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PE gave me ED

Looks as it you are not paying attention to what folks take the time to share with you and are acting like you are in denial of what you told us.



I tell you this now. Your brain is a very powerful tool. Physical and mental ability are equal. Technically speaking, you could PE just by visualization. If your brain isnt up to it, it wont happen. Simple as. Believe you have a rock hard erection and you will get one. Simple as.

I'm here because I can be.

Where did I say anything about denying sex? I just didn’t feel comfortable to show my flaccid, never had any anxiety about it. You learn some tricks during the years. A little wank before taking a shower in the toilet with boys after gym in school. No, big deal, that is what I did for years. If I was embarresed or not about my erect size, it would still stand, even when I was drunk as hell.

My flaccid has changed, it feels a little rubbery and hard, and a little bigger, WTF? I have no morning erections and it it needs a lot stimulation to get up. With viagra I would say, that I am 95% of what I used to be. If this goes away, then thank God, if, not, then I will have to live with it. There is viagra, so my sex life isn’t over. And I will never, ever think about how my flaccid looks. Heck, I would even run around naked if that would make my old dick come back.

It is a copy and paste program from I never wrote it down by myself.

I started this program, and stayed on it for 1 week.


I understand your problem and sympathize with your situation. In fact, I have a cure for your ED. It’s expensive but what good is money when you can’t get it up, right?

Please wire $1,000,000 US to my bank and I will provide the perfect treatment package for you. It will include pills that taste like sugar and an aloe based cream with instructions for application and dosage. The pills have been used in numerous blind studies and the cream has been extensively tested on thousands of people in the general population. This cure will provide you the comfort that comes from knowing that your unit will once again be as hard as a rock on command.

The only stipulation is that you must give the treatment about 6 weeks to fully take effect. During that time you must calm your mind by repeating my patented mantra, “My dick will be fine…my dick will be fine…” many times daily. Following this regimen will bring you back to the virile young man you used to be before trying the evil DLD penis program.

I look forward to the wire transer of funds.


Dr. Band

October 2006: BPEL - 7", EG - 6"

January 2007: BPEL - 7.25", EG - 6.25"

August 2007: BPEL - 7.5", EG - 6.25"


To all of you that supported me, all I can say, thank you for your support. Now, to all if you saying that it was bullshit and it was all in my head, all I can say, fuck you and forget me. Thunders, please ban if you want.

If somebody wants to contact me I will still be at the under the same name, so any PM I’ll get there I will get as mail, so I don’t have to check the actual site. I will never ever, check any PE site ever again. It’s going to be operation, all kinds of test and scans from now on. It never hurt while doing these “natural” PE shit. So, for those who have gained, congratiolations, but you are dealing with a loaded gun every session, so don’t sit on your high horse yet. One other thing, there are plenty of other people getting ED, that isn’t covered at Dr. Lin site, just check any urology site. Young men, even 16 years old complaining, even being one the brink of suicide, because they are to embarresed, don’t have enough money for check ups, whatever reason. I hope I will get better, but no PE or shrink is going to make any difference. Don’t believe me? Then search for Jtmorgan10 on this site, I am in the same boat. Call me stupid, or think that I am the only one, again, search and you will find, many, many poor souls like me with dicks that don’t fucking work. Adios, forever, peace out!

Your concern about experiencing ED is appropriate for discussion here at Thunders. However, you incurred this, you said, from a program you picked up at another PE site. It is good that you talk further with the folks there who have been encouraging you to do whatever. I’ve removed from this thread the two posts which contain the routine which you said was damaging to you.



If Mr Nilsen who is young guy who had no ED before, has no morning wood for 7 weeks, that is no way psichological issue as Mr. Thunder says.

Denial of complications like this worries me and makes me think about the whole purpose of this site. Sorry guys. Reading was very dissapointing.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Viagra is an ED medecine, that I have to take, because I have ED. Please don’t be so stupid. Without viagra I have semi hard dick, not good enough for fucking.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
If Viagra gives him an erection, it is in his head. Even his uroligist thought so.

In his last post he claims: “It never hurt while doing these “natural” PE shit.” But in his post #55 he says: “and some time it did hurt a little for 5 seconds, then I would just let go and start over again.” So which one is right?

Originally Posted by MrNilsen
I will never ever, check any PE site ever again. It’s going to be operation, all kinds of test and scans from now on.

Thought you left. You said you’d never contact another PE site again, yet you keep talking here and intend to hang out at the other site where you are a member.

You haven’t seen your doctor again yet. You don’t know if an operation is going to happen (surgery is a rare with ED), or not. You do not even have a diagnosis yet.

I feel you are jerking us around. That is my personal read.



Originally Posted by Klayton

Alexandro, refresh and MrNilsen are the same person. Possibly a Dr. Lin type.

A very sharp observation Klayton. Some guys don’t notice things like that until going through the advanced moderator hell course.

There are others around here as well. They all joined in the last couple of months and talk about how dangerous PE is. It seems kind of fishy and your comment about Dr. Lin is also very observant.

Originally Posted by jeldingmaster

Denial of complications like this worries me and makes me think about the whole purpose of this site. Sorry guys. Reading was very dissapointing.

We talk about injuries, ED, effects of PE on ED, etc all the time around here. I don’t think you have to worry that we “deny complications”. This story on the other hand, has raised some doubts. One week of PE, without an obvious thrombosis, dick explosion, tendon tear, etc should not cause ED. I’ve never heard of that before.

Even jtmorgan10, who MrNilson keeps referring to, did not report ED after one week of injury free PE.

It is interesting to note that jtmorgan10 discusses how he learned the dangers of PE from Dr. Lin’s site. It could be that reading Dr. Lin causes psychosomatic ED in highly impressionable individuals. Just a thought.

It looks to me that MrNilson got a lot of good advice from starting this thread, and if he can’t handle skeptisism on an anonymous internet forum, then too bad.

For MrNilson, my recomendation would be hot compresses, three 15 minute sessions every day or more. And I would get a bottle of liquid C and take 10mg every 48 hours, for a few weeks. Both these things may have some therapeutic effect.

Horny Bastard


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