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My dick has been numb and flaccid for 4 days

you should read maybe yataghan50 posts. he had a vein that drained CS and glans very quickly and had no wiggle power in flaccid as well. but the vein structure vary in penis (check it up/ thats why pe is so danger for one and for another its not/ so when there is no way to check if its danger for one we should close this page all and for once) so its hard to tell, which vain drain the CS.

after the surgery his yataghan50 wiggle power returned.

but to diagnose the correct vein is pretty difficult. Yatagans50 cavernogram did not show any leak.

spongiosonography is shows correctly where the blood leaves glans or CS.

Hey soz the guy is getting better. Leave him alone and allow him to heal without putting stupid thoughts in his head unless you want to hurt him.

One of the things that so many with injuries have found to be difficult, which one can learn from listening, is the uncertainty about why they are experiencing what they are experiencing. People start speculating later, after the physical symptoms of their injury remain for awhile, and it can bring people a great sense of resolution and calm to know what exactly is causing it.

Unfortunately, professionals do very little to identify the specific damage in such instances, the most typically being a doppler to see blood flow in and out when the arteries are forced to dilate, instead of dilating through the arousal process/neurologically. With this in mind, Sozpot’s posts may help with these challenges by providing answers and clarity, as oppose to people being hurt by feeling left in the dark.

If the OP ends up feeling like coming onto a penis enlargement forum at all is just too traumatizing and isn’t worth it, then we may never hear about a full recovery, or anything else, but the decision is his. I wish you the best OP, and it sounds like you’ve at least gained a new appreciation for what you have from this whole experience.

My heal period is so prolonged so I do fear there’s a risk of surgery to be needed to become 90-100 back but it might recover 100% with just time.

It hasn’t been a long time since I re injured myself so if I continue to rest I think it will be much better than today and that should be enough to be okay for sex life, relationships etc.

I got morning wood for a long time and good EQ but I let it go after maybe a minute cause it felt a little tiring. If I wanted I could have kept it.

Libido after this drained all day so far but it seems to come back now(not in a drained, depressed 0 libido way) but the wood woke me up after only 4 hours sleep.

I appreciate the speculations and concerns though and there sure still is something wrong but I believe it can heal good.

Thanks again!

Will look into all I can including surgery if it won’t heal good enough for a girl to not doubt herself or enjoy me but right now I’m hopeful it won’t be necessary.

You will heal. Rest, don’t keep checking, maybe have a bit of fun in the meantime and try not to listen to well intentioned ( I think) stupid stuff.

My problems are more pain/ache than function now I think. It feels good but still need more rest. Not saying my functions are up to speed.

Well it’s getting a bit better I guess but still quite bad. Discoloration is the same, erections tired and the indention on my underside shaft is kind of a real thing. I thought it vanished for some days and it is pretty small.

I know you aint doctors but imagine doing the ok grip on your penis. Right where you start grabbing it, with your point finger, there’s a inward bump and feels more soft than the rest of the shaft.

About the same size as my point finger.

This scares me but ridiculously I believe this injury might be kinda minor cause while it have hurt, it’s honestly not far too much.

My whole Pc region hurts a little(very little now) when showering, even around anus I realized but that might be nerves messing with me from the indention if I’m really unlucky.

Passing large stools hurts and if I insert my finger in my asshoke it swoles up basicly traping it haha.

Basicly my penis is one of 3 I think, gonna see doctors in 2 weeks if not better now..

1. Not important injury at underside shaft but major pc muscle problems, this is good and what I pray for.
2. Two injuries at the same time and it’s very confusing and probably bad if the indention damage is major.
3. The maybe 0.7 cm long indention damage is a major injury and it’s messing up my pelvic region as a result.

My overall happiness is ok, I think I’ll heal somewhat alright and I’ve a few full size erections.
Lying on pillows seems good and massage I’m not sure about.

Still very scared but more relaxed about it.

Weak flaccid and flaccid wiggle power
Weak erections, rigid
Erections take long to empty
Strange semi flaccid while warm, lives it’s own life and can be a bit at an angle(less so than before)
Few and harder to get erect
Red foreskin tip, sometimes dark red, sensitive
Left ballsack jump up when I move and rests while standing
Indention at shaft that feels thight and hurts a little.
Warm things around whole perenium regions feels good but minor crampy(in a healing way I hope). It feels the same way but sadly a little bit more around the indention.
Massage makes it more activated, but tighter.
Still feels like my inner body makes noises and are fixing stuff(good)

Probably forgetting things..

Does this sound healable? :o

It’s my corpus spongiosum that has an indention.

Originally Posted by Legitusz
It’s my corpus spongiosum that has an indention.

And it’s only visible while erect, about the size of a ok grip jelqing finger, but thankfully not too deep.. My libido is fine but I even try to avoid erections now cause it feels tiring.

I got a nice 95% erection a while ago, I get weaker morning woods and I think I’ll be somewhat ok long term. Hopefully I will heal all the way and I’m fine just being able to pleasure a women.

Will see doctor in 2 weeks as I said if it’s not better.

Got a great erection that got tired quite fast, than went to shower and started treating hot water under my penis only and it definitly feels like pc is my main problem with a slight other damage as the indention.

The indention injury is at a very good stage (I think) so as long as I don’t start jelqing and just let my pc muscle heal a month or two more I’ll probably recover.

That’s my unprofessional theory. We’ll see ^^

How did you cause this injury? If I were you I would just leave it completely alone, stop inducing erections to see where you are at. Have you heard of BioPQQ? Might wanna look into it, there is research indicating it can heal/regrow nerves.

Originally Posted by PSAbrah
How did you cause this injury? If I were you I would just leave it completely alone, stop inducing erections to see where you are at. Have you heard of BioPQQ? Might wanna look into it, there is research indicating it can heal/regrow nerves.

I’m pretty much mentally ill, honestly… A normal person would have stopped before all this got this bad. I also have a problem lying to “protect” myself, it stems from a rough childhood.

I did notice jelqing caused my injury before it all went so bad. But the symptoms were very managable as in slight red foreskin and a mini bump at shaft, everything else worked. I didn’t really say this at the start, I don’t know why really.. Sorry.

I believe injured myself from jelqing, causing the small indention and messing up my foreskin. Then I think my stretches caused the BC*(I figured this out yesterday(I’m an idiot) injury.

I got little aches and pain but stopped all PE but keept masturbating with a stupid addiction more and less.. I have adhd, in hindsight I should have never tried this out because of this.

I’m pretty sure I got it right now though. My BC muscle is probably strained badly and now that work begins I can stop worrying hopefully.

I think the BC is the “worst” of my injuries but that it will heal, however the jelqing injury I’m not so sure about but I think it might heal over a long time, maybe it wont but I had this injury before my dick fucked up but I thought it would go away. It didn’t affect me much back then.

My foreskin is worse now, not by much but I’m worried that my last masturbations before messed up made my indention worse. This is the injury that worries me, what the effects will be long term. The BC problems are quite severe, I might have strained it, got numb, didn’t care and kept going so it’s BADLY strained(now I’ve promised myself to really let it rest and it is getting a lot better). I don’t think it’s teared though.

That’s about it. My last masturbation which was a little more than I month ago I thought I was healed a lot. It turned into pain, but I think the BC and therefor my penis will be alright.

I’m thinking of 2 scenarios but I think 1 is more plausible thankfully.

1. I haven’t injured my indention more. The BC is severly messed up so I will restore to a good state.
2.Once my BC most likely recovers(it kinda has now again but my erections get tired the times I tried), the indention will mess thing over more than it did before.

I don’t know about all this. I’m a strange guy and I thought foolishly I was strong and that a little pain and ache is to be expected.

So right now I believe my BC will recover in some weeks. But the indention seems to cause(and I noticed this before..) redness and loose foreskin which makes me have problems cause it’s more feeling there(Premature ejaculation, not badly though). And it seems to make my erections empty slower but overall those two problems are managable but afraid they could be permanent..

I’ll look into the nerve medicine, thanks.

I really pray I heal from this shit.. I didn’t research jelqing enough beforehand and I’m a fool.

But your newbie rutine videos are just too much, I’m sorry to say but promoting that ruitine fooled me hard. Why so much force? I thought I took it slow.

In hindsight I didn’t listen to my penis, sure. I was a retard frankly, I kept on far too long. But I really didn’t expect this much symptoms and trouble with no heavy pain.

When I pull back my foreskin while flaccid it looks deformed. It’s like an hourglass with the upper 1/3 before tip being smaller.
It could be tons of skin at the 2/3 base.

I got so much excess skin now. My foreskin tip is pretty semi lifeless, there’s still feeling but more it is red and I can extend it far if I pull it out. If I do stretch it out it doesn’t pull back on it’s own

If normal state(not pulled back) flaccid and when erect (can’t stay erect for long still, BC tenses) it looks normal, so it’s strange.

My BC muscle still feels injured and I guess and REALLY hope, when it heals I should be quite functional. But the aestetics is pretty messed up on the underside shaft. The “line” is bumpy and not straight most times.

The muscle still feels like the main injury.
Would another injury cause severe BC problems? Like could a damage on the penis mess my muscle up? If not than I’m hopeful but I did hear a very low poff sound (like an airy fart (not kidding)) as it first happened but I still seem to recover more and more each week. Maybe a stupidly overworked BC muscle shrinking to nothing sounds like that. lol
Scared I messed up some fascia someplace but I got no cold glans or scrotum or anything and as said each week does feels better.

I honestly think my injury might be quite unique cause a normal person would have listened more and sooner and I’m just an mentally ill idiot.

It’s whatever if it heals enough for good sex and I guess most symptoms should better with time. But I really regret finding this site but I’m also an idiot for throwing myself in. I don’t even think I warm uped for more than 10 seconds the first time I tried and I have only myself to blame.

I also noticed while flaccid it sort of feels like I have a very tiny “another bump” right under my tip. Feels like I squashed something(flesh?) up there and it’s not the outer skin.
It doesn’t hurt or anything.

Booking an urologist is a pain cause there’s a trillion cancer patients but I am working on it.

Would like to try an mri scan and ultrasound but maybe if my muscle(close to feeling recovered but up down movements are banned and erections are tiring and tenses it) is much better then maybe getting those is a lot to ask(I have no clue how fast/easy they are to do).

My penis feels damaged:

Indention at corpus spongosium. Very small though and not much pain or anything.
Forskin lose, more feelings, dry, formable and red.
Strange “veins” or stretch “hills” at around the same place as the indention but at the sides.
Skin is very loose over all the penis basicly.
My underside shaft string looks strange as in it’s not straight but like some bumps/turns here and there, especially around the indention.
2/3 of penis feels wide while upper 1/3 before the tip feels thin if and only if, I pull back foreskin..???
Strange flesh base before my tip but I guess I just pushed a lot of excess flesh up there to gather.. lol

Since my muscle is messing up I don’t know yet what’s happened really to my actual penis. I’m looking forward for scans if they could help me realize just what has happened.

Ordered BioPQQ and if anything it can maybe placebo some help, gonna be interesting to try.

I have a theory:
My penis is deformed and shit but it’s whatever, it works.
The indention is real and is causing slow erection/semiflaccid drain and the foreskin redness.
Since I have the indention I now need a stronger BC muscle than most people cause it’s taxing me for more blood. This is also why my muscle got so messed up.
If I heal and keep no fap, then train with kegels/reverse for a while, I will be fine with some side effects that hopefully gets a little better with the years.

This theory could be wrong,slightly wrong or right but I’m still a bit scared something is very wrong, but I’m more hopeful than scared. Like 70% I’ll probably be okay and 30% oh god, maybe I teared something and it is just hidden now when my BC is in bad shape.
I’m also scared my penis is weak and especially how long my BC muscle will be weak for..

Sorry for rambling and I hope you all get gains and recover if needed. I appreciate theories but I realize my injury is strange.

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