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rash? SORE

rash? SORE

Wow,i dunno, but the rim on the head of my henry…kinda red and sore…anything like this happen to anyone? could it be baby oil? or me just into it a little too heavy….my third week…?????

If by rash you mean small red dots on the glans thats normal. As is a bit of soreness from a jelq routine. sore=good, pain=bad. Red dots should disappear overnight.

Are you doing manual stretches? Your grip may be causing soreness around the glans. I use a bit of cloth for protection and to provide a better grip.

I doubt its the baby oil per se, but I notice too much drag simply using baby oil, so after initially covering in baby oil (during warm up) I wipe it off the surface and use KY liquid.

Nope, had the red dots before. The rim on the head is like SWELLED up. I’ll bet its from stretchin,can’t seem to get a good grip. I’ll have to try useing a cloth,maybe softer 1? Thanks for the info man!! ky liquid might be an option too.I’ve takin a couple days off now, so at least i can touch it…lol

hmm, you need to grip behind the head but not put so much pressure on the head that you are pushing it forward overly. I use an overhand ok with the majority of pressure on the sides, that works for me.

I’ve never had that problem but I guess it could be friction related if you are consistenly losing your grip or seeing it shifting during a stretch.

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