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Erection Problems

Erection Problems

Hard to gain erection after PE?

The other day I was doing the newbie routine and decided to add in a few hammerheads (compression squeezes?) to see how they felt. I tried them out a bit and other than feeling slightly strange/new I didn’t notice any pain at all. I had been trying to jelq to the point of feeling pressure but no pain as well as from reading around that seems to be the sweet spot. While doing the hammer heads I noticed if felt as if the blood was being sent back into my body slightly, like deflating a balloon, even though I had a good grip going at the base.

After the session (10 min) I noticed it felt strange down there. I don’t know how to describe it. I was sensitive to the touch, but it just felt off. Almost like if you work a muscle out to exhaustion, the kind of numb feeling. However it was only on the inside, and more so where the penis connects to the body. I went to go pee and it took me a minute to get it to flow. I’ve had this happen before under the influence of certain things, and figured it was psychological.

However just to check it out I attempted to gain an erection and found that it felt tingling, but nothing was really happening. There was slight movement but it mainly just felt strange. Now this could have sent me into the “anxiety” state which caused me to not be able to focus clearly and thus impeded my attempts, but I decided to go try something else to see if that brought a response. This extra stimulus did indeed bring a response, but it was still more difficult than usual. I didn’t try to gain 100 percent erection after I realized that the basic mechanism for gaining an erection was not “broken.” It relieved me somewhat but the whole ordeal was a little worrisome.

I was wondering if this occurrence was something to expect, a neutral PI, or a clear negative sign of over training.

Thanks for reading and as always, thanks for the words of wisdom : )

P.s. I attempted to post this in the injury forum but apparently do not have a high enough post count.

Definitely a sign that you used too much pressure on your penis. It can’t do any good, right?

Describe those “hammer-heads”, please - are maybe the horse440?

The hammerheads were where you grip the base of your penis and allow it to become engorged and then make a grip below the glands and squeeze together. It created pressure in the middle which left it stretched out a bit. I suppose I may have just used too much force.

Exactly. It isn’t an exercise for newbies, also. Doing advanced exercise will not make you gain fast, just the adverse: stalling gains and higher risks of injuries. Why no one wants to believe to vets? :cry:

The appeal of trying to hasten the process is hard to ignore, but I see that’s what must be done. Back to the usual routine. Less force, more time.

I indeed did read over those. I think I actually did too much reading for my own good. I have all these ideas and techniques I want to try but I now see more clearly the importance of conditioning and learning my body. I think there’s just so much emphasis on size in our society that when one sees a way to make themselves feel more confident it kind of takes over a bit. This is something that is worth doing correctly from the start though, so patience is truly a virtue here.

Thanks for the help posting btw, that little episode with the over training was a bit scary : /

Highpressure exercises can lead to other fun experiences:

Shedding the Snake: Peeling to Remove Discoloration

regards, mgus

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