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Problem getting erect when Jelqing or stretching

Problem getting erect when Jelqing or stretching

Hi ;-) everyone!!

I’m new to this kind of exercising.

1.The biggest issue with the program is to avoid to get (hard; 90-100%) erection during the Jelq technique:/
In the beginning it takes me just 15 jelq before I have to wait (ca.50-75 sec), to let it down to 50%
I even tried to do something boring while exercising (studying biochem.), with no (significant) effect.

It takes me 30-25 min to do 100 Jelq, because I have to wait every 10 Jelq to let the erection subside.

2.When some of you with experience are Jelqing do you guys use a tight ok grip (totally around the dick) or with a grip that looks like a you (downward) which causes the tightest grip on the top, and side of the cock? Which is the best (a relative q)?

There must be someone that had this problem and successfully surpassed it.
Please write with details how you get over this issue.

Thanks for any great feedback

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Disclaimer:The advices that I give of any sort are just stated on general laymen's knowledge.

I remember having this “trouble” in the beginning. Problem is, I can`t remember what I did to overcome the problem.

One guy, dxshern, managed to counter this problem by masturbating before doing his PE-routine. You could give that a go!

yes, I used to have that problem. I found what worked for me, was to watch something on TV that I was very interested in. If you can completely focus on something other than your dick, you should lose your erection fairly quickly. That was almost a year ago, so now I don’t have that problem anymore. It just takes time also, you will eventually get used to it, so the urge to pop wood won’t be so Strong.

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Eventually, you will desensitize to the jelqing. It will still be pleasurable and get you arousing after a while, but you will be able to control it more. This is a side benefit of jelqing giving you more control.

Also, do you start erect or start flaccid and work your way up? This worked for me at the start to not get erect too fast. Also, are you dry or wet jelqing? I ask this because I use baby oil to wet jelq and it pretty slick to the point that it has a little less friction then dry jelqing and therefore gets me aroused less quickly.

Another way may be to do really slow 5+ seconds each jelq.

I use the overhand ok grip because it gives me a better grip and I can dig into my fat pad some to access more of the shaft. It also allows me to put more pressure on the sides of the shaft where you want to focus so you don’t damage the sensitive top and bottom parts of your penis.

Best of luck.


Am I the only one here who actually goes more limp while Jelqing? I have the same problem but I get softer after about 2 minutes. Am I too erect while doing it? There is a slight discomfort when I do it, but no pain.

Haha I used to have your problem. You get like this annoying hard erection after a couple jelqs. Right now though, I actually go limper while jelqing and I have to spend time to get it hard again. If getting too hard is your problem.try this.think about someone who has really pissed you off or you want to fight. Like when you see something.start making fun of it as if to piss it off. Lol sounds gay but it works for me.

You can usually overcome this tendency by interchanging your jelq sets with scrotum stretches. Nothing like a strangulated scrotum to let the air out of the pipe.

Thanks guys for answering=)

But other guys just keep replying:)

STARTING: BPEL: 5.7 G: 4.65, NOW: BPEL: 7.48 G: 5.7 GOAL L:8.7 G:6.3 (old goal; L:8.0 G: 6.0)


Disclaimer:The advices that I give of any sort are just stated on general laymen's knowledge.

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