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Cannot get rid of a Glans Bruise

Cannot get rid of a Glans Bruise

Since I quit Vaccum Hanging I have been dealing with a bruise which I cannot eliminate from my precious.
I’m really worried about a possible gangrene if I not remove it soon. More than 6 months living with it now!! AH!!!.
The picture I took is a bit tricky, it appears less purple in it, but you can get the idea of the size.
I tried: Aspirins, Fish Oil, a cream with benzyl nicotinate and sodic apolate (I cannot get the translation of this last component).
I also tried with Olive Oil (from Eroset Oil thread) with no results.

I try to stop masturbating/PE for I while but it turns difficult after 3-4 days.

Please, any comment/advice would be useful!

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If you had gangrene you would have lost your penis by now :-) I’d say don’t worry about it, many people get spots and discoloration on the glans and it’s often just completely benign. That said, any change in your penis warrants care, so I’d recommend showing it to your doctor if only to have peace of mind.

Six months is a long time. The picture doesn’t show much discoloration. Gangrene would have shown a long time ago if it was going too.

Does it hurt? Bruises usually do and if it does — see a Doctor! You may wish to see one anyway.

Is it purple when not erect? The blood vessels may have grown/changed or whatever because of your hanging and now this is your new look - like it or not.

The keys are, is there pain? Do you function well (erection and pleasure sensations)? Is it getting worse?

A Doctor may give you peace of mind. However, unless something is very wrong, there is little they can do.

You may wish to try an alternative type healer after trying a regular doctor. I’ve had good help from an old ‘Master Healer’ with acupuncture (don’t worry, they don’t stick needles in your genitals).

Thanks!, really fast feedback.
Well it doesn’t hurt but I feel a hardness in the area.
Yep, I have to visit a doctor, I’m kind of shy about the situation but it’s the only way to avoid further complications.

Here is another picture, much more clearer I think (natural light).

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I have had something similar from my vac head. It is a reddish circle like yours, and sometimes gets dry and the skin gets flaky. It definitely takes a long time to heal. Hydrocortizone cream seemed to help for me.

Horny Bastard

Sorry for bringing this thread back up but after completing the newbie routine today I noticed a bruise around the tip of my glans quite similar to yours.

What I am wondering is how common are these kind of injuries? Also, is it likely that this will be permanent or do these sort of injuries subside? I am delaying PE until further notice and I thank you all for any answers.

Short Term Goal - 7.75 BPEL

For a while is was experimenting with some hanging, and also maybe I was pulling too hard when stretching, but I also have a slight bruise on the tip of my head. Mine’s dark blueish colour, and is only mostly visible when flacid. I’ve had it for at least half a year, and my girlfriend hasn’t noticed anything, so I don’t really care. But is anyone can think of a way of getting rid of it, that would be super.

You have obtained a small amount of necrosis and the only thing you can do is wait….it may take years to go away or may never completely heal.

Hey man, I got the same thing, from hanging, never bothered fact I ignored it so much, it would get better, worse, better, than worse again, and dry like others say, weird flaky dry. I just started putting vaseline on it only a few days ago and it seems to be helping.

Your bruises will go away. You might need to lay off PE for a long time if you have an injury that hasn’t healed in a couple of weeks or more.

Horny Bastard

Thank you. I sure hope it goes away. I got it from jelqing but it healing completely isn’t out of the question is it?

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Try heat, like a warm wash cloth 3 times a day.

Horny Bastard

I just applied a warm wash cloth about 5 minutes ago. I will try and do it as often as possible, but are there any creams or anything I could perhaps use? Or is time the main remedy in this case?

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