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First injury...rare one too


Your young you have plenty of time for a big dick, go slow and steady, listen to uncle Dino, think long haul


almost ok

Well, its been almost a month off any PE and now Im almost ready to start again. I had planned to start today, but I am following some good advice I got here and in T-Rex injury thread. I will take 3 more days off and then evaluate if I am ready. I will be playing with my new Bibstarter though, just to find a right adjustment, but even with this I will be carefull and not hang more than maybe 4 lbs.

Right now I can say that the “guitar string syndrome” mistery is almost solved. They are both almost totally soft now, the right one is not quite there yet. I am not sure if they are veins or arteries (I think arteries), but I am sure they were thrombosed and over-stretched.

Many thanks to those that gave their opinions or just support. I realized this board has much more to offer than PE techniques, and I will be proud to become more active here. Ok, enough of this, I have a hot massage to do! (Im kinda hooked to those now lol)


I thought that by today I would be posting some sort of “Im back” thing, but I cant yet.
Yesterday I decided to start exercising again, becouse my left vein has been totally soft for a while and my right one was finally soft enough, but still noticeable though. So I put on my bibstarter for its first real use but after less than 10 minutes at 4 lbs I feel like Im stretching the same left vein again, so I take it off and check myself. No harm done so far.
Well Im thinking I really need to get those veins in shape, make them wider, longer and bigger overall, so I did a light jelqing session before I went to sleep. When I woke up this morning the damm things were kinda swollen. After some hot massages it went away.
Now I dont know what to do to get back at PE. Im thinking a totally fresh start could be the answer. That would mean putting my bibstarter away for some time… after all I went through to get the money for it. I will if thats what it takes anyway.
I think I need some sort of “aerobic” routine, something to focus on getting healthier veins.
Anyone has any ideas on this? After some searching Im still not sure on how to put it together, I know it will be based on kegels and jelqing though. I wish I had a pump also, but I dont.
So, if anybody has any ideas on how a “aerobic” rotine could be, please say so. Any ideas are welcome.

I know some will tell me to stay away from any PE, I ´ve been out for more than a month now so I wouldnt mind a few more days off. But I think I have learned a lot about the feelings in my unit and I honestly believe that at this point some light routine that could focus more on circulation than on stretching of any kind could be the best for me. So just shoot, whatever you say I will consider very seriously. Thanks in advance.

hey chi

i have exactly the same problem like yours… i also have these “guitarstrings” and i also have this lump…. AND the strings (about the size of the higher e-string like your right one) are located exactly the way you mentioned.
i recognised these strings a while back when i started horses but for some reason they went away although i didn´t take care of them. but now they are back…. i still do horses, but i also started doing uli stretches and JAIs. so i don´t really know why they reappeared (because of stretching or girthex?)
you mentioned that yours came along with to much manual stretching… did you do any girth ex which may have caused your injury?
what did you exactly do to get rid of them and do you know for sure what the “guitarstrings” are?

please reply i am off pe now and i don´t like that…. :-(


Hey Jaco

Im sorry to hear about this. This injury seems to be becoming very common lately.
Well, I am still not really sure what this things are, but my guess is they are the dorsal arteries which got thrombosed. Take a look at this

I preety much experimented with all exercises during my first 2 months, I found that I was definately not ready for most of them, so I did not stick with any of the advanced moves. I liked hanging, and just before I started a serious routine I thought I would give manual stretches a good hard try. This is when I fucked up.
I basically stretched my unit for 3 or 4 days, but my mistake I think was I pulled my shaft skin too much. When I first noticed this “guitar strings” I stupidly thought they were some kind of ligaments and I kept pulling against them…ah well you know the rest. I was not doing any kind of girth exercises, not even jelqing.

I highly recommend you do some hot massages every chance you get. I mean apply heat and then massage. The idea is to get the blood moving. I found that a good massage is not a very gentle one, you have to be decided BUT CAREFUL. Taking Aspirin or Ibuprofen might help also. Lots of kegels can help too.

I dont know how long you have been PEing, but you are doing some preety intense exercises. Most thrombosed veins came after such exercises on unprepared penises. I think mine were an exception, they probably came as a result of my arteries getting too thin (or narrow if that is the right word) becouse of the excessive stretching.

Dont try to start back too soon, BigJ had to take 4 months off for that. Some guys seem to get this hard veins every once in a while but have no major problems with them. I dont think its safe to do any excercises while they are there, except something focused on improving circulation and that doesnt put any internal pressure.
I will repeat this, get started on those hot massages. I think I healed a lot faster doing those than when I was just waiting for it to go away. Good luck and be patient.

Now I hope to get some feedback on this. After my bad experience, I decided to start from scratch. It was a tough decission but I see things differently now. I will be doing this routine, which by the way is my first serious one. I think I also need some discipline now. Here it goes:

5 min warm up
10 min JAI stretches, NOT pulling my skin.
20 min light jelqs, focusing on circulation rather than in pressure.
300+ kegels

Its sort of a newbie routine but hey, I never really did any routine so I guess Ill force myself to start slow and steady this time. Please, feel free to comment on this.

hey chi,

thanks for your fast reply.
yesterday i started with applying heat to my member. i use a kind of infrared (i don´t know what it is called in english but it is a lamp with a red light bulb). it is very nice and my member gets really smooth. you should also try this.
i forgot to mention that i don´t feel any pain at all. so there is a difference to your injury.
i don´t think these are arteries or veins. and i think this lump is more of a knot, because if i grap this knot and move it around it feels more like a string which has rolled at this point ( i don´t how to explain, i hope you know what i mean). i also guess it comes from the overstretching. the string needs space to expand and where the knots are it has found this space.
i looked at your article and i found one string above the penis which has no name to it… perhaps it is our “string”? did you also see it?
tomorrow i start a absolut newbie programm (like you said… an aerobic programm), because i think very very very light jelquing will proceed this healing progress….

i keep on searching on the internet and keep you posted



I think you are wrong with your theory that you have thrombosed your dorsal artery - maybe an md can chime in here - but i don’t think you can thrombose an artery. Just a vein.

So most probably you have thrombosed a vein and if it doesn’t clear out and start working again your body will absorb it and then reroute blood to other veins.

Its no fun is it? Good luck on the healing.

See Ya,


I noticed the string you are talking about in the cross section picture. At first I also thought it could be it, but this seems to move away from the dorsal vein as it goes toward the base of the penis. Both my “strings” moved closer to the dorsal vein as they got closer to the base, ending at the 11 and 1 positions or even closer. So then I thought it could have been the dorsal nerves that shows there too, but I couldnt explain the lump.
After the first weeks, while the lump was going away I started to believe it was some kind of blood vessel. I still believe that, I think they are the dorsal arteries judging by their position at least near the base, the cross section is just ,well, a cross section.
Im not sure I understand what you are saying, do you mean your string makes a full circle and then continues in both directions? or something like that? Im sure its not a real knot. When you move your string around, what happens with this knot in terms of shape and size?
I almost forgot to tell you that I only had pain during the first day or two, then I would sometimes feel a little pain throughout the day, sort of a “Im here” message from my strings. But during the first 2 or 3 weeks if I pulled my skin forward it hurted.
Well, keep up the heat and massages, you might want to try some aspirins also. Keep us informed, I know this things suck, but at least you are not alone. Take care.

I am still not sure if they are veins or arteries. I only judge by their position (check the article on the link in my previous post). I dont see why arteries couldnt get thrombosed, all I know is that veins carry oxygen-rich blood and arteries carry “used” blood back. Im not sure on the valves issue but I dont think that could make a difference. It would be great to have a MD opinion on this.. maybe luvdavus
Whatever they are, I think both of them survived. The one on the right was the most damaged one, even though the lump (s) was on the left one. It interesting what you said about rerouting blood, becouse I just noticed a few days ago that I can now see a vein (or artery) just beside my right damaged one that seemed to have gotten a bit bigger, at least enough for me to notice its presence. Take care.

Well, I did my routine yesterday but didnt finish it becouse I said “hey, first day is a trial” Afterwards I masturbated just for the heck of it and a few minutes later my left “ex-guitar string” got a little swollen. I am not sure about my right one, but it is thinner today after I massaged it for about 1 hour (my longest massage so far). I can easily make my left one go back to normal with a short massage, so Im guessing that I am forcing some blood in with the exercises (or masturbation) and then forcing it out with the massage. It just feels right, and I think I might be stretching it from the inside, sort of filling a ballon with air and then releasing the air. Im focusing on getting the blood to move and in getting healthier blood vessels that can take the stretching (hanging) that I plan to do soon. My jelqing is very light becouse I dont want to gain girth before I can hang, and I dont want a very tough penis either. My intention is to make it healthy but “stretchy” so to speak. I know it will become somewhat stronger anyway, but I intend to keep that to just the needed amount. I want to get back at hanging, I never had problems with that and I believe in the “less girth = easier stretch” theory. Any comments are welcome. Be well.


You are nearly at it with your description of my “knot”. But it is more like an “S”. When I move it around it keeps the shape and size. But when I “play around” a bit with it and I can catch it well I can feel that it has this s-shape by pulling it away from the shaft and turning at around.
When you take a rope and put it on a table so that it is straight, you can compare it to our healthy strings, right? Now you take the midpoint of the rope and lift it in the air just a few inches and immediately let the rope fall down. Now you will notice, that the rope has some kind of spiral in itself (this is my s-knot) because you pulled it up. So I think this describes my knot and the origin of it. Perhaps we overstretched the strings and now they are too long to fit under our skin….
I really hope you can understand my descriptions. It is not that easy for me to explain because of the lack of words.
Like you I also realised after masturbating that the region around my s-knot became swollen. Perhaps because of the movement of my skin…. ?!?!

i still can´t believe these being any kind of blood-vessels… it is just a feeling, i have no proof for that.


Hope you are feeling better.

Your problem sounds similar to mine also, in that I never experienced any pain with mine. But not similar in shape. I believe you said that you read Chi’s thread in the injury forum, well my information is there also.

But Chi is not exaggerating at all when he says to kegel, take aspirin, hot massage, hot cloth.

Kegel hard numerous times a day, I swear that the bump would be there and after kegeling hard it would dissapear. This was towards the end of my injury, I really believe the blood was moving it on through the bloodstream.

Hot cloth and hot massage every chance I got. My belief on this is that when you do hot cloth this is making your veins swell up a bit as does your dick when doing a hot cloth wrap. The massage speaks for itself- it helps move things around.

Now the aspirin, I didn’t do that too many times, so I don’t know the effectiveness but it was recommended to me by many. But instead of employing this technique much, I took niacin(not at the same time as aspirin - it might have a complication). My belief on this is, every one knows that niacin opens up your blood vessels allowing more blood flow. So that is just what I used it for, I actually believe this was very instrumental in my quick recovery.

But don’t over do it with the niacin. My injury was as recent as 3 weeks ago, because of my treatment this condition only lasted approx. 3 days. Regardless I took off about another week - week and a half.

Wish you both well, and be careful.

Thanks for your concern. I am feeling much better now, but not quite ready to start doing good sessions. I keep thinking that it will take just 1 or 2 more days and then I have to wait some more. I wont take risks.

I understand your description. At first I didnt think this strings were blood vessels either. Its been over a month of recovery and about 2 weeks ago they started to look more like blood vessels than just strings. Superficial and thin blood vessels that went through a lot of stress. Maybe yours are not the same, well maybe mine are not blood vessels either, but they sure carry other fluid inside if its not blood. Whatever they are, I never noticed them before my injury.
Be patient, keep up the hot massages and kegels. It took a while for my strings to become soft again, now they are a bit wider, I think becouse they are carrying blood again.
By the way, what is your native language? Mine is spanish but I think we both have some decent english. Take care.

hey chi

my native language is german. i guess my english is good enough for small talk but when it comes to exact descriptions, and when some guys in here are using some kind of slang, it is not that easy…. however…. i´ll give my best…
i am still off pe. my penis looks soooo small in flaccid state because i can´t work it out. perhaps this is just a psychological thing…. but it makes it even harder to keep away from pe!!!!
ok, now to my guitarstrings… my knot has splitted. it is not that large anymore, but now there are two of them. but the string are still hard…
tomorrow or the day after tomorrow i will start to jelque a little longer…i hope this will increase, or better intense, the blood flow. hopefully also in the injured strings (blood vessels, fluid vessels,..??)….
what is about your injury? is there any improvement?

bye jaco

Hey Chi,

I just finished reading this thread for the first time, and I am really glad for you that you ‘got off the hook’ and feeling better.
Thanks for your detailed report, I’m sure it will prove valuable for many guys to learn from your experience.

Coming from a medical background, I must tell you something that you will not like, but I’ll say it anyway:
The healing process of tissues and organs in our body after an injury is complex and long. Feeling better indicates that you are on the right track, but it doesn’t mean that healing is complete. Even when everything seems to be back to normal, things INSIDE the tissues are still in building process because the marvellous ability of the body to repair itself takes time.
What I want to say is that even now, you are still vulnerable and although you think you are healed, or nearly healed, you are far from ready to go and stress your tissues again with any kind of PE. I would even go easy on masturbation as well.

My suggestion is that with all the heart ache, put all your new PE aids aside, hide them somewhere and forget about PE for at least another month. Two months would even be better. Yes I know what you are thinking, and probably there will be guys here who will not agree with me, but hey you only got one dick and you can’t be too careful about it.
Find something else to occupy your mind for a while, eat well, engage in aerobic activity and get enough sleep. The world will wait a few more weeks for Chi’s giant PE enanced dick. Better than starting too soon and going back to square 1 or worse.

For what it’s worth…

ù ì å í



I just read this through for the first time also. I am glad you are getting better. Why are you starting with 4 lbs with the Bib? I started with one, went to two, and now my max is six, sometimes seven- and I have almost a month in. You need to forget about what all these vets hang with, and hang with newbie weights. My guess is if you don’t you will be in the same position all over again. No one said you have to beat up your penis to get decent gains, slow and steady wins the race. Good Luck :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

WillB7 and 2in2002: Thank you very much for your posts, its great to hear new opinions. I am being careful, thanks for caring.

Jaco: Your knot splitting might be a good sign. When I had my bump inside my “string” at first it was just one, then it divided into many smaller before disappearing. At this point I would advice you to keep up the hot massages. You said you use a lamp to heat the area, maybe you could add some water or moist, it will be better for your skin at least. Take care.

Well, now for the update part.
I spent the last 5 days in a field trip, college related (I study geology) where I had no time for any PE. Well we didnt have electricity or water either. So they were 5 rest days from PE in a row, apart from the ocassional stretch while taking a piss.
My injury is exactly the same as when I left. Just not quite ready to start real PE again. I will go back to my “aerobic” routine starting today.
My bibstarter is back in its box. I will only use my powerjelq to get a good grip for the JAIs, wich are light anyway. I am not anxious anymore. I just want to do it right this time, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me hear them. And thanks again for posting here. Take care and be well.


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