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OW! I have a strange pain

OW! I have a strange pain

I am hoping this is common so it’s nothing big. I’ve been PE-ing for near 2 months now.

Recently, in the last week I have been getting a pain at the top of my penis. It seems to be all located across that one long…bumpy thing (lol ?) running down the top side of the penis. Most intense on the half cloesest to my body. I don’t know if it’s a dorsal nerve or something, I’ve heard that term get thrown around before.

I usually warm up in the shower by letting the hot water go on my penis, but I can’t because it stings now like little piece of gravel are being shot at it when the water touches the topside of my penis shaft. When I do manual stretches, it hurts a lot if I do downward or straight out, but not up or to either side. When I jelq, it feels mildly uncomfortable, more so than usual, in that area.

I can’t PE like this! What should I do?

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First of all, Pain is not a good thing. So hands off the penis for a bit, maybe a couple of weeks; this will give what ever is wrong some time to heal. And then when you attempt again, if the sensation is still there, you need more time off.

The dorsal nerve does run along the top of the penis, so does the vein, and you might have caused a thrombosis. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t say for sure this is what you have done. Do some searches for thrombosed veins and read up on them.

Regardless of what is wrong, something is and you must not do any PE for a while in order for it to heal. Otherwise you just keep re-injuring yourself, and a broke dick doesn’t do what it needs to do. I’m sure some of the guys will be along to chime in.

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