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Cut vs Uncut Glans.

Cut vs Uncut Glans.

It is supposedly a myth that those who are circumcised have larger glans then uncut - But I really think there is something to it. Obviously genetics plays the main role, but if you made two identical men - one cut, one not I believe the cut one will have bigger glans … at the very least when flaccid.

Lately I have been messing around leaving my foreskin back, just to see how it feels to be cut. I personally really like it. Anyway, I have had it like that for about a month now and even though there is little difference when erect - when flaccid the glans seem stay larger - and the corona is, very slowly becoming more defined. Maybe it is in my head, or maybe it is because the glans are no longer ‘restricted’ by the foreskin covering them. It got me interested and there are a few anecdotal reports of uncut men, once cut noticing there glans seem to get bigger. Just something to consider.

I was uncut until I was 19, and have been cut for 20 years now. My glans size has only become larger (slightly) since doing PE.

Well I’m uncut and before PE my glans was smaller than the rest. After doing a bit of jelq and holds my glans is loking definately bigger than the rest.

Yeah I’m uncut and I have a small glans, but it seems like it’s gotten slightly bigger after PE(Maybe it’s in my head though). I’ve also noticed another thing. I’ve also tried messing around with the foreskin and pulling it back; anyone notice that the penis actually increases in length when you pull the foreskin back? It seems like my penis just pops out, and I gain a good amount of length. I kept it like that for awhile to see if it would go back to my original size when the skin was there, but it stayed larger! Have any of you other guys noticed this?

Nope, when hard I can’t roll down my foreskin much.

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