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HELP -- Think I killed my dick


HELP -- Think I killed my dick

Dammit, I got a bit overzealous with this whole PE thing and I think I murdered my dick…

I’m only 23 and in pretty good overall health otherwise, but I feel that I can’t get or stay fully erect any more and that I’ve done some permanent damage here.

Some symptoms:

1. Largest difference ever between my BPFSL and BPEL… my BPFSL now easily pulls to 6.5” after I did some heavy stretching for a few weeks, HOWEVER.. my BPEL is now less than 5.25” (lower than it’s ever been before). It feels like I cant get any harder at all.

2. I can’t stay even that erect (at 5.25”) for more than a few minutes… I never had a problem staying at about 5.8” for 10 minutes+ before but now I can’t even stay at 0.5” under that for more than 2-3 mins!… My EQ has gone straight to hell it seems…

Some questions:
Will I need Viagra or Cialis to fix this? Do I have any natural options (e.g., more cardio or a change of diet or stress factors)? Should I opt for the chemical PE treatment?

Most importantly: Does anyone have any suggestions of good doctors for this in the NY tri-state area (I could presumably fly to Boston on weekends, but it’d be a lot of hassle) to help with this? AND.. Am I screwed for life?

I knew I should have taken this PE thing easy… I’m such a moron… I’m so dead…

First of all, the bad news. Yes, you have gone overboard and have caused a lot of trauma as evidenced by loss of size and loss of erection quality. If you haven’t stopped PE, do so now.

Second, the good news. Time heals (almost) all wounds. I am sure you will recover completely with rest. Lay off the PE for 6 weeks and see what positive changes take place without worrying about Viagra for now.

During you lay off, you can still do kegels and you can even still masturbate when you feel the urge. The natural blood flow will do you good. Just don’t do any physical PE manipulation.

Like gprent said it’s rest time:)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

OK, thanks — 6 weeks starts now. No joke: absolutely no PE besides kegels between now and April Fools day.

What about sex during this recovery break — good idea or bad?

Only if you think your unit can handle it - don’t want to see Mr Floppy mid-shag do you? Test your erection quality with light masturbation week by week, but no PE until you’re ready.

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Take a read of my post

Topical DHT for nNOS

(I decided not to use DHT)

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The most important question here, I think, is whether or not you can still feel your dick completely. Really really overzealous PE destroyed my dick almost 2 years ago causing it to be pretty much numb throughout most of the shaft. The head lost most of it’s feeling as well. It has not come back for me. I believe (I know) that I caused major nerve damage to myself and that is why I have some trouble maintaining erections. It has gotten better but the feeling hasn’t come back.

I’d write more but I have to run. I’ll be back later.

Holy Sunday Morning Shit-Filled Donuts, Batman! Are you saying that people will by default almost always take binary views of complicated or complex situations? That they are not the great creatures of logic that our tabula rasa supposed minds wish they could be? It is almost like they are 24/7 emotion driven and are good liars or in deep denial. Say it ain't so Sam. -TwatTeaser

I can still feel it, no numbness.

Also, in regard to seeing Mr. Floppy mid-shag — I doubt that’s happening, I don’t go totally back down to 2-3. The problem right now is that my BPEL is significantly lower, but not exactly ‘soft’. I can still stay between 7-9 (on the 10 scale of EQ) for quite a while, but it’s just not completely shooting out as long & hard as it used to before all PE.

Then shag away my good man, shag away. Your penis should be back in working order in a matter of weeks, just try to look after it. :)

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

Yeah like they all just said. Read the third line of my signature below.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I love you people! — Just about two days off and I’ve already regained my BPEL and my erection strength is somewhat better (but not perfect as before). WHEW!

I’m still taking the full six weeks off (that means no PE until April 1) AND if I pull off a few nifty trades tomorrow, I’m shagging my favorite escort tomorrow night (she’s actually a bit cheap at 2 bills for the hour, but I adore her & we seem to kick it off pretty well).


That’s good news.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Take a decon :D

Yep, the decon’s going until March 31. Here’s my game plan (if Phase 1 fails, then Phase 2, & so on):

1. April 1 - July 1: Attempt the newer, lighter, newbie routine

2. July 1 - October 1: Gradually increase intensity of routines until I witness positive PI’s (at which time I will stabilize the workout) or negative PI’s (at which point I will move back down to an estimated ‘midpoint routine’ between that one and the last)

3. October 1 - January 1: Add in MV stretcher/pump/hanging as deemed fit (with research on each) to all routines, continue search routine like the one followed in Phase 2, using gradient of PI’s

4. January 2009 - June 2009: Attempt triple augmentation surgery with Dr. Krakovsky (Rachmunas’ surgeon, with whom he’s reported impressive gains).

5. Late 2009: Book a long, pleasant, European vacation followed by Brompton mixture assisted euthanasia in Switzerland with the help of Dignitas society.

If 1-4 all fail (I don’t gain significant length or girth & Dr. K disfigures me: unlikely), then I have some messed up genes and don’t deserve life. I’m glad that I now have specified a clear roadmap for the year ahead, and may G-d assist me in my concentrated, disciplined & measured efforts.

I have posted it out here in the public so I have an accessible place to refer back to it.
Also, in an effort to contribute to a sadly under-researched field of medical science, I hope to maintain highly detailed journals on this board for Phases 1 through 4 (if it needs to progress to 4). In the worst case, I will have helped the PE community by documenting my endeavors, and will have assisted a similar class of hard gainers in learning what may or may not work.

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