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Ligament pain

Ligament pain

Hello Thunder (and fellow punters),

Sorry if I’m making you work hard today after sorting out my tech issues, but I have some concerns re injury to ligaments. I’d be grateful if you and/or other members would help me out here. Again, I’m not sure if I should post this message directly in an injuries thread or keep it here, since you are familiar with my first postings.

Anyway, I think I have strained ligament/s. In my first newbie postings on this website I mentioned about having had at least two episodes of a sharp kind of pain at the base of the penis during hand stretching, on successive days. Probably foolishly, the pain episode on that second session of PE came during my fourth straight day of PE. I then took a few days off. I now ensure I do no more than two days straight of PE. I had begun PE (hand stretches and jelqing) in combination with use of the AndroPenis traction device. I had also been wearing the AndroPenis daily, ie, including during PE rest days. I now keep this use to the same days as PE, ensuring at least two days a week of 100pc rest.

With these easing-off measures I thought I had ridden out the ligament problem. I had also been mindful not to stretch as hard.

However, when I do the downward hand stretch I feel a definite point of resistance in the form of a kind of dull pain - at the top of the base of the penis - if I apply any meaningful strength in the stretch. In a reflex action I pull back at the slightest feeling of this. I have no problem stretching as hard as I like to the left and right, and I am now pulling almost as hard when I pull directly out in front. But with the downward stretch I maintain a tentative, “half-strength” stretch.

Question: is this problem with the downward stretch evidence that I have strained a ligament (or worse)? I suspect the answer is yes, but I would appreciate guidance on whether I can modify my PE routine (beginner level hand stretches and jelqing, with use of the AndroPenis) to continue safely. I’ll just add that I have also been conscious of that strain at the top of the base of the penis while wearing the AndroPenis, even though circumstances have never allowed me to wear it for a total of more than 3 or 4 hours a day (and I haven’t advanced past the first few weeks adaptation, low-tension stage).

In addition to searches on this site, I did a Google search with the keywords and found this (from <>):

“Strained ligaments- Strained ligaments at the base of the penis can occur from hanging/stretching too often and intensely without enough rest, or can occur from a single incident of excessively intense hanging/stretching. Most of the pain felt from strained ligaments can be felt at the base of the penis, and may extend to the interior of the pubis and even as far as the lower abdomen. Lots of rest is required for strained ligaments… and it’s of the utmost importance! Doing PE with strained ligaments can lead to actual tearing of the ligaments, which may require surgery.”

The part that I homed in on was: Pain “may extend to the interior of the pubis and even as far as the lower abdomen.”

This part surprised me as I was focused on reading signals for excessive tension or pain entirely on the penis and immediate base area. Around the time of those episodes of pain with the downward stretch I definitely recall feeling some sensation in the greater pubic area. This feeling lingered after PE and I was conscious of it at different times throughout the day. There was no pain as such, but the closest word I can find would be probably faint twinges (or tingling?) every so often. (in an area where you are never aware of any spontaneous feelings, little things can be noticeable). I would feel this in the area about 2 or 3 inches above the base of the penis and even at the top of the thigh, on the inner side pretty much alongside the balls.

These feelings in the wider public area have mostly passed, and the only lingering problem I feel is that premature point of resistance on the downstretch stretch.

Question: are these low-level twinges in the public/inner thigh area something you have experienced or heard of? Can any other members relate to this?

With my inexperience, I’m just wondering if I may have mistakenly self-assessed that any ligament strain I had was only minor and had mostly passed, when I had not fully appreciated that those pubic area twinges may have been warnings of serious injury?

These injury concerns have led me to modify my stretching procedure when it comes to grip. I had applied what I guess is the standard “OK” symbol grip of forefinger and thumb. This ring grip is applied behind the penis head and the rest of the shaft is fully exposed - the rest of my hand covers the penis head from view.

This gives a “total” stretch - ie, the penis shaft and within the body where the ligaments are, with the skin in the pubic area visibly stretching outwards. My modification since being aware of ligament strain is that I grip and pull with one hand, while anchoring the pubic area with my other hand. The fingers of that hand will thread on either side of the base of the penis and grip down over the balls.

One effect of this is a much more pronounced, intense stretch of the shaft (since it feels like it is being stretched at both ends). I stretch as hard as I can and there is never any discomfort, let alone pain. It feels completely “stable”. Unlike that uneasy feeling you get when assessing how far you can safely stretch with the one-handed approach, which concentrates the tension at the base of the penis (and beyond in the ligaments).

I guess this two-handed (top and bottom) grip would not otherwise be advised for members (given that it denies you gains from stretching the ligaments), but would you think that this “shaft only” isolated stretch is a good compromise when you suspect your ligament/s is/are still stressed?

I usually manage about 3 sets of standard 1 min or so stretches (out in front, to both sides and down) over about 30-35 mins.

By the way, I’ll just add that I’ve always done warmups/warm downs. So many of the threads stress the importance of this. I’ve already ordered the Thermo Flex flaxseed heat pad (which came up on a google search), but I read that a lot of members are making their own heat pads.
Thunder, just wondering if you think it’s possible to make a heat pad (rice filled etc) that can be tailored somehow to enable wearing of it DURING hand stretches, say with one or two visits to the microwave to re-zap it during a workout. But the effect would be to have a continuously warmed penis (and pubic area for ligs) during PE. Any other members tried anything like this?

Apologies for the length of this posting, but I really feel I could do with some expert advice on areas in which I feel out of my depth. Grateful for any responses

Thanks for listening,

Atastretch, are you still having these pains?

Attn ICM

Hello ICM,

Thanks for your reply. In fact, I have only just seen it. I ended up taking a long break from PE - and from checking the site. Re your question, the twinges that I put down to ligament problems spooked me and I took a complete break from October to late December.

In December I decided to resume PE but limited only to use of the AndroPenis traction device. I reasoned to myself that it may be safer given the controlled and gradual approach to stretching. This time around I have been using it for three straight months. Pain free. Though gain free too. May have added a few millimetres but that may be wishful thinking.

I use it about 4 hours a day on weekdays and up to 9 hours on weekends (9 hours daily recommended for best results). If I went back to pre-injury routine, of hand stretches, jelqing and AndroPenis, that would cut at least an hour from the minimum recommended AndroPenis use time of 4 hours per day.

The AndroPenis contains the stretch to the shaft only. As I say, problem free but gain free. Re ligament concerns, since stopping hand stretches (and jelqing) in October, I have never felt any twinges or pain - though I have never put it to the test since.

I suspect users of AndroPenis (or similar traction devices) are in the minority in these forums - perhaps with good reason - so I guess you wouldn’t have much experience with these devices. If you have, I’d love to hear your opinion. Anyway, I appreciate your checking on my problem. Meanwhile, hope your own routine is working well.

All the best,



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