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Injury located

Injury located

Hey all, I have located my injury completely now. I need help on it because it seems quite serious.

Well, I have never had this before I started PE and damaged myself. Let me explain:

I have drawn a picture because it will be slightly easier to describe to you all, it is a very bad picture, but this isn’t an art site. (is it?)

The green lines represent normal veins (ignore them). In the picture the foreskin is over the glans (indicated with a dotted line). The thing I am describing isn’t on the glans when the foreskin is pulled back. (I dont think)

The pink line shows the offending problem, I have no idea what it is. It goes around the head of my glans just like I have shown, I thought it was a thrombosed vein, but it isn’t the same colour as a vein, it appears to be skin coloured and isn’t very noticeble. It doesn’t seem to be there unless I masturbate more than once.

Basically, When I masturbate it is all fine, very dull ache. But when I do it more than once, it starts to ache quite heavily (caused by this “thing” I think, and my penis gets uncomfortable to hold.

The “thing” is quite hard, but isn’t always there, I dont think. I don’t masturbate hard or excessively.

Anyone know what this is?

Thank you!

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18 views and no answers, don’t you guys like my drawing? :P

Don’t worry rundown, someone will hopefully have something meaningful to say to you, but this type of question is beyond a lot of members.

You could post an actual picture, or you could go to your doctor.

There would be nothing wrong with going to your doctor and also seeing what people here have to say.

Thank you ICM, I understand that :)

I get a bit impatient cos it’s to do with my lil buddy! (that I don’t actually get on with, lol).

I have no idea what that could be, but whenever I stretch I get a temporary crease right in the same spot. Could you tell us what excercises you do, rundown?

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I used to do a mixture of loads of exercises, lots of squeezes and stuff.

Thats probably how I got my injury, because I never became accustomed to one particular exercise. Since the injury, my cock is too hard (feels bonelike) around the side of my penis - slightly below the glans. I don’t know if this is related to the same injury though, but its very uncomfortable to grip when masturbating.

Hard to explain.

I even done a few horses, But I don’t think they done the damage because I was wayyyyyy too careful and lighthanded when doing them. It may have been caused by the clamp I used for uli’s a few times too. Who knows…

My original question still too hard to answer?

Thanks all.

Hi !

First take a break until it is healed and buy some cream with vitamin K, Vitamin B5 (panthoic acid), vitamin A and E. After that don’t over do. I you have some erection problems that persist (1 to 2 weeks) contact a doctor.

Take care.


From your description it may be that you have burst some vessels in your head, and because the water or liquid cannot get away easily it has hardened.

How you got it all around your head is unusual. but I remember you said you had a problem with you shaft going ) (

Was this caused by your pushing blood up your shaft had holding the head to try and enlarge the middle of your shaft? And were you perhaps using some sort of clamp on your penis head?
Or holding it very tight?

It rather looks that you have applied excessive pressure around the middle of your head and this has caused the problem.


Does the ring hurt when you are flaccid? and does it feel hard then?

If so it might be worth trying a gentle, repeat gentle massageing of a part of the ‘ring’ between your thumb and forefinger, but only when flaccid. If it is a dried up liquid then you might be able to gradualley disperse it. .

Don’t go round the whole ring at one session, just try a thumb and forefinger sized patch, and see if that disperses it.

In the meantime No masturbating, No PE. And if you have an erection leave it severely alone

You have damaged your dick and you will have to give it time to get healthy again.

If this doesn’t work, the try thinking things through yourself as you are the only one who can actually see the problem. Have a good look down the other threads in this section and see if there is anything there that may have some similarity to your problem.

You may not be able to get Vitamin in the UK Every time I have asked about it I’m told they don’t manufacture it any more


Thank you Petit, It isn’t hard or painful when flacid, and it aint painful when erect if I haven’t masturbated. It is more an uncomfortable ache when I get hard after already masturbating beforehand during the day. I haven’t seen anyone with this kinda problem before, it’s really odd.

Does it sound like it won’t ever heal? I have had it for about 6 months I think, maybe longer. And I haven’t PE’d enough to reduce the healing progress since that time. It is fine when erect sometimes unless I have masturbated earlier.

Thanks all.

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