feel nothing, it is a horrible feeling to not feel anything in your pants. It also of course kills libido.

Please PM me or respond here if you have any observations, suggestions.. I did an MRI showed nothing, but I suspect these are the small nerve fibers and will not show on an MRI.

If you have seen similar stories please let me know.



How are your erections when you compare them to before the injury?

Also, is the numbness only on the top side of the glans? What about the lower part of the glans and the shaft?

Burn that tunica!

Thanks and sorry about the wall of text

Hello all. I apologize in advance for both my spelling and poor forum etiquette.

A little background first. I do not PE, I found this forum after injuring myself and desperately searching for answers online. I’m 35 years old, very happily married, sexually active and apart from being overweight I am in good health. I would add that I am on TRT due to life long low testosterone and have a degree in psychology (I am aware my spelling is beyond terrible, it is what it is) . I have in the past been a debt collector and bouncer. I train a variety of martial arts and lift weights, the mightiest of these often being my own ego. Now you know some context I will fill things out a bit.
10 days ago my wife and I were having sex. When she is blowing me she sometimes grabs the base of my penis with both hands and squeezes it hard to make the veins pop up and get me ultra hard. This time she did that and at the same time pushed down very hard. She drove her hands from the base of my unit as deep as she could into my pelvis, while squeezing as hard as she could. Deep down on the right hand side of the base of my penis something went very wrong. There was a strange pain, a dull/sharp/aching/yanking pain. About a 4/10 on my scale. She let go immidatly and the right side of my errection went soft, shortly followed by the left, I lost sensation in the right side of my shaft and I started getting very worried. There was some swelling, no discoloration, painful and tender to the touch where I felt the initial pain . 10 minutes passed and the pain mostly went away however all the other symptoms remained. The “dull/sharp/aching/yanking pain” was replaced by a dull/sharp/aching/yankied wierd feeling. It was uncomfortable and unnerving but the emphasis was on the “it feels very wrong” rather that the pain. Deciding there was no immediate danger I took some ibuprofen and went to bed,
I am on trt, my test levels are thanks to the wonders of modern science high enough that I all ways have 100% EQ morning wood every day. On what I now call day 1 I woke up with what I now know to be a hard flaccid. Before I looked I thought I was hard. I was shocked when I felt down and found it not only soft but a weirdo firm soft unlike anything I had felt before. It felt like I had a 80% EQ 3 inch penis with lots of lose skin around it ( I am about 6.5 in hard normally). I had a soft outer tissue layer and a tiny erection inside it. I had no sensation on the right hand side of my shaft a coldish glans and the right side was definatly slightly smaller and softer. I had the oddest feeling of a lack of unit balance. That dull/sharp/aching/yanked weird feeling had turned back into a dull/sharp/aching/yanked pain (DSAYP I will call it from now on) and was at about a 6/10 on my discomfort scale.
I was very scared. I am used to fear I have been in 1000’s of very dangerous physical confrontations and this was worse that all of that. I understand fear and paranoia. I have a long, deep history of psychedelic drug use. My mind has kicked open some very creativly terrifying doors over the years and I have returned stronger every time I have left reality. Combine this with my studies and I considered myself in a pretty good place to deal with any paranoia and fear issues that might arise. I was wrong. I personify paranoia in my head as a seperate entity, like the cartoon devil who appears opposite an angel when a character is trying to decide what to do. It is a useful trick to help deal with paranoia. The personification gives you something to fight, something tangible to resist and wave a middle finger at defiantly. All that shit got blown out the water . My mind attacked me. I exploded with anxiety and very nearly had a panic attack. (It is 10 days later and I am only just starting to get a real grip on my fear and paranoia)
I went to my dr who had no real idea what the problem was. She had a good poke around that made everything thing worse and when she hit the area deep ito the right of the base of my unit I felt the DSAYP spike to about a 7 on the pain scale. Not her fault she had to poke around. She told me to rest it and take ibuprofen.
As I got home the DSAYP lowerd in pain but went up in discomfort. It is hard to describe because when its not activity pissed of at me for messing with it, there is little real pain, just an awareness of it all being very wrong. Then the tube/vein from my right testicle started to hurt. That slowly turned into my right testicle hurting and then shrinking .Over then next 2 days All my symptoms (numbness, erection imbalance, hard flaccid, DSAYP on the right side at base and testicle pain on the right) all got progressivly worse and they called in a huge viriaty of other symptoms from chest pain, heart palpitations, weird burning, itching, stinging, throbbing etc etc.. In all sorts of places round my unit and groin area. My paranoia was on full attack mode. Parts of my mind were telling me I would never be able to make love with my wife again, let alone savage her like a wild animal leaving her walking funny for the next day. A life without my unit functioning and my balls in constant pain it was a very dark time for me.
Early day 4 I tapped out, I called my DR she told me to go immediately to A&E at my local hospital. I was seen quickly and they did an ultrasound scan. They could feel swelling but there was nothing showing on the ultrasound. I was given codine and Clarithromycin (a “well it won’t do any harm and might help” testicle pain antibiotic). The codeine was wonderful. Having smoked opium twice before I have made an effort never to used opiate based pain killers as they are a very dangerous slippery slope to addiction. The codine hit me like a warm blanket of glowing bliss and I stopped panicing. For the first time in 4 days I wasn’t worrying about it and allthough my thinking was cloudy I discovered that pain aside most of my problems were coming from my head not my unit. I was able to process what was going on without the fear and while in that place I could make rational decisions about how bad it was and how I felt. A few hours later a uroligist came down and explained that the most likely explanation for my problems was a deep soft tissue tear/damage in the region I was feeling pain from, that I must rest the area and do what I could to help it heal. He gave me more codine to take home and another antiinflamitary.
I am now on day 10 I am much better. I’m back to my morning wood, the lopsided feel has gone. The numbness has gone and my wife very gently and careful made sure everything was working fine earlier, first time in 10 days I won’t be pounding away anytime soon but at least it all works fine and I didn’t tear anything again. I am aware of the damage deep in there but I am doing everything I can to speed recovery. It is very slow I know that one slip, bang or careless movement could rip apart a few days/weeks of healing and I understand that this make take 6 weeks or more to heal maby 2-3 times that much but I will take each day as it comes.
Now to why I am clogging your forum with this rambling, waffle wall of text. On day 1 I started trying to work out what was going on and what I could do to help. My Dr was help full but could only do so much with her limited time and knowledge on a very specific aspect of her field. I turned to the internet and found Thundersplace . You guys talk openly and honestly about unit problems in a way I simply could not find anywhere else. I am very experienced reading complex medical paperwork and raw data but nowhere could I find what I needed I.e people going through similar shit to me and other people offering up their years of experience helping others and them selves deal with it. I was scared, for myself, my wife my future, everything and you guys filled the information void I was sitting alone and scared in. I looked at every single thread on this part of the forum and it all helped add perspective and clarity I really needed. My wife could only help so much it was context and experience I lacked and I plundered this forum for as much of it as I could get to help me. I don’t know how I would have got to where I am now without your help. I owe firegoat, memento and the rest of you more than I can say. 10 days ago I was crying at my keybord out of fear now I’m sat here with tears in my eyes from the gratitude and relief I feel now I am through the worst of it. People fear what they don’t understand and thundersplace helped me get closer to understating what was going on. My codeine enduced time of calm in A&E would not have helped at all, had I not spent days filling my head with the knowlage, wisdom and stright talking advice I found.
For what its worth I think the most important thing was getting a grip on my fear and paranoia as I said at the start. I am the person all most everyone I know calls when the shit hits the fan, there is very little I can’t deal with, physically or mentally. This nearly ruined me. Be very aware that your mind will be massivly amplifying your symptoms, twisting perception and pouring stress hormones into your body, slowing down healing and making you depressed .

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This may help a lot with that. The science is sound, cortisone very bad all round and you want to lower it especially when trying to heal . It helped me . It is one of the few things that I found somwhere other than here that helped me, I hope it helps you. She’s not selling anything, just trying to help people.

Codine helped me stay calm when I needed it after a&e and in the days after with the pain. Be careful its basically sneaky heroin and ma by not legal for you depending on country.

Whoever invented the rice sock needs some sort of monument erected in their honour.

I know as forum moderators you guys can do whatever you want with this post. Please feel free to make any changes to it, that you feel may make my rambling better able to help anyone who reads it. Move it, spell check it, change layout whatever. If you think it helps keep it or if I’m way off base then delete it please because I don’t want to cause any problems, here of all places.

One last time I promise. Thank you all, everyone. Those brave enough to post about their pain and those kind enough to help. May your units grow and prosper .

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To clarify something now I have reread my post. This forum specifically helped because here I found all most everything that can go wrong with your unit and was able to self diagnose and come to a better understanding while eliminating many scary options. No where else enabled me to do this and the simple “stay calm/give it time/leave it alone” advice given over and over became a mantra of sorts, that helped me cope. Oh and I can go into crazy detail about all sort of stuff regarding this experience, if I can help in anyway I would be very happy to offer any help I can. I am in debt to Thundersplace.

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