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First injury...rare one too

hey chi,

how are you doing? have you read the thread matti posted in this injury forum which deals with heparin? what do you think? i just tried it out. perhaps you would also like to try this heparin stuff. it is meant to help with thrombosed veins… perhaps it helps you… i don´t know whether it has helped me, but i will keep trying.
i can say that my right string has gone, the left one is softer. heparin or just the normal healing process? i don´t know….. but if another guy tries this we can support this forum with more info.

bye, jaco

Jaco: Im sorry for the delay, I am having an incredible amount of work at college and I dont have time to reply or read that thread now. I will answer on the weekend, probably tomorrow.

To whoever moved this thread: thanks, I was going to ask for it to be moved here. I originally posted in the main forum to get some attention becouse I was kinda scared. This is where it should be.

Gotta go, damm homeworks and tests. I will update on my injury as soon as possible.


Ill make this short. Tomorrow I will start back PE, Im very excited and I just hope to find the time to do it properly. My “strings” (veins) are totally soft now, although noticeable, like they got wider or something. This seems to be their new normal shape. I will start slowly.

Jaco: I read matti´s thread and it looks interesting. I would have tried that (the heparin) on the first weeks of my injury, but I wont now becouse I think I dont need it anymore. It seems like a good tip for anyone with thrombosed veins though.
I hope you are getting better. Feel free to ask anything to me, after all, I dealt with this shit for like 7 weeks and I may be able to help you. Wish me luck, and take care. I look forward to sharing my gains with you (almost none yet, but we will get them). Be well.

Some quick questions about these “guitar strings”:

Did you notice these only when you stretched out flaccid? Or did you notice them all the time?

Also, did you feel like you had to stretch out your dick thoughout the day to feel more comfortable?

Only reason I ask this is because I’ve noticed 2 guitar strings on my right side since I started JAI stretches a while ago. I never really thought about them because they didn’t hurt, and that maybe it was just something that came along with PE, like veins getting bigger. The only time I see them is when I stretch flaccid, but they don’t show all the time. And my dick always feels like I need to stretch him out during the day to feel comfortable.

Either way, I’m going to stop PE for a month or two. I now feel that I need some time off from all this to heal, wether there is damage or not. That extra hour of sleep in the morning is going to feel oh, so sweet :)

hey superstroker,

i´m not chi, but you may have read the whole post and i have a similar problem like chi´s. perhaps it is nearly the same….
however, i noticed the guitarstrings all the time when i touched my penis and moved my fingers along the shaft. i also saw them when i pulled back my foreskin. the used to disappear after applying heat and so i couldn´t see them anymore…. mine didn´t hurt either.
looking back to the beginning of my injury i now see that the first time when i noticed these strings they weren´t there all the time… i ignored them and so have to pay for my ignorance.
so i think you should take some time off pe, apply heat, perhaps some aspirin or ibuprofen….
i never had the feeling to stretch my penis for comfort.

i hope i could help
take care


Thanks for the quick responses jaco and darktrick

jaco - how long did it take for it to heal up? I’m not looking to rush back into PE or anything, just curious.

When I’m flaccid, I can faintly see the guitar string near the base, and when I stretch him out, it looks like a straight line, almost down the center/to the right, and stops at the head. There’s a second one right next to it down the center, but it doesn’t look as visible as the first one.

After I read DarkTrick’s post, I read this one, and now I’m thinking I have the same injury as you guys have. The scary thing is, I’ve been doing PE for over a month like this because I figured if there is no pain, then everything is fine. Thankfully, my PE sessions consisted of 5 minutes manual stretch and 10-15 minutes of jelqing, so there wasn’t too much stress; of course whatever stress I did put on my dick didn’t help.

I’m going to stop PE and let mr happy heal up. I will definitely apply hotwraps and take advil. Thanks for the advice, and I’ll try to post my progress on healing this up.


Well, I noticed them while stretching flaccid. When erect I could feel them with my fingers but it was harder to feel them.

I did not feel the urge to constantly stretch during the day. Right now I can feel them and see them, they are soft and a little wider than before. I am kinda nervous starting back, but Im doing it carefully.

What I found was the best treatment were hot massages. You need to heat the area and give a good firm massage. I seemed to heal faster by doing this regularly. Now that I think of it, I think I will start doing them again, just in case.

Time off is a good thing, but better yet is to use that time to massage every chance you get. And the heat feels real good too.

Good luck, and be careful. If you have any more questions, Ill be happy to be of some help. Take care.


Thanks for the advice, Chi

Thunder - Sorry, no digital camera

Nope Thunder - no digital camera here either, but a very good idea. Could have an area with injury pics so guys could get a handle on what the hell they did to their dicks and how severe it is, what to do about it, etc. Might relieve some of the anxiety of when you look down and go “Uh oh.. what happened there…”

SuperStroker - I like that avatar - man that’s one big cock you got there !

BigJ replied to me in another thread on this injury subject, and it was short and to the point -
“Let it heal completely”. I am taking that to heart - though it’s hard to watch the PE train pull out of the station without me :(

well, no digital camera here either, sorry. I have been trying to borrow one to take my “starting” pic, but no luck yet. Also, my “strings” would be very hard to see on a pic now.

Darktrick: Bigj knows what he´s talking about, he had to take 4 months off. I also benefited from his advice.
Take care.

No need for a Digital Camera

You can take the shots with a regular camera and ask the Photo Shop to put them on a disc. Cost is only $2 for the whole film, including the disc.

ù ì å í


Did you see that Robin Williams movie, b7?

I guess if you dressed your member with dolls clothes or something they might go unnoticed ;)


Which movie? Is it “Mrs. Doubtfire”?

I guess you refer to the embarrassment at the photoshop?

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