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Is it possible to have permanent nerve damage

Originally Posted by ratvaj
Lol, this is true, already found that out haha. Being buzzed though?? Like 3 beers deep.. Now thats the mix right there..

I’ve been doing the whole “don’t touch your dick for 6 weeks” like the one guy said, I’m on day 4 and I dunno.. It does feel a little better I guess.. I can feel something around the area now too.. Like almost like I can feel the body healing itself maybe.. Or maybe thats just me being me aka neurotic and crazy. Mind power. Man it kills.

This is why I need alcohol. Haha. My damn brain is too powerful for my body.

Damn this sucks… but you should maybe seek another doctor again when you have the money, it could be that you maybe have a hernia?

About my problem I don’t even have an idea, the wierd thing is that my penis from time to time can be almost normal.. but sitting here and trying to diagnosis myself won’t help my condition but.

Since PE’ing starting January I have noticed my penis point more towards my right side now I wouldn’t say it has lessened my sensation but possibly I do know however now that it’s more lopsided to the right sometimes if I wear loose pants it gets to the underside of my thigh, sadly. It gets in the way. Now I would say this is a ligament since there seems to be more of a support of upward curve hold from my left and it lops to the right. But then again I don’t know if it’s the corpora filling more blood on one side but I doubt it. Veins I don’t think I have anything forming unless maybe their getting stronger? I don’t know maybe now that my penis got bigger I need more blood to fill it but I don’t think it got bigger so yeah that’s out. So I’m guessing it’s the ligament from stretching the penis. And now my erections aren’t exactly all that great. Sadly, although probably more me than PE’ing I don’t know. I think it’s more apparent when I’m flaccid I think. I no longer have a upward curve although mine was never very upward but it was somewhat now it’s much more straighter. I wonder if I damaged my nerves or what not although I’m not sure if my erection was a lot stronger than now, so it’s hard to really say, as others have said as well parts of the penis are probably more sensitive.

That was not easy to read webpro. Please could you try to break your posts into paragraphs? Thanks.

During the recovery/growth phase in between seeions of PE, I think it’s a good idea to change the side you ‘park the penis’ whenever you go for a pee.

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