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Help with Glans Problem

Help with Glans Problem

My hanging is really starting to work for me and I continue to kick it up a notch. My problem is that my glans is in agony. And I’ve really beat the shit out of it.

Once again I’m using the vacu-Hanger with the new constrictor sleeve (yellow), which is better than the clear one. What I need to do is master a glans wrap for under the constrictor sleeve. I’ve searched and can’t find a whole lot to work with so I’m reaching out/

The one thing I did see was something called ‘Askina Elast fine 4m x 4cm’. All I saw was a post mentioning it but no feedback on its effectiveness, how it works, comfort (does it stick to the skin?), etc.

Does anyone have any experience with this stuff? It also looks like its a foreign product so I’m not sure about a USA order.

Regarding Theraband. is this just to wrap the shaft or can it be a glans wrap product.

That’s it. Not a whole lot to go on. I looked at Monkeybar’s site and didn’t see any glans wrap posts. Hard to believe anyone can be doing serious hanging without beating up your glans.

Maybe my days with a vacuum hanger are all used up and I need to go to bib’s product. I’m hesitant to do this because it seems like his device although great can be hard to figure out and this whole PE thing is already taxing enough i don’t think I have any cycles left to try something that hurts my brain.

This is frustrating because I am gaining and the hanging is working. I feel like I’m about to really break on through to the other side of gains, which for me has been a long time coming.

Hey, if a vet were to say go to the bib device mow if you want to be a serious hanger I would in a minute. i don’t care about the cash to buy the thing. This PE and hanging is the most important thing in my life right now and I need help with my glans. Otherwise I’m dead in the water.

Thanks everyone for you help as usual.

Hey baywatch, i wrap with a similar product it’s good for preventing blisters and fluid build up check out
the link below, also where can i buy them new yellow constrictor sleeves.…ages/ribbonbp25


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Try experimenting with bandages. Most of the time I wrap my head with a bandage and put constriction sleeve on top. It definitely prevents fluid build up, and that’s what you want. In my opinion vacuum hanger is superior to BIB, especially if you’re uncut and/or in the early stages of hanging.

It’s very important to capitalise, I’ll remember that in the future. THANKS.


I have no experience with any hanging, but I do remember another member commenting that he used some aloe vera gel in the tip of the vachanger (or vacextender) to minimize any negative space and prevent fluid build up.

I was planning on trying that when I get one.

Good luck.


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Well I’ve used it in the past with some success so I went out and got some more. The reason I stopped using it was I ran out and couldn’t find any. This time I went to several stores and found some.

Its Mueller Sport Care Multi-Purpose Wrap and its yellow. Its the stuff you put on before you would put tape on an ankle if you were getting taped to play football or something.

Lets hope this helps.

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