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HELP -- Think I killed my dick


Originally Posted by drkegels
2. July 1 - October 1: Gradually increase intensity of routines until I witness positive PI’s (at which time I will stabilize the workout) or negative PI’s (at which point I will move back down to an estimated ‘midpoint routine’ between that one and the last)

Because you are on decon, you have a lot of time to read!

There is some pretty interesting stuff/theorizing going on in this thread about how to balance intensity of routine with continued gains. Two vets seem to have hit upon a formula. I admit much of it is over my head, but there is plenty to think about. The good stuff starts with this post, #179:

sparkyx - EIM (Elasticity Index Meter)

Well— it’s good to see that you have gotten a bit of sense about this whole thing , at least until you talk surgery and Brompton cocktails ;)

Long before it let anyone with a knife [scalpel, laser— whatever] I’d examine chemical PE pure and simple.

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Got back into this as promised after April 1.

Also, as promised, I’m keeping a journal of my PE workouts and gains (if any): drkegels is at it again…

In regard to surgery vs chemical PE: from the reports I’ve seen, chemical PE seems to be a waste of time and money. I mean.. going through a whole medical operation with injections and all isnt worth a gain of just 1/4”. Unless I see some reports of freakish gains as I have seen for surgery, with pics and all (just check out Rachmunas4life), I am sticking with surgery as the long term plan.


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