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Ever bleed while jelqing?

Ever bleed while jelqing?

Sometimes when I’m jelqing, I think I rupture a small blood vessel near the urethra and push out a little blood when I jelq. Anybody else get this before? If so, what do you do about it?

I would be scared , but i have no experience other than bursting capularies , but thats just little red dots.

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Never had that happen.

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No blood or red spots ever. Try easing back on the force you jelq with.

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Originally Posted by aom91
No blood or red spots ever. Try easing back on the force you jelq with.

I’d say that’s a good idea. Maybe that’s the reason for my recent (and only possible) plateau. Perhaps this is a redundant question, but how much pressure should one experience? How can you tell (aside from seeing blood) when you’re applying too much pressure? Kingpole?

Geez, it would freak the hell out of me! :O
Never happened… don’t know what to tell you or do.

Try to take it easy, I guess…

I only had blood spots and no bleeding but try to take a little pressure off make sure it doesn’t hurt when you do it like not painful

I’ve had this happen while stretching, or hanging to aggressively. Probably the same area that your blood is coming from. It kept happening when id do my exercises, so id recommend, putting the workout down a notch, and also taking a break. I shoved some neosporin in the hole, and around it for like 3 days, and it was all good. I definitely am taking it easier though, but I think that’s the weak spot for me.

I’ve heard of this happening to a few people, but never to myself.

This also just happened to me should I take a 10 day break or should I just jelq light,and can I see any gains while jelqing light?

Already happened to me also, but after Clamping.
I got terrified like “Oh shit, I knew I should have stopped….”
I was even afraid to piss!

Then I took 3 days resting, masturbated, looked if nothing was hurting me and started again more gentle.

“Less is more”, I’ve read this somewhere here.

This happened to my last night for the first time! I was like holy shit!

I was stretching and I noticed dried blood around my pee hole; a horrifying experience to say the least.

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