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Is it possible to have permanent nerve damage

Originally Posted by ratvaj
Lol, this is true, already found that out haha. Being buzzed though?? Like 3 beers deep.. Now thats the mix right there..

I’ve been doing the whole “don’t touch your dick for 6 weeks” like the one guy said, I’m on day 4 and I dunno.. It does feel a little better I guess.. I can feel something around the area now too.. Like almost like I can feel the body healing itself maybe.. Or maybe thats just me being me aka neurotic and crazy. Mind power. Man it kills.

This is why I need alcohol. Haha. My damn brain is too powerful for my body.

Damn this sucks… but you should maybe seek another doctor again when you have the money, it could be that you maybe have a hernia?

About my problem I don’t even have an idea, the wierd thing is that my penis from time to time can be almost normal.. but sitting here and trying to diagnosis myself won’t help my condition but.

Since PE’ing starting January I have noticed my penis point more towards my right side now I wouldn’t say it has lessened my sensation but possibly I do know however now that it’s more lopsided to the right sometimes if I wear loose pants it gets to the underside of my thigh, sadly. It gets in the way. Now I would say this is a ligament since there seems to be more of a support of upward curve hold from my left and it lops to the right. But then again I don’t know if it’s the corpora filling more blood on one side but I doubt it. Veins I don’t think I have anything forming unless maybe their getting stronger? I don’t know maybe now that my penis got bigger I need more blood to fill it but I don’t think it got bigger so yeah that’s out. So I’m guessing it’s the ligament from stretching the penis. And now my erections aren’t exactly all that great. Sadly, although probably more me than PE’ing I don’t know. I think it’s more apparent when I’m flaccid I think. I no longer have a upward curve although mine was never very upward but it was somewhat now it’s much more straighter. I wonder if I damaged my nerves or what not although I’m not sure if my erection was a lot stronger than now, so it’s hard to really say, as others have said as well parts of the penis are probably more sensitive.

That was not easy to read webpro. Please could you try to break your posts into paragraphs? Thanks.

During the recovery/growth phase in between seeions of PE, I think it’s a good idea to change the side you ‘park the penis’ whenever you go for a pee.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

I copied the following from my other thread but I believe it fits perfectly in this thread.

I believe I caused some serious damage with hanging. I am using a Bib starter and was just starting out with hanging. I was figuring out the best way to adjust the hanger and fix my technique. I have been posting on Bib’s forums and he has been very helpful and has been responding to my questions. This was going well until I did a set which basically took almost all the sensitivity away from my glans. I was still hanging at 5 pounds and did not move up in weight but my glans are just not sensitive anymore. When I stimulate myself, I am able to get an erection and able to get blood into the glans as well. Just like a normal erection. So this is hinting that no chambers within the penis for bloodflow were blocked off. Just damage to the peripheral nerves.

With very limited reading on my part, nerves may or may not regenerate. Is anybody familiar with anatomy here? Crushing nerves is different from cutting of nerves supposedly and I was reading about Wallerian degeneration which is giving me hope. I am going to quote the article:

“When a peripheral nerve is cut, the axon segments distal to the injury (furthest away from the spinal cord) die off in a process called “Wallerian degeneration.” When the nerve is repaired, the axons in the proximal segment (closest to the spinal cord) regrow into the distal, denervated segment. This growth occurs at a rate of about 1 mm per day. This translates roughly to 1 inch per month, or 1 foot per year. Once the axons regrow back into the denervated muscles, the muscles will begin to function again. During the time it takes for the axons to regrow into the muscles, a process that can take many months, or even years, the muscles will be paralyzed and will atrophy.”

So theoretically, I am going to heal as the nerve is going to repair originating from the spinal cord. I took a ruler and measured from underneath my penis to the head from the tailbone of my spine and was about 13 inches. 13 inches = 330.2 mm which translates to about 330 days for recovery. So almost a full year for possible recovery and restoring all sensation to the glans of my penis. Does anybody have medical knowledge on this stuff? I would appreciate any knowledge on this.

Right now my stats are:

BPEL - 7.5 in.
BPFSL - 8.1 in.
MEG - 4.9 in.

I did some PE earlier this year and probably gained about half an inch but doing any stretching was not doing anything because it seems my tissues are very resistant to the manual stuff which is the reason why I went with hanging. I read on some posts that women prefer the 7.5 inch length as the ideal length and pretty much 6 is the ideal girth every guy wants as well the girls. So I basically shouldn’t even train length anymore huh? If and when I fully recover I should just focus on girth. When I masturbate it does actually look pretty long at 100% erection just that girth is lacking. I think I am gonna ditch the hanging and focus on girth once I make my recovery. Advice? I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by firegoat

That was not easy to read webpro. Please could you try to break your posts into paragraphs? Thanks.

During the recovery/growth phase in between seeions of PE, I think it’s a good idea to change the side you ‘park the penis’ whenever you go for a pee.

I would always dress to the left because it created bigger bulge (nasty I know but is for my self esteem) but it seems to mold me into a flat shape now so I’ve started dressing to the right and now that side is looking pretty bulge too. Mostly happens with pants though not athletic clothes which is what I always wear

I am losing my base girth and right below the glans girth. I need it back or else I can’t have sex the same


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