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Blood blister - treatment suggestions please

Blood blister - treatment suggestions please

I was just doing my regular routine (15 pounds vac-hanging, btc, when I suddenly felt a sharp pain at my gland. I stopped at once and found a dark blue blister on the underside of my gland.

Should I open it or just leave it until it cures itself? And if - any medications recommended?

Thanks for your help guys - my last (water) blister had me handicapped for over a week (no pe.:( ), and I would be very happy to get started quicker this time.


Later - ttt

Leave it alone would be my advice.

I don’t think bursting it will do you any good, and won’t heal it any faster as far as I know…

Sometimes you’ve just got to cope with the down time, because coming back too soon and messing yourself up again just means it takes even longer to get back at it. Get well soon…

See Ya,


Ahhh, the dangers of vac-hanging. I was never a fan of the idea.

This isn’t what you want to hear, but you may need to take off a fair bit more than a week.

Yes, this is one of the dangers, but it hasn’t diminished my enthusiasm for vacuum hanging.

In my humble opinion, 15 lbs is a lot. I personally do a lot less tension for sustained periods of time. 8+ hours per day in 2 - 3 hour sessions.

Here’s how I do that:
Modified Vacuum Hanging ADH

Regarding the blister: I usually drain mine but you have to be careful to be sterile. Use a sterilized (alcohol) pin or equivalent. Then lay off the hanging for several days… probably a week for a blood blister.

I just posted a tip that really helps me avoid blistering but I’m not sure it would work for heavy weights like 15 lbs.

Vacuum Hanging Tip

My theory is that sustained times using moderate weight is better than bursts of heavier weight. This is especially true when you get a blister and have down-time because of injury. Then you can’t hang at all.

Thanks all for advises.

I’ve studied the internet I the meantime, and found only entries for runners’ blisters (on the feet). And just as your recommendation vary there are two ‘schools’, one advocating and the other not advocating to kill the blister.

I killed the first and last one I had, and I found the unprotected raw flesh pretty painful. This time I opted to leave it alone. As I found in one suggestion for the treatment of foot blisters, I am covering my gland it with a little bit of cream an - as a natural plaster - with my foreskin which I keep in place at night using a hair tie and a wrist wrap, during daytime using some pe-weights.

Although my gf was pretty disgusted at first sight we had sex (only mild discomfort while not thrusting too heavily) and the blister didn’t open.

I’ll keep you posted.

Regarding the other technique I read that one can use a sterile needle and a sterile yarn and pass it through the blister; leave the yarn in the blister so that half an inch looks out at both ends. This should allow the blister to be drain it’s fluid constantly. I’ll try this if I should be so unlucky to get another blister some day.

Later - ttt

When I got my first (water) blister from vacuum hanging with 15 lbs., I left it alone and did not puncture it. Within two days, it had re-absorbed into the glans. I waited a week to resume hanging, but that was too soon, and I quickly developed another blister in the same spot.

I stopped vacuum hanging for almost three weeks before I could safely resume with less weight.

I am very cautious with hanging now, and recheck every few minutes to see if a blister is forming.

I have never gotten a blood blister from hanging, and my experience has only been with water blisters.


Forgive me for beating this to death but the common denominator in these last two injury stories is vacuum hanging with 15 lbs. Again, in my opinion, 15 lbs is too much for vacuuming hanging. At least it is for me.

Or at least progressing up to 15 lbs too fast.

I mean, Jeez, read all the old threads about Wenches and Bib’s, more often than not people talk about how difficult it is to hang heavy and how important it is to get all the wraps right to avoid problems and pain and so on, and how one works ones way up in weight…

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

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Mogro - thanks for your suggestions.

15 pounds 30 minutes 3 times a day is a lot, I agree, but I want to see some progress. I sustained only one (water) blister from that routine. By contrast, I had one (water) blister before from prolonged hanging at 5 pounds.

I am currently using low weight (3 pe-weights, around one pound) during most of the day, and a hair tie plus wrist wrap at night time.

Regarding your tip (which I read before) I like it but I do it different: I use wrap, see my thread Best way of hanging, some ideas if you like

Thanks and best regards - 3t

Later - ttt

I have been using 15 pounds for almost 2 months every day and this is the first blister from heavy hanging. Since it is a blood blister I guess that a small blood vessel cracked for some reason I am not really aware of - maybe irritation by the wrap. 15 pounds is a lot, true, but we who are doing it this way obviously hope for good and hopefully rapid gains :) .

This will force me to take a little pe vacation - which others suggest as the way to go anyhow. So all I can do is hang light and long (500 grams) and stretch slightly with the wrist wrap.

Later - ttt

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