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First injury...rare one too


lol. No I’m thinking of One Hour Photo

and yeah thats what I’m referring to, its easy to assume that these things are totaly automatic and unviewed by human eyes :)

Why is the board so quiet?

Thanks for the link, memento. For some reason One Hour Photo was released in the US two months before the rest of the world, it will only start here at the end of the month.

Yeah I’m sure the staff at the photoshop get a kick out of hot snap shots, every now and then when a kinky customer comes their way. I know I would LOL. I bet they call their fellow workers to watch the latest scoops…

Best way to minimize the embarrassment is to take the film with you when you travel to another city where none knows you, give them a phony name and come back an hour later wearing a hat and sunglasses for the pick up…

Nothing illegal about it, isn’t it?

(Sorry for hijacking the thread!)

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want to start pe again

hey chi,

how are you doing? i haven´t started pe again, but i think i will do it in two weeks… so i´d like to ask you how you and your injury (hopefully everything healed) are…

i guess you have started peing again, so what were your ex. when you started again… what are you doing now? did you realise anything unusual?

i just want a hint, so i will not overdo it in the beginning days.

i think my injury has healed, although i think in case of hard peing it will reappear very very soon….

looking forwar to hearing from you and your exs.



Im very sorry for not answering sooner. I´ve been incredibly busy with my final tests (for this semester) in college. Now its time for the exams, I think they call them “finals” in the US. At least I wont have more classes now for some time, just exams and then vacations. This is the first time I check this forum in maybe 3 weeks, searched for new posts and came up with 19 pages to view. I ´ve been for 2 hours reading and Im certainly skipping a lot of threads.

To answer your questions: Yes Im totally totally healed now. I am trying to go back to my initial “good” plan of hanging and stretching, only now I do very few manual static stretching. Instead I do JAIs.

Its been very hard to be consistent becouse of lack of time. I usually get up early to go to college, arrive back home late and tired and many days I fall asleep without even getting inside my bed, just lying there with my clothes on. Still, I have managed to get 2-3 hours of hanging and maybe 2-4 hours stretching a week. I have even been stretching for 20 minutes at college bathrooms when I am not able to get some work for 2 or more days.

I have no gains to report since starting again, and Im having a lot of trouble getting sore ligs. Maybe all the time off just made them stronger or I built some scar tissue or something.

As an advice, avoid the injured area, whatever you do. At first, I only did JAIs being very carefull on where I grabbed and put the pressure. This I think was the key for not re-injuring myself. On my first hanging sessions if something didnt feel right, I re-wrapped and tried again. If it still didnt feel right, I aborted the whole deal. By the way, Im not using my bibstarter becouse I cant get it on without twisting in my penis, instead Im using a PVC homemade hanger. I still get the twisting, but it is easier to control.

My only progress since my return to PE is in flaccid lenght, which is enough to keep me motivated for the moment. I will have more time to PE soon, so Im very anxious to get some real gains maybe by christmas.

How about you? By now you are probably back in business, so let me know how you are doing and if I can help you in any way, just let me know. I will answer sooner next time for sure.

Take care.


Hey Chi,

Good to hear that you are “totally totally healed”.

Good luck with your exams and PE.

ù ì å í


hi chi,

i am also sorry to not have been answering sooner.
i started i warm up program. that means hot wrap, bending, a few jelques…. but none of them with serious force. i take this month to prepare my penis for the real deal in the next year. sometimes i realize my guitar string (i think we called them). if this is the case, i reduce the power or even stop. i guess that these string come whenever i do length ex.! don´t ask me why, i am just guessing. but this is ok. my goal is gaining girth girth girth.
so i can not say for sure whether i am totally totally healed :-) but i can say for sure, that i listen to my penis. so when he says: jaco i need rest or jaco that hurts…. i will believe him… :-)


I’m reading your post Chi and I want to correct you on your physiology.

There aren’t ligaments in your penis shaft. You may be feeling veins or nerves, but they can’t be ligaments.


Notice the date so don’t be expect an answer I don’t think Chi has been around in a while.

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Since I can not create topic I decided to ask you through this post..

I’m not exercising my cock, I was at your site few times. However it’s a good place to ask about my problem :(

My dick when it’s hard it goes up and sometimes when I was bending it down it poped which I didnt find anything strange about that.. I got used to it since it didnt hurt it wasn’t often but it happend.
And 2 nites ago I bent it down it poped but it started to hurt..

Now when I’m erected and bending just a bit a feel pain :( (( my cock goes up so it has to be bent a bit. When I’m soft and pull penis I feel not the same,there is small pain also. Also when I’m soft and examining the dick I feel pain in very bottom of the dick from right left and up sides (where dick comes inside the bone) it’s okay in area behind the balls just the left right and up..

I’m afraid my veins where placed in wrong sites and now it hurts.. And it won’t cure

HELP anyone?


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